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      I haven’t had a chance to read through and see how things are going this year. I filed early last year and got stuck in the glitches so I planned to wait until the season started this year. Come to find out, I didn’t have a choice as it took longer than normal to get my husband’s w2. Are things going smoothly? Decent turnaround? Have people started receiving their refund already? How long did it take? Sorry for all the questions! I’m so anxious!

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          So it is a good idea to pay fees up front? I did, luckily. I really struggled with that decision though. I didn’t want to take the hit now when I could just have it deducted out of my refund.

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            I filed and was accepted 1/21. I have A DDD of 1/30. I use Netspend so hoping i see it soon. It was sent to the bank already according to SBTG. I was approved on 1/28. So, within 7 days of filing I was approved, within 8 days the money was released by the IRS. Hopefully you get as lucky as us in the first batch of deposits. They do not only make deposits in friday as mine was sent today and other people who paid fees up front and had DDD of 1/30 received their money 1/27-1/28.

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              Thank you! I read on one of the other threads that they only process direct deposit returns on Wednesday, is that true? And are all DDD Fridays?

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                From what I’ve seen, its the usual. Who really knows? Some are getting refunds 7 days from filing so super fast. Some are waiting…. waiting… waiting. But I believe the majority is 7-10 days from the day their efile is accepted. Also there are some getting their DD with no change on WMR or transcripts so like someone else said, it may be better to just check your bank account. I still check WMR, transcripts and the bank TaxSlayer uses lol… Driving myself to a large amount of stress but waiting patiently is sooooo hard lol. Good luck! And yes it does seem SOME of the early filers are having a couple issues.

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                  Anybody? :)

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