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      I just filed today 2/26 but I’m noticing some people getting there refund back waaay quicker than others can yall respond here so we can see if it’s a pattern with THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY ID VERIFIED GETTING APPROVED QUICKER THAN THE ONES WHO HASNT AND THEY STUCK ON THE DELAYED MESSAGE

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          Filed on 2/24 w/HR Block, no fees
          2 W2’s
          1 1099 for unemployment
          1 1099-INT interest paid 2me from last yrs UI refund
          1 kid, rcvd ACTC, getting other $1500 on this yrs RF, don’t qualify for EIC this yr due to AGI
          WMR updated super fast on 2/26 w/approved ND a DD for 3/2 (I’m grateful for fast turn around), BUT my RF is 1000’s of $$ less than last yr n any other yr due to my tax withholdings being too low (apparently the law changed n I had no clue) good 🤞 to all

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            And the thing is, I didn’t have EITC or ACTC or anything. All i had was a 1098-T Form. That’s it

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              Yep. Every single day for the past week or so.

              570 Additional Account Action Pending 03-07-2022 (which means they won’t process my refund until March 7th, and I probably won’t get my refund until March 14th or so

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                I ID verified on 2/14, WMR updated to Approved 2/26 for a DDD of 3/2.

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                  Yeeeeahhhh…… There are some of us that ID verified that are still waiting. My son didn’t have to ID verify, and he got his refund last week, and his taxes were done prior to my husband and I. I think it has a lot to do with the EITC and ACTC that we claimed. They are double checking it to ensure errors are not in play.

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                    @jamedlock83 , did you check your transcripts? I filed the same day as you, and ID verified months prior due to being a victim of ID tax fraud. I’m in the same boat, but I was able to still see a transcript this past Friday (I’m a weekly). Try looking at your 2021 account transcript and researching the code(s) to know what’s going on. If you find code 846, then your refund is on its way.

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                      ID Verified people don’t get back fast. I filed mine on 2/1, IRS accepted on 2/3, ID Verified on 2/4 and i’m still in “DELAY”.

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