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Just a little thanks…

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    I hadn’t seen a thread just to say thank you……
    Seriously… IGMR is the ONLY reason my various devices have not been thrown through a window!!! I was so FED UP with trying to decipher the hateful waiting game that is refund time… Until I found IGMR!! I have been able to not only find answers to my questions but also STAY SANE, knowing I was not all alone lol. I’d like to just send a very grateful THANK YOU to the site developers and all the HELPFUL people on this site!!! BTW, apparently I am an 05-er (learned that on IGMR lol) and FINALLy got an update!!! Had I found you sooner, IGMR, I may not have been locking myself out of WMR every day, checking in vain lol. So THANK YOU and until next year, be well! :)

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