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      My DDD is 1/30. I cannot recall what my DDD was last year but I do know that Chase generally does not process any deposits Saturday or Sunday. I’m not sure if that means a deposit can be processed on Friday and appear on Saturday or what. I’m also not sure if a DDD of “by” 1/30 means it is likely to be sent Thursday for a Friday release or Friday for a bank-controlled release, or what.

      Anyone else have Chase and can help me fill in the blanks to the best of your knowledge?

      TL;DR: Wondering if I should expect the DD to actually be available in my account on Friday, Saturday, or Monday.

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          Yeah I got it around 3AM this morning.

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            I had fees taken out and it was in my chase account this morning. I’ve never had a delay.

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              My Federal and State just hit at 2:20am.

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                My salary is directly deposited to my Chase checking account every two weeks and I have received it at Midnight zero times. :P

                (At least in my own time zone.)

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                  MIDNIGHT !!!! ALWAYS WITH CHASE

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                    I would expect it Friday at 6:00 am est if that is the case. I have been banking with Chase for years and have never had them post a deposit late. There may be other factors that go into it. Was the account negative at the time, bounced checks, etc, but if you have an account in good standing, I would feel confident your money will be there and available first thing in the morning.

                    I have a 2/2 and fully expect to see my money on Saturday.

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                      @Roger yeah that’s correct. But things seem to be slower this year.

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                        @Helm1991: So your DDD was for that Monday and you received it 2 calendar days early? Is that correct?

                        @Sam: No fees taken out this year or last year. I very painfully went through the 2014 thread on 2/6 ad 2/7 and many people with Chase Checking, no fees taken out, and a DDD of 2/6 received it on 2/7 rather than 2/6. Maybe it is regional? It is possible that Chase, being a national bank, processes differently in different states and areas.

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                          Chase releases the same day, unless you have fees taken out, then you will usually receive it the following business day. If you are Friday DDD through SBBT or Republic I would expect it to show up on Saturday in your account.

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                            @ Roger it was scheduled for the upcoming Monday actually.

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                              I have unsuccessfully tried to dig into last year’s information, but I am fairly certain that:

                              – My DDD was Thursday, 2/6/14
                              – My refund did not arrive in my Chase account until Friday, 2/7/14

                              I cannot confirm this for certain as digging through the 2014 thread is difficult and while my February 2014 Chase statement lists the IRS deposit on 2/6/14, that doesn’t necessarily mean it was available to me on 2/6/14 – the date on the statement doesn’t always reflect the exact date that funds enter or exit your account. I’m pretty sure my account was credited a day late. But I am not sure.

                              Even so, what I *can* confirm with certainty is that many Chase customers received their refund a day later than their DDD – this is evident in pages 650-720 on the 2014 General Discussion forum which I painfully crawled through earlier today.

                              I am hoping that the deposit isn’t a day late this year as I don’t think Chase credits accounts on Saturday, though I am not 100% sure.

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                                @Helm1991 – Last year, was your DDD Friday or Saturday (I assume Friday as I don’t think they issue weekend DDDs).

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                                  Yah, I have text alerts.

                                  Just confirming I don’t have my DD yet.

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                                    Last year I had chase and I got my notification on Saturday at 2:08 am. Meaning it was probably there Friday and the bank waited till end of day to issue it.

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                                      Do you have the text alerts setup for your phone? I have mine setup to let me know still from 2 years ago for over a certain amount. I didn’t get mine yet though. It will send it to me the same time I can see it online. On a side note, I had to call online banking for a check being lost through Chase bill pay and they had a message on there saying “If you are calling about the status of you IRS deposit please check our automated service for your available balance” I guess they are getting pestered for that.

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                                        @JenniferQ: Thanks, I’m on the East Coast. My DDs tend to happen around 3-4AM EST,

                                        : Interesting – did you call them to find them out? I called them last year, the day before the DD actually hit my account and they said they “don’t have any record” of it and “don’t hold direct deposits anyway.” This seems to always be their message to me. I’ve never heard from them that there is a pending direct deposit on my account, even when I explicitly asked them about it. Not distrusting you at all, I’m honestly just curious. I wonder if they are governed by different laws or regulations in New York.

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                                          I have Chase and it will go in Thurs night for us and be available for use on Friday morning/hard posting Fri night. I am getting mine this Friday too. I was hoping we would have ours early, I hope every year like it will change for some reason and we will get it early like the Netspend people do but it never happens. But 100% if your WMR says 1/30 it will be there if the IRS sends it. I am on the West coast and I will see my deposit at 11:30pm-2am, don’t know what time zone you’re in, but my work DD goes in by 11:35pm and the IRS one always hits between the 11:30pm-2am without fail every year.

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                                            JP Morgan chase already recievd notification for deposit 1/30. But has not hit my account yet. But hopefully by tommorow or Friday.

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                                              Fair enough – that’s what I’m leaning towards too. Thanks!

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                                                Not a Chase customer but expect to have your money in your account by Friday morning. Chances are the money is already been wired to your account and is pending release by the bank per the gov’t’s wishes.

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