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      JH Preferred Card holders are completely out of luck. The bank JH is using in my area is American Tax Processing (855-875-9706). They have received and released my refund but JH Preferred card has not loaded it. I cannot get a human, but by checking JH’s Facebook page I found out that there is a glitch or compromise in their system. All JH preferred cards are locked. They are saying 24-48 hours to clear this up. Let’s keep each other updated.

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          Found the SOLUTION and YES YOU CAN TALK TO A REAL PERSON … Hope it works for all of you.
          Please call 1-855-686-9513 and you can remain on the line to talk to an agent and get things sorted.

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            Hallelujah!!! My Jh preferred card worked for my direct deposit from work! I split it 90/10% with 90% going into jhpreferred and 10% going to my regular bank in my savings account. Nothing was in either account at 6:30am, but both accounts were credited by 8am. Looks like the card problems are resolved. Maybe a lot of the prior issues occurred due to panic and system overload. I haven’t gotten my taxes yet, but they were approved on 2/28/15; the irs is depositing them March 4th and it can take up to 5 days to appear on card according to the irs.

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              Has anyone figured out how to get the card working or get their funds? There has got to be someway to get all this fixed but I’m still worried causes they website is sketchy and I can’t talk to a human when I call, they just hang up on me.

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                Im in NC. As of 1130 am , I was able to pay a bill over the phone and withdraw money from the atm. Hope everyones issues have been resolved. This has been a nightmare.

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                  Wife says card working in New York feb 26 2015 1:04pm est, phone number working and the Internet site able to withdraw and purchase without being declined.

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                    So all I would love to know is….. Can we finally get our money out????? Anyone in Arizona??

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                      Everything working in Arizona. Chase bank opens at 8:30. I’m withdrawing everything…. Never again will I be in this position….

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                        went to the store around 1:00 p.m 2-25-15 and everything was fine. Then went to by something else and my card was declined. Not just once but 4 other times. I am beyond pissed right not it’s not even funny I have a child to take care of….. when will this be fixed so I can have my money

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                        Donna Langley

                          Omg?? I was wondering why my card declined!! Wth?? Hope they resolve this quick! It freaked me out

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                          Nicole crogan

                            Why is my card not working… I cannot withdraw my cash or use it for purchases….

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                              The phone number on back of card is working but the card is still being declined just tried it. I did speak to a live person on the phone and they said that the I T people are working on it they have fixed the phones but not the money which is my problem get all of our money back on our cards NOW!!!!

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                              marion wheelock

                                Hello from Alaska …same problem here !! took money out this AM then 2 hours later (10AM AK TIME) at my sons doctors appointment my card was declined!!! it is now 6:15 and my card is still not working!!! this is bullshit nobody can help. nobody will answer the phone. i too will be taking my $6,000.00 as soon as i can. And Jackson Hewitt has lost another customer…thanks for the post, i was going crazy thinking crazy thoughts .

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                                  its workin now

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                                    I called 3tv news to see if they knew anything waiting for a call back. I’m sure they’ll get a answer.

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                                      They told me at the Jackson Hewitt of V ice that thevprob I emailed was being worked on but in the meantime where is my money. I have never had this problem wit an h debit card I’ve had and it’s very fishy. You can’t even get a live person on the phone wtf!!! I’m done with Jackson Hewitt for life and when the his card issue is resolved I’m done with it immediately!!!

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                                        Same ahit except when I call the only stupid number they have it dont do shit but every once in a while it says all circuts are busy try again later I never had this problem with account now at least they let you lnow ahead of time when their up dating the system I need gas to get home and back to work

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                                          is anybodys card working yet???? doe anyone know when it will work ? this is BS!!!!!

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                                            I have well over a few thousand on my jh preferred card. It locks up today and my tax guy couldn’t even get their customer service reps on the phone. This is absolutely rediculous. How dare a bank do this to other people’s money.

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                                            Dnt make any sence

                                              Wtf is really goin on I have to feed my kids an pay bills an dnt have ANY cash an my card is declining everywhere this is really sum bs I dnt even kn the next step to take I’ve tried everything this is ridiculous this card hold all of my funds

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                                                I’m am so upset I had taken my daughter to hospital today which is an hour away. On the way home tried to use card to put gas in vehicle and it was declined to cashier said it was saying bank not known. I called Jackson Hewitt and they said well its not our responsibility !! They then gave me another number to call since the number on card is not working you call this number and get NO WHERE they just say sorry but you have to take it up with JH preferred… Well I would do thy if I could get them on the phone!!! All I keep getting is it will be fixed in a couple of hours which should be by 10pm. What they don’t understand is that this isn’t there money it is my money and I don’t appreciate them screwing with it I am severely upset!!!!

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                                                  Hi from dallas tx same shit here used it in the am went to withdraw This afternoon locked three different places nobody will answer the damn phones if they do all they say is we’re working on it what do we do its our money

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                                                    Pissed I decided to use this card for direct deposit which came on my card this morning, go to the atm just to get declined. The number is “not in service” when I call… Wtf

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                                                      Same thing here I’m tryin to take out money or call customer service and I can’t even get a hold of the automated system what kind of customer service is this. Horrible! This is gonna cause JH to loose a lot of customers including me.

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                                                          Also problem with website as well, date feb 25 2015 time 8:35 pm est, card says declined when trying to use and at atm it says technical difficulty, please anyone else keep the rest of us informed if your card starts working. Thanks

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                                                            8:33 est card still not working telling me technical difficulty, ridiculous I can’t take out money and it says declined when I try and use it.

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                                                              So angry and embarrassed. I just stocked up my grocery cart with food and items to be prepared for this upcoming snowstorm and my card, which was working earlier today, was locked and declined. I have over 300 on the card and now i have no access to those funds. I call JH customer service center and there lines are busy. Finally get through and the automatic system keeps dropping the call. And of course there website once you put in your account information it locks up. What a disservice to us all. Once i get my money i will cut this card and make sure i let everyone know what a bad idea it is to get this card.

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                                                                Yes, mine just did it at the gas station, withdrawing immediately after this is fixed.

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                                                                  The same thing happened to me today I took money off my card at 12 to get my sticker for my tag on my car and decided that I was gonna go ahead and get the sticker for my truck and my card declined also

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                                                                    So I just tried to use my card about 30 minutes ago and it was declined and I have over 2000 left on there this shit is ridiculous as soon as this bs card starts back working I need to withdraw every penny

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                                                                      Hey Maggie. I’m having the same issue. I used my card. All day up until 2 30 then I went to pay a bill and my card was declined and I have 1000 left on it. I can’t get any CSR on the phone. I’m super pissed!!

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                                                                        Filed my taxes and got the $200 advance which goes on the JH Preferred card I was given, seemed good enough, money was on the card quickly enough, but then after already USING it twice!, I go to use it again, and it was declined?? Then just to test it out, tried another place, sure enough, DECLINED again! Got home, checked account, almost all my money is there liek it should be, showing correct amount, but card is still being declined at stores!?!?! I’ve called the customer service line a million times with no luck of talking to anyone ever, or I get hung up on out of the blue?? Not only that, but the system wont recognize my card nymber, I am fed up!! THANK CHRIST I had my real refund to be put into MY OWN account, this card is CRAP. I am filing a complaint and letting everyone know, yes the advance is helpful and nice, but SURELY NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE, too much to deal with, and most of all, THE EMBARRASSMENT OF BEING IN A STORE WITH A DECLINED CARD AND YOU KNOWING YOU HAVE THE MONEY THERE, I HATE THAT!! I’m done.

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                                                                          Can I have my money this shit is not cool.

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                                                                            My card is declining everytime I try to use it I have over seven thousand dollars on it I went to several different ATMs and stores nothing . I called costumer care said number is invalid so I called from a friends phone finelly after 2 hours I got threw to them only for them to tell me none of there cards are working ( systems down) call back in 2 hours wtf I have bills that need paid today . We all work hard for our money . This is not right …..

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                                                                            Luz Rodriguez

                                                                              I did my taxes also with JH at frist I did had a problem I couldn’t get my card active but finaly I did. Now that I read everybodys review I am afraid. Because is my refund How could this happen. Someone needs to do something about this matter.I will be looking into this matter as soon as possible.

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                                                                                Hi I call 18555984818 hit 3 to order a new card etc an they will give you a live person they will let you know what is going on with your card i called and my account was unlocked ,my funds are now available on my card, went to atm right after and took money out.

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                                                                                  Hi I call 18555984818 hit 3 to order a new card etc an they will give you a live person they will let you know what is going on with your card i called and my account was unlocked ,my funds are now available on my card went to atm right after and to money out.

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                                                                                    Filed on the fifth. Approved for $500 advance. Called on card and didnt recognize card. Finally it recognized card and asked for my pin. Then didnt recognize pin. Went back to Hewitt who claims they cant understand it…but then said a lot of their customers had issues with the card. She called someone and they said they would call her back after researching it. She gave me her cell number to stay in contact with her (my representative) about the card. Now she is not answering my calls AND the direct line to Hewitt is not taking calls. I paid a $295 fee for this??? Im ready to sue for my fees back!!!!

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                                                                                      My card is blocked… Can’t use it. When I enter my card number with the customer service line, it won’t even recognize it.. I have about 140$ left of my 500$ advance and I have a kid and I can’t just not have my money.. Wtf?!

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                                                                                        I called the bank and they sead my funds were Realesed to my card feb 5 6am now feb 7 I called again and all they can tell me is to call the card because the funds were crdited to my jh card…. now I cant speak to anybody til mon what is going on!

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                                                                                          I also have the JH preferred card. It shows the IRS sent my money to Jackson Hewitt on the 1st. SSBT their bank, took out my tax prep fees then sent to Jh preferred on the 2nd. Here it is the 4th and still no sight of my rather large refund. I seen this thread and now I am very worried. When I finally got a Supervisor on the line after an hour hold he says there is no record of my deposit yet but be patient. Then tells me he is also waiting on his so he can understand but it is out of his hands. Was also told by him that they only post deposits through 12:30 pm so unfortunately if it is not their by early afternoon then it will be prayers till the next business day. :(

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                                                                                          Keondora majette

                                                                                            I have JH preferred card and my refund hasn’t been received by them

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                                                                                              My 500$ was posted and i used a little over 100$ on it. Today my account is blocked and i cant get a human on the phone … Anyone else had this problem ?

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                                                                                                As soon as my refund hit the card they restricted it and basically holding $5000 – do not use – customer service sucks and they do not care and the jackson hewitt office basically says “we did not know these cards would have so many problems, its your card, you deal with it”

                                                                                                No customer service and basically stealing your hard earned money – 17 people at work have the same problem..so beware, then they have their “compliance dept. look at it and they do not work weekends and they conveniently do this BS on a friday

                                                                                                Stay away…period

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                                                                                                  Its not loading my $500 loan its making me nervise this is my first time dealing with them

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                                                                                                    Update I just checked my JH preferred card and my refund has finally posted

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                                                                                                      Yes unfortunately my refund was deposited at 12noon but have yet to post on my card I spoke with a human and she said they are having some delay problem and couldn’t tell me how long it will be just someone’s working on it I’m so frustrated this will definitely be my last time dealing with them …..but I am so glad u started this post becuz I thought it was just me and I’m in TX.

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