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      I went to JH to apply for the early advance i really needed to 1000 to get caught up on bills, the prices they charge are outrageous, i signed paper works i was required to in order to apply for the advance its like they tricked me i did not get the while 1000 and a qualify for alot less than i would have via turbotax TT is cheaper too, since JH does nt have my w2 they cant file for me im supposed to go bak when i get my w2s so they cant file for me without them right? the fee they charge for typing in info is a scam it says online 59$ in store or onlne not 600 bucks.. i want to back out and not use JH is there a way i can repay the loan to republic bank ( JH) and file using turbo tax instead when i get my w2.

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          i filed with tt and got the tt 4000 dollat advance and only paid 171 to file with fees taken out of refund efff offf jackson hewgshit

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            Please let me know thats my situation too, and I am not going back at all, these people are insane, I call republic bank immediately and they said cant cancel the 300 payment, so tomorrow I have an appoiment to cancel that stupid advanced and paid it back

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