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It’s been 15 weeks come on guys!!!!!!

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    The one

      So I filed 1/24 bars where there then went away still processing message. Then finally get mail to ID verify on 3/22!!!!!! Did that online and still NOTHING YET!!!!! Come on really I need my money.

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        I e-filed Jan. 27th. I only have 570 code since. Never received any notices. I have no updates. Initially, they told me 10 weeks. After the 10th week I called and all they can say is “Sorry, but there is nothing I can do for you so keep waiting and check WMR.” I f—— got screwed guys. I need my refund.


          Same here. Got a 570 code on my transcript and nothing else.

          Le Sigh

            thought it was just me


              Same filed 2/17 A 2/18. 3/17 WMR said refund RECEIVED and to wait 21 days. Then changed to processing delay N/A on transcript it’s like I haven’t even filed. This is CRAZY. And all ATC payment was entered correctly.

              The one

                Same here. Interest please. I mean I can’t even get ahold of the irs to see what is going on. No matter what time of the day I call or I could calll all day it doesn’t matter. I still can’t get anyone. ##ck just fund me already.


                  Exactly I filed 1/24 and accepted same day … recorded 60 day review on 2/21 and 60 days been passed and still no movement any where this is just ridiculous already I want interest for real for real

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