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      I filed on the 12th and was accepted on the 13th. Nothing yet no transcript nothing. I also filed for two other people at the sametime. And they are also in the same boat. All done through TT. I am really getting upset seeing people that filed 2 days ago getting their money. Congrats to ya but still getting mad

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          And FYI just because you cant see your transcript that doesnt mean that you wont get a DDD soon. The past 2 years I couldnt view my transcripts but Still had a DDD, transcipts are not always updated like the progress bar or DDD is daily. If you can see them though it is an indicator that you should have a DDD in a few days. Also I have had my refund show up in my bank before the bars even moved past accepted and that happened more then just one year.

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            Like I said, if you filed early you got resequenced back into the system and mixed in with the new filers, if you have a ddd for tomorrow you are lucky, everyone else it will be next week. I filed on the 22nd afternoon was accepted about 2 hours or less later, could view my transcripts 3 days ago, 2 days ago I got my DDD.

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              @ bigtimeny1, I filed on the 9th, accepted on the 13th as part of a test batch (I was explicitly told by my software provider). I have a ddd of tomorrow on WMR.

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                TT is not the problem. If you think it is it’s because you’re frustrated that you haven’t gotten your refund yet and need someone or something to blame. Look around at these other forums. If EVERYONE was saying they filed with TT and didn’t get a refund I’d say it could be TT but there’s plenty of people who filed with TaxSlayer, HRB, TaxAct, etc. that still don’t have any updates and there’s plenty of people that used TT that are getting their money tomorrow or already have it.

                Just be patient as hard as it is. I’m sure you’ll get your money soon.

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                  I know when the irs started processing. Even if mine didn’t go in until the 20th. People that filed on the 24th are getting their money. My friend filed the 26th and has a DDD of 2/2 so either way no matter when I got accepted it’s still not right.

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                    I can’t make this any more clear. The same thing happened last year and the year before that. If you filed early, before 1/20 the irs was not accepting returns. Your status might have said accepted but it was only to test their systems. After the test your return was put back in the line of returns so even though you filed early you were accepted 1/20 and basicly put last before the people that filed on 1/20 or mixed in with the filers that didn’t file early. I can almost guarantee you will have a DDD next week unless you have an error on your return.

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                    boyd c

                      I filed tt on 1/9 excepted on 1/12 ddd set for tommorow.

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                        Where you a early filer Ashley?

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                        ASHLEY J

                          I used tt. I get mine tomorrow

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                            I’m in the same boat as well. Filed with TT on 12/9 was accepted on 12/13 after that nothing just still processing on WMR

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                              I agree. Done with TT. I’m ry considering calling them tomorrow just to tell them I do believe they are the issue.

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                                I’m beginning to wonder the same thing. Filed the 9th, accepted the 12th and nothing except it says it’s processing.

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                                  I’m going to try HRB Online next year….. Seeing folks who got accepted after me with DDD is frustrating. TT may just be the issue because lots of HBRs have their transcripts and DDD of 02/02

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