Is the WMR 6 Week Message Good News or Not?

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      Filed on 3/16. Accepted on 3/17 with a dd of 4/10. DD of 4/10 changed to 4/3 with now explanation. That seemed like good news? Then checked WMR again and got the “6 week message” with no explanation. After much reading I am still confused. Some say it means the money is released and on its way. Others say it means the return has been “pulled” for review or that there is some other sort of trouble.
      Does anyone know the truth? Or have a similar story? Misery loves company! Would love to hear similar stories and their outcomes. And most importantly what opinions are based on regarding the 6 week message.
      Thanks and good luck to all!

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          Has anyone out there heard anything new about the 6 week message? I filed 2/14 and had the one liner until last Saturday when it changed to the 6 week message, its now been 9 weeks!

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            I would like to know the answer to this also. My Return was scheduled for dd by 4/13. Checked yesterday and was still “scheduled”, but later in afternoon it changed to “sent” on 4/13/12. Then this morning it had changed to the “6 week” for a short time and now they can’t give me any info…???? I am really hoping that they did indeed send it and it has not made it to my bank.

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              What exactly is the 6 week message?

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