Is the 826 code date a possible DDD?

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      Our return got stuck in a “hole” and stopped processing after it was accepted on 01/31. I was finally able to reach the IRA 02/28, and they rebooted the process. Well my husband apparently owed some taxes so I see the 826 code with a date of 03/14. Since that’s the day they finalize that take back, could that be the same date we get our deposit? Anyone have advice?

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          My 826 was 3-14-2022 and my 846 is 3-16-2022. Time to file injured spouse.

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            I filed 1/27 my husband owed back taxes credit was transferred as of march 14 just looked at my transcript have the long awaited 846 march 16 just hang in there its almost over

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              You could see a deposit the same day, but it’s not always the case. Also, if you want to fight it and say that they took from your portion of the return to pay a debt that you yourself were not liable for (pre-marriage/child support) you can file an injured spouse form.

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                826 is past due tax debt or something like child support or student loans. You can call the BFS TOPS line: 1-800-304-3107 to find out more about what was taken and why. If it was a tax debt you call the IRS.

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                  I was hoping so too!

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                    I was hoping so too!

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                      Here is what IRS Code 826 Overpayment Transferred means on your transcript: your tax refund was diverted to old debt. It is as simple as that. It could be a student loan, child support, or any other debt. So, in essence, the IRS tax number 826 just indicates that your refund will be used to pay old debts.

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