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      So I called into the IRS today and they played dumb. I don’t know how any of you are getting these nice people who stay on the line for 20+ minutes and answer all your questions.

      The guy just kept telling me he can’t even look to see what date I was accepted. He just told me I would have to wait till 21 days “whenever that would be”.

      Um hello, I was calling to find out when I could call for more details!

      Here’s to hoping for an update soon because I’m losing my mind with this 896/570. I hate Obamacare even more now.


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          If it has not been 21 days from the date you are accepted, they IRS are not allowed to look up your account. They actually get dinged on the call if they do. In the IRS manual it actually instructs them to tell you to wait 21 days and basically get you off the phone. That code can take about a week to fall off. Mine transcripts just updated today. When there is something new the IRS always slows down.

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