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      Hello, im new to this site and I just have a simple question. Well I filed 01/27/2013 but I had the form 8863 so it didnt get accepted by TT until 02/14/2013. I called the IRS today and they asked if ive recieved an email from them stating its been recieved. I said no and he same thats wierd hold on. He did some looking and saw my return and said it just hasnt been sent over to the processing side. My question is how long does it take for them to start processing it and how how long does the processing actually take?

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        Erick Del moral

          Still waiting for muy refund Of 2012 , Idid at least 50 calls and they all said the same thing …….is in process …. It’s there any other way to push them to accelerate my refund ? Or how long more I have to wait? Or its there any chance that they just don’t send it whitout a reason ???????.

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            Ok i have been waiting on my taxes now for about 3 week file on 27 was accepted on the 28 ,,now its feb 17 and the system is saying still processing will give a dates soon

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              OMGosh!!! ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was told there are two systems, one is the efile system and one is like a holding tank (per taxact) and I must still me in the holding one. When I look online irs still has no info on me and the one very unhelpful irs agent I talked to said she couldnt find me either but to give it a couple more days I do have a submission id though.

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                Good question. Very VERY few of the 8863’ers actually have dates, and as far as I know none have their actual money yet.

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