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      Talked to irs filed 1-20 transcripts show zero’s 1 bar wmr. Was told that lots of filers were recycled due to system error, or overload basically. Some may even get computer generated review letter from being recycled.

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          I sure hope thats all it is. I filed with tax act 1/12 and accepted 1/13. Had one bar up until this past weekend when all went down. Now I lost my only bar. Can’t access any transcript except wages and it only has my info filled in and says no record of refund filed. Can’t get anyone to tell me anything. Sat on hold for a tax advocate for 1.5 hers and wouldn’t tell me anything when they finally talked to me. IRS same thing. Won’t gibe me any info. This is so frustrating. Hope everyone updates soon and gets their $$$ soon.

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            Said possibly up to 2 weeks. But could be as early as by weekend. The recycle or (system error) as they called it along with letters were caused by the amount of returns they received. Was more than could be processed.

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              Oh wow so all of us 1/20ers or before have been resqeunced ?!? I guess put to the back of the line is better than being under review…

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                We could have guessed that..Doesn’t really tell us much/anything. Did they give a time period to expect progress in?

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                  Filed on 1/22. Same exact thing. Hopefully some progress will be soon.

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                    that makes a lot more since.. cause i also tlk to irs and she said i was still prosscesing i filed 01/21/15 cant understand why its taking so long last year got my refund in less then 7 days getting nervous people are saying they gotten letters but my first thought was generated letters but idk i was expecting letter cause i have no updates just zeros on trans.

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