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IRS processing and cycle charts

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    IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit numberindicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit numberindicating the day of the week(YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

    01 = Friday

    02 = Monday

    03 = Tuesday

    04 = Wednesday

    05 = Thursday
    The components of CADE 2, Transition State 1, was deployed in January, 2012. Changes included daily processing for certain individual taxpayers, Center production cycle, posting cycles, accelerated refunds and notices, and accelerated IDRS posting. Daily Processing, IMF (Individual Master File) processing with the cycle definition outlined below, but processing daily (daily transactions to daily accounts) with weekly processing occurring on Thursday.

    Center Cycle Wednesday

    Master File Processing- Thursday

    Notice Review – Saturday -Monday (8+ days)

    Unpostables – Available Tuesday; Closing Tuesday

    Direct deposit refunds are issued in 4 business days from posting

    Paper check refunds are issued in 6 business days from posting

    Here is the chart showing the cycle weeks and they all start on Thursday

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    Just waiting for the big update tonight to see if WMR adjust…


    PLease break this down for me.



    Not true about the 4 days. I’ve had full transcripts for ten days now. No freezes, no scary codes, just basic stuff. I’m missing 846 releasing my refund.


    @juicyroot25- I just want to make clear that some people are processed daily and the rest of us are weekly if we have always been processed weekly in the past? meaning we will probably not see an update til friday ?


    I got accepted 1-20 and still nothing I called on transcripts it says none available for 2014 then it said I would recieve one in 5 -10 days wats this mean


    Once your cycle date shows up on your transcripts you should have a ddd issue in 4 business days from the posting. Hope this helps

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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