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      Hello apparently my 2014 was miscalculated by turbo tax as far as my standard deduction and child tax credit so I owe back 2000.00 to irs. Notice say money is due by jan 28th unless I set up payment plan. Tax season opens on the 20th will they deduct money from return? The notice said if their findings are not correct to sign paper and send documentation. So is it a offset able debt yet if it’s not a final bill yet? Just want to know will they just take the money

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          We owed last year by October. I faxed them to deduct it from our return. They didn’t. We got the entire return. That was four months prior to filing. I wouldn’t plan on the irs taking it from you. Just pay them when you get your money and they can find your debt. They didn’t even show a debt on record for us until July. It’s a huge pain, but stay on top of it.

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          Kristi h

            Okay so you say by January 28 of this year? If so you may squeak by this year without an offset. They have to give the filer time to agree or disagree.

            So, if that is the case, like I said this year you should be lucky, but if you do not pay it or make arrangements to pay and pay it out before next year, it will be offset then, with penalties and interest added

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              They will always take what’s owed to them even if a payment plan is set up so to prepare yourself ..deduct that amount from the refund you are expecting so you won’t be disappointed or blindsided

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                I have had this a couple times over the years. They have always taken it out of my tax return. I never tried setting up a payment plan though because I wanted them to just take it from my return. I do not know if that will make a difference.

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