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IRS letter didn’t arrive

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      Accepted 2/4 and nothing.

      A couple days ago an irs letter was on my informed delivery but it didn’t show up (everything else did).
      I clicked the ‘didn’t get this mail piece button on the usps site.
      Do I need to call the irs?

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        Mail has been delayed, sometimes a letter may take a few days extra, I would not panic, also if you have an account online with the IRS you can see any correspondence or notices sent to you, sometimes notices won’t be seen online, but I would sign up for that service.

        I think you should call the IRS if you are not aware of what you were receiving, do you know what the notice was?


          Couldve used another name ? Already a Jay in here


            Wait till the mail comes today and see if they retrieved it if not then I would call just to be on the safe side

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