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      i got accepted on the 31st through tt and wheres my refund is still not showing anything for me or the 800# also has anyone else had this problem its like im a ghost like i never filed

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          Filed the 30th and was accepted the same day, but every time I go to wmr it says to reenter my info. Called the IRS and they said they have received it and that’s it. No dd date . What is going on ?!!!

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            I filed 2/6 and WMR didn’t recognize me until2/12. Has this happened to anyone else. Has it taken this long for anyone else to show received on WMR

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              If IRS told me they had no info on me, I’d tell em to give back the money they took from a stranger! Shame on them :)

              Allow the computer to upload data being received. They do that between midnight and 7 AM, in batches. Sometimes you get placed in holding for the next data upload.
              Its technology. If a few days still go by, then contact your tax software respresentative. They may have better chances of how that file transmitted and was received to the IRS.

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                I filed 1/23 wmr ALWAYS told me cant find a DD today

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                  A lot of folks who filed on the 31 Jan are in the same boat

                  Stuck in IRS limbo !!

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                    I think that we’re about to get LUCKY soon. I’ve been following this forum since last Friday and that’s the pattern that it’s usually been going for some that was getting Direct Deposits soon after.

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                      Just called the IRS. Agent told me it takes 24-48 business hours to show up on WMR. Hotline and WMR says my info is entered incorrectly. She also said she doesn’t see my return yet. She said if I don’t see anything on WMR tomorrow then to call back.

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                        Filed and accepted 1/31 with TT. WMR and hotline say I entered my information wrong. Not sure what’s going on.

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                          I called the irs and they said that they have my return and it’s currently still processing gave me the 21 day message. I was accepted on 01/31. At least i know that they i’m in processing..

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                            I filed and was accepted on 1/31 when I checked wmr it says my info is wrong and to reenter. Then when I do that it tells me to wait 24hrs after I receive the email stating that it was accepted. So I called the office on Friday and was toldthat they have my return and it was processing and war should have updated but it still have not.

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                            ITS MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!!

                              call* the irs

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                              ITS MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!!

                                if no update by tomorrow morning all the irs.. i file on the 30th and my info is showing on the irs web site but it hasnt updated since the day i was accepted so im waiting for monday myself, if no change in the morning on wmr im calling the irs. so my return has been accepted for efile but no dd date or anything yet..

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