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IRS Delayed Message and SBTPG unfunded

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      I filed my taxes on 1/31/2022 and my returns were accepted on 2/1/22. I bank with netspend have never had any issues with my refund.

      Well this year I have the IRS delayed message. I just checked it a few minutes ago and the message is still there.

      I checked SBTPG because that usually updates faster than WMF does. And SBTPG still shows unfunded.

      I am freaking out because most people have a DD of 22/24 and I’ve always gotten my taxes around this time of year. NEVER have I gotten them in March.

      I can’t access my transcripts so idk what codes I have or DD.

      Should I be worried? Anyone else going through this too?

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        Filed 2/4 have had delayed message since 4 days before 21 days . I then realized I had forgot to file last years taxes lady at the tax place said this is why a lot of people are delayed . I owe for last year . She said the generic wait 6-8 weeks. Transcripts still NA , WMR still delayed. Cycle 05. TPG shows unfunded. I hope everyone gets some updates on the first !


          That sucks. When was his return accepted?


            My fiance had the same issue. Got a letter today to verify identity. Verified on irs website, said processing can take up to 9 weeks.


              You would’ve gotten an email from the IRS if there was any issues letting your know a letter is on the way. I’m hoping we get it before next Thursday, but without any issues, we should.


                My State hasn’t come in yet (I’m NYS) but I got a message saying that my state has been processed and should be deposited into my bank acc on or before 2/24/22.

                As for everything else I also claimed the EITC, CTC and ACTC. I hope and I pray nothing is wrong. 🤞


                  I’m in the exact same boat except I was accepted on February 2nd. Claimed EITC, CTC, ACTC, and 3rd Stimulus. Everything was filed correctly. Received my Oklahoma state return in my account in 7 days from filing.

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