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IRS Accepted 1/27, As of 6:30am 2/9, Still PROCESSING!?!

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    I filed via on 1/26, and the IRS accepted the return 1/27. Status has not changed from Processing since 1/30 on either WMR or 1-800-829-1954. I called the IRS directly a couple of days ago and was told that was return was just shown as that P-word again and given the standard 21-day timeline.

    Seeing that so many who have filed after have either received a refund already or at the very least, a date of Direct Deposit, I am concerned.

    Some details on my return..

    Standard 1040
    No Children Claimed (I have claimed my two children in previous years though)
    No EIC
    No 8863 or other known forms that may cause delay
    I don’t own a home
    Really, just my wages from my W-2 and my personal info and that’s it.

    Two possible reasons for a hold up here though?? I did move to another state this year and change my employer. Nothing that uncommon though I would think.

    My Ex, who claimed my two children this year, filed on 1/24 via Liberty Tax Service and received her refund yesterday (2/8). We have been divorced for several years.

    I have read on the main board here a couple of comments about people calling and receiving a DD date from an IRS Representative while the status on WMR or the 1-800 Automated Line still shows as Processing. The person I spoke to didn’t mention anything about that though.

    And one other thing.. These letters from the IRS concerning being reviewed, etc.. I haven’t received anything from them in the mail.

    So what gives?? Anyone out there with a similar tale? Or maybe some info that I could use?

    One other thing before I wrap this up… Does the IRS process 7 days a week now? Meaning, we will see another update on Sunday Morning, or not until Monday? Also, anyone know the specifics on what time the IRS updates each day?

    I know I’ve said a bit here. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and responding in kind. Thank You so much!!

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    IRS Accepted 1/27/2014 but still processing should I worry?


    what irs # do i call to get a human?
    Filled 1/26
    accepted 1/27

    ONLY 1 bar
    no ddd

    Spouse filled 1/31
    accepted 1/31 got refund this morning

    and her refund was thousands more then mine


    Update…. Today, February 15th, my status updated from just Processing with the one infamous orange bar to…..

    Your tax return is still being processed

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    With a link to Tax Topic 152 below…

    Also, I finally have the option to order a Transcript.

    So, it’s getting closer. Slowly but surely.


    Update.. It’s 2/13, and nothing has changed. They must be processing my taxes and making copies of them with etch-a-sketches.


    As of this evening (2/11), still Processing. No change in anything. Tried the number to order a Transcript and wasn’t able to.



    @Matthew – Im in the same situation. I filed 1/22. Accepted 1/28. Saw the bars the first time I looked in WMR saying it was recieved and processing. Ever since then when I log on to check, if they can actually find me it says return processing and a deposit date will be given when they have one. Never any codes.

    Ive called and spoken to two people and after a long wait all they can tell me is that my return is under review. Why I have no idea. I have not received any letters from the IRS at all. Like you I moved last year but the new address is on my return and on my W2. But when I tried to order transcript it says the information I entered does not match their records. Hmmm.

    I see people freaking out and they just sent theirs – they should try to imagine how we’re feeling. I just want some kind of answers. I can’t take being in limbo. Im getting migraines daily from the stress of maybe being audited.


    Mrs. Callahan, I have checked for offsets.. None to speak of.

    Still processing as of this morning (2/10).


    Same boat here 2/1


    I too filed on the 26th but was accepted on the 28th for my fed and 31st for state. I got a message for my state saying it was processed on 2/1 and received it on the 8th. As for my fee still no update sine the 31st. Received and processing generic 21 day crap. I have no offsets and haven’t received any review letters. Could order trans on 2/5. I dont see how state could go through fine and feds a hold up. Its all the same information!!! Will keep you posted to any changes. Hopefully we get some answers soon. Im tired of people who filed after me geeting ddds and dd. My mother in law filed 2/5 and got a ddd for 2/13 last night!


    My situation is very similar, Matthew. Filed and accepted 1/30. On 2/6 I called and rep gave me ddd 2/8. Called yesterday and was told this person did not see any date just still processing. No letter, no funky forms normal return for us and close to same amount we usually get.


    Automated. You can call any time. Good luck!


    @mrscallahan thanks for the info! Is it an automated line or do I need to wait until Monday for a live person?


    @mrstiff: an offset is when you owe either the IRS back taxes or someone else like child support. They will take it out of your refund and give you the balance. Call 1-800-304-3107 to check.


    @mrscallahan what are offsets and how do you check them?


    Have you checked for offsets?


    Thank You for the response. Any info is greatly appreciated.

    I have not received any sort of letters from the IRS, today’s mail included, so I am thinking I may not be part of the group that received those standard letters informing them of a Review.

    Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock… Eventually the time will come. :)


    @974521 Thanks for the update. That gives me hope that things can update basically whenever.


    Check again, i checked at 9:30 this morning n checked again at 12:30pm and i now have a ddd of 2/13.

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