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    Wheres My Refund Iowa- Share your experience with filing your Iowa Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Iowa Wheres My Refund? go to Iowa Department Of Revenue

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    Well…according to the Iowa DoR Facebook page, ALL returns are being held this year not just those who claimed PATH credits.

    “”All electronically filed returns will have a turn around time of six to eight weeks even if no EITC is claimed on the Iowa return.” ”

    I filed the 3rd so I expect I won’t see any money until the mid to latter part of March. I can understand being careful and conscientious but this borders on ridiculous. I won’t be e-filing my state taxes in the future since apparently, paper filers aren’t being subjected to these arbitrary holds.

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    Filed and accepted on 2/3 although the Iowa DoR website didn’t update to show that for a few days. Has said “Allow 2 additional weeks for processing” since that time. We are not claiming any of the credits that are slowing others down, but this is the slowest turnaround in refund issuance I can remember. Usually, about a week after filing we get our money. This year, for the first time ever, the fed is going to beat the state in turnaround time.

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    I filed my state taxes on 1/23 and logged in next day and showed my receipt date of 1/24. But got to allow at least 8 wks. for processing. They are taking this identity thing serious also. I filed my sons income tax and his says processing for at least 2 wks. So has to do with this identity and EIC thing I’m sure as I was reading on their website.

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    Iowa not releasing until March! So unfair
    We have to wait for federal and state

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    How do you know they won’t release until march for eic? @me

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    I was a little sad when I checked my state and saw the “at least 8 weeks to process”. Then I did some googling and found out that iowa state is not releasing refunds with EIC until March.

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    Filed on 1/17 today it showed is was relieved and to all AT LEAST 8 WEEKS to process. SERIOUSLY GRRR

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    Lindaay Robinson

    I filed electronically in February. The state accepted my return on Feb.22. The only message that has been showing since then is to allow up to 60 days and that they will send a letter if they need additional information. Today is April 6th. It has bsen 45 days, haven’t received a letter and still no update.

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    My bank has it pending for tomorrow. So it took a total of 13 days. BUT my WMR for federal still hasn’t changed

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    I logged in and it says

    Your refund was issued. Please allow 14 days from the issue date below to receive your refund.
    PROCESSING DATE 2/25/2016

    Every year it said that I got my money the next day BUT I haven’t received it yet.

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    I filed the 18 and it got accepted the 18 but on the iowa page it says the 19th. I called as I wanted to know how often they update that page and they told me mine was approved just waiting on DDD.

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    Well today it changed from the 60 day review to please allow 2 weeks to finish processing and now has a processing date of 2/23.Anyone else.No letter, and i didnt call to do anything.

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    02/16/16……I just talked with state of Iowa….. Here’s the scoop: There was a few week time frame that all of the refunds are being held because the IRS notified the state of Iowa that there were fraudulent returns filed. He said people that were not entitled to refunds filing for them. I filed on 02/07/16 it was processed on 02/09/16 still says allow 2 weeks for processing. No further updated on the website. Agent said my return has finished processing but he told me that I got caught in that group of people. The group that has the payments held will be released at the end of this week which would be the 02/19/16. My son’s was accepted on 02/01/16 and his now says that It is under review and will be released within 60 days if not sooner. My take on his is that he moved this past year and has a new address and a new bank account and they are making sure it is going to the correct person.

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    Mine says it is being reviewed and that if they need more info they will send a letter. Got the letter today and asking to send a copy of the W2

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    Anon…..I received the same message not sure if it’s normal or a bad sign. I haven’t heard anything else or gotten anything in the mail.

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    Submitted Taxes last week and federal and state were accepted.Checked Iowa state the past few days with a message of not received, however it just updated to received and is under review and usually is resolved within 60 days, and then has a processing date of 2/8/16. anyone else receive this, and how lomg does it usually take? as of right not is says to do nothing, if information is needed they will send a letter…..

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    @tiger – Mine is in my account this morning! I hope yours is too!! ????

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    Kathryn i so agree,,, Wish you all the best. It’s been nice to have this Forum just to know were not alone in the unknown lol have a good night all,

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    @tiger- well if yours says issued on the 3rd and you don’t have it either that makes me feel better! The phone number says wait 3 days, the website says 5! Let’s hope for 3!!

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    Hi Mine had both first like you April stayed that way 2 days then the possess2/3 issued 2/3 still nothing but did say at the bottom allow up to 5 days

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    My Iowa return says it was issued on the 3rd, but is still not in my account

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    I was accepted on the 14th, this morning it said it was aprroved and to wait 14 days from the issue date for my check but I requested direct deposit and there isn’t a issue date just a processing date.

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    I was accepted on the 14th checked this morning it says it was issued. But I don’t have any $$ in my account yet.

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    Hey all,

    Anyone got any new news on your WMR for iowa? When are those usually DD?

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