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    Wheres My Refund Iowa- Share your experience with filing your Iowa Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Iowa Wheres My Refund? go to Iowa Department Of Revenue

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    Finally got my deposit today, accepted 2/1

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    Finally processed! Filed 2/1 today I got the 14 day message.

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    Mine updated from 14 day message to deposit sent 3-7 please allow 5 days.

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    Mine is sitting in my bank account for deposit date on 3/11. It was released on 3/6. On 3/5 it said it would take 14 days then yesterday morning it showed 5 days allowed in bank.So it is pending at my credit union. Finally, I know last year I got state close to the same time which was 3/5/18.

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    Glad some people are finally moving. My $253 is still in process 🙄🙄😂

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    From what I am understanding this year they are going to be 2 Updates on deposits. The first one will read you will receive your deposit in 14 days. The second update most are saying the following day from 14 day update you will get your direct deposit date..

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    Finally an update however there is no deposit dates given.
    Your refund was issued. Please allow 14 days to receive your refund. This is the same information available to our phone representatives.

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    Same here, filed 1/28 with no update yet. Not even a huge amount of money…it’s ridiculous that it is so delayed EVERY YEAR.

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    Filed and accepted 1/22 finally updated today. Says it was approved and expect a deposit in 14 days.

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    Filed and accepted 2/1/19. Still in process. Iowa is hands down the WORST state when it comes to refunds. I got Nebraska back within 2 weeks of filing online and I’m still sitting here waiting over 2 months after filing Iowa at the same time with nothing.

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    Actually I was wrong, don’t panic. I just realized the dates on those posts were 2018. My bad. False alarm.

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    filed 2/1, still in process. On the state refunds boards people with a later accept date are saying the website shows their refund issued but could take 14 days. What the hell?

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    Sounds good to me Bonnie. This is crazy.

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    I think we should charge the State of Iowa interest and penalty fee like they would us. get a class action law suite going! Anybody In on that??!

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    Filed 1-30 accepted 1-30 still in process no update !!!!!

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    Filed 1/18 Accepted 1/28 Still nothiiiiingggg ugh

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    Filed 1-30 accepted 1-30 still in process no updates

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    Jennifer Starr

    Filed and accepted 2/18, nothing

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    Filed 1/18 and accepted no news yet no change. Anyone receive yet?

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    Filed 1/18 Accepted 1/28 – no update. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄

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    filed 1.19, accepted 1.28, still waiting for refund 2.25

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    Filed and accepted 1-29-2018 last year didn’t receive refund until 3-8-2018.

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    Filed 1-30 accepted 1-30 still in process

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    Mine was accepted 1/22. A whole month ago today. I can’t believe that there hasn’t been any kind of update.

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    Accepted 2/1, still in process. I feel like last year was fast but I can’t remember. With $125M budget surplus from last year I can’t understand what the hold up could possibly be….

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    Yes, I actually got mine March 4th last year they were released last week of feb if I remember correctly, but then take almost a week to be DD

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    I filed 1/27 accepted 1/28 just says showing receipt date. I feel this is going to be slow. Did not receive anything until March last year.

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    Filed 1/18, accepted 1/28 being processed

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    Filed my taxes with HR Block had to mail them in because I could not file online due to a form and adjustment. Receiving message that your taxes have been received and are being processed. They were accepted on 3/20. Same message for, four weeks now. I did ask that my refund be DD even though I had to mail them in…I thought this would be quicker. Waiting…four weeks now…

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    Filed 2/23 mine still says in process. next year think i will wait until the deadline to file and i am not going to claim any of the credits that I qualify for because they don’t want to pay out. They just sit on the review because some people screw the system and those of us who work for a living but are a single parent get screwed over!

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    I filed on 2.14 and that’s when they received it and i still have no refund from the state. I look online and it says its in process. Its been over a month, WTH is going on with it???

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    So that’s 5 days from day of issue to deposit

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    We just found out my money is pending deposit for the 20th

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    Can anybody tell me what time of day they have been receiving deposits for tax refunds

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    Mine says refund issued on the 15th. So I hope Tom. Just wish I knew what time of day most got it.

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    Well I’m guessing since most have not posted back they got their tax return hoping mine will be here tomorrow it’s been about the length of time for y’all

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    filed mine on 2-5-18, whats the hold up ,got Fed in 5 days.

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    Hello everyone I was just wondering those that have received their refund what time of day did it get deposited into your account

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    WOW IOWA SUCKS! Mine was saying processed 2/3 then of course whoever I owed fins too was holding it until today the remainder says was issued yesterday! Still not deposited as of today. I have been here for 5 long years and I am so ready to get the fuck out of this one horse town and go to a more diverse state that doesn’t tax you for everything you do!! NOW wtf is my money already I done paid yall now give me my money!!

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    Filed and accepted February 10th… still says received but nothing else. Anyone else in this situation?

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    I am SO glad I found this and I’m not the only one. Mine says issued 3/7 and I have been checking everywhere online to see who is allowed to take state refunds because I was sure someone had taken it 😂 so this helps. Sucks that it is happening to so many of us though.

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    Hi, I’ve received mine today. Good luck everyone.

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    Mine says I am suppose to get it 3/7/2018 and I still have not received it

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    Mine says the same thing… issue date of 3/5/2018 but I don’t have a deposit in my account yet. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one!

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    My refund status shows issue date of 3/2/18, no direct deposit as of yet 3/07.
    What gives?
    I know it should not take an entire week, this is frustrating.

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    mines also shows refund amount and issue 3/5/18 but has not deposited into my account. Hopefully it will soon

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    Elizabeth McBride

    Hi, it shows that my tax refund was issued on 3/5/2018, but it is 3/6/2018 and the refund is not in my bank account. It was to be direct deposited. Is there a delay?

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    Manda Lynne

    Has anyone got their Iowa State return yet? Or know when they will be sent out? Filed:2/2

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    Welp- here we are past the 8 week mark and NOTHING! Still the same message- please allow an additional 8 weeks! Feeling pretty frustrated.

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    Has anyone filed in the last couple weeks and gotten their refund?

    My sons gf filed on 04/17/17 and hers has been processed and updated. We filed a day later and are still waiting. Ours and hers both were pretty straight forward and simple.

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    My state was sent on 3/22 and received it on 3/24 finally. I hope this does not happen again next year.

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    I have the same 5 day message for deposits @ any updates, mines issued 3/24 still nothing

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    Since you filed in January did you claim EITC? Just curious because I claimed EITC and filed on January 24th. I have American Express Serve for my direct deposit. I know some state refunds were sent out due to not having any EITC.

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    as of yesterday March 17, website updated from “8 weeks” to your refund has been issued please allow 5 days to receive your deposit. it has not hit my account, and I used netspend. I filed and was accepted Jan. 31

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    Yea but if we owed they would want their money now or would garnish our paychecks

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    @ Bryce
    Yes I feel you very much. I filed back on January 24th and since then it’s been saying 8 weeks then in Feb. it said allow at least 2 wks. then it went back to 8 wks. I even tried calling them a couple of times and one rep. said allow 8 wks. now this was last week and so I asked him so around the 24th of March and he said if you have not received anything by then to check back. This is getting to sound a little shady how much more identity protection do they need to go through does not make since.

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    I filed the 19th of January still no update or no refund their 8 weeks are up Wtf???

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    If that is the case then seems like for me 60 from January 24 would be correct if counting weekend days. But still falls in that March timeframe. Maybe something will update next week. Frustrating.

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    Jane Malcolm

    Well, I called the Iowa DOT yesterday. After a 2 hour wait on hold (really!) I finally spoke to a man who said the refunds were delayed for about 60 days.

    I also asked him about the wording on the IDOT website mentioned in my post above:

    “We have received your return. It is being reviewed. If additional information is needed, you will receive a letter from us. Returns filed electronically are typically resolved within 60 days of the date below. Returns filed on paper should be resolved within 3 to 6 months from the date below.”

    I was concerned that the words ‘reviewed’ and ‘resolved’ (instead of ‘processed’) indicated there was something wrong with my return. The fellow I spoke to assured me that was not the case.

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    @ Jane Macolm
    I filed on January 23 and it was received on January 24. Alot of people from Iowa are in the same boat. Only when I check mine refund status for Iowa it states “We have received your return. Please allow an additional 8 weeks to complete processing of your return.
    RETURN RECEIPT DATE 1/24/2017”
    It has been showing this since I filed. But back in February it went from allow 2 weeks then back to this message above. Now I have spoken to a couple of representatives with a long time wait. And he stated to allow 8 wks. which aware of and I stated so around the 24th would be 8 wks. for me from that date. And also I have been reading on different websites where it says Iowa will not be releasing refunds until early March here it is early March and still no signs. If I do not see any change by next week I am calling again. This is nuts. I received my federal back on February 20.

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    Jane Malcolm

    Hey, Everyone –

    I filed electronically on March 1. I got my Federal refund direct deposited into my bank on March 7.

    I still haven’t got my Iowa refund. When I checked the Iowa Dept of Revenue site, I got this message:

    “We have received your return. It is being reviewed. If additional information is needed, you will receive a letter from us. Returns filed electronically are typically resolved within 60 days of the date below. Returns filed on paper should be resolved within 3 to 6 months from the date below.”

    Has anyone else got this message? I’m concerned that they said my return is being ‘reviewed’ rather than processed, and that it is being ‘resolved’. Also that time frame seems excessive.

    Do I need to be worried that there is a problem and they are going to audit me or is it just a standard message?

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    @ Kay I called them and asked them about updates for our state taxes and the lady I spoke to on the phone had the nerve to tell me that their website does NOT state the refunds will be issued early march! After arguing with her for about 5 min I got so mad I just hung up! I wish they would just release our refunds.

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    I know I am waiting also, have not seen very many people post about Iowa refund. This is pretty much early March. I know 8 wks. for me will be the week of the 24th. I filed back on 1/24.

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    I still have not received my refund and I’m getting very frustrated! On the website it clearly states that anyone that claimed the EITC will receive their refund Early March! So where’s our money it’s all b.s.

    #4190018 Reply


    Just a followup with anyone here it is the second week of March and I heard that state refunds will be issued early March. Has anyone heard any other updates or changes? Anyone still waiting for theirs?

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    8 weeks!

    Yeah, 8 weeks here also. I have no EIC or any of that stuff. I’m tweaking my with holding for next year. I about got it right this year so at least my refund is pretty small.

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    Anyone from Iowa still waiting on state refund. Filed back in January accepted 1/24. Still saying allow 8 wks. to process. Went from 2 weeks last month to back to 8 wks. I spoke with someone this morning he just said allow at least 8 wks. So I stated to keep checking the wheres my refund link on Iowa dept. of revenue site around the 24th that would be 8 wks from my date. Anyone else spoke to someone and getting any where in the same boat. I am definitely aware of this EIC thing as well with it.

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    Lizzy Doe

    I sent in a paper return to the State IRS and Federal IRS, The paper return was accepted by State the day after I sent it in. I was in the “please allow 3-6 months” to process paper returns until today, now it states from Iowa “We have received your return. Please allow an additional 8 weeks to complete processing of your return.”

    So, I will update this if I receive a return before the 8 weeks from today, Feb. 27th, 2017. But, I more than likely won’t since my ex husband illegally claimed the children on his return and e-filed before I could, hence the paper filing. I did send in the copy of divorce decree proving he couldn’t claim them, so I hope this speeds it up, but more than likely not.

    I did notice one thing that can be counted on, if YOU owe the IRS they want their money “right now!” or in payment plans, if the IRS owes us, we must beg, plead, prove we deserve it, and then wait wait wait until the IRS decides it will give it to us.

    I understand the Fraud aspect, and it is a shame that the IRS has to hold onto legitimate returns because of Fraud, thank you My Ex Husband, as you now fall into the category of people that make our tax returns take much longer, not just for me, but for everyone because he committed fraud.

    There has got to be a better way!!!

    On a side note, federal IRS still states they haven’t even seen my return yet… Erghhhh!

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    marianna G.

    My son filed his state return on January the 26th,2017 and he received his direct deposit in early February.I filed mine on January the 27th,2017 and today is a month later.I am still receiving the message stating allow 8 weeks for processing.I read that if there is an E.I.T.C involved in the return that the refund will be issued in March.After March the 1st hopefully the state will release the refunds.

    #4171350 Reply


    Well…according to the Iowa DoR Facebook page, ALL returns are being held this year not just those who claimed PATH credits.

    “”All electronically filed returns will have a turn around time of six to eight weeks even if no EITC is claimed on the Iowa return.” ”

    I filed the 3rd so I expect I won’t see any money until the mid to latter part of March. I can understand being careful and conscientious but this borders on ridiculous. I won’t be e-filing my state taxes in the future since apparently, paper filers aren’t being subjected to these arbitrary holds.

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    Filed and accepted on 2/3 although the Iowa DoR website didn’t update to show that for a few days. Has said “Allow 2 additional weeks for processing” since that time. We are not claiming any of the credits that are slowing others down, but this is the slowest turnaround in refund issuance I can remember. Usually, about a week after filing we get our money. This year, for the first time ever, the fed is going to beat the state in turnaround time.

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    I filed my state taxes on 1/23 and logged in next day and showed my receipt date of 1/24. But got to allow at least 8 wks. for processing. They are taking this identity thing serious also. I filed my sons income tax and his says processing for at least 2 wks. So has to do with this identity and EIC thing I’m sure as I was reading on their website.

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    Iowa not releasing until March! So unfair
    We have to wait for federal and state

    #4156348 Reply


    How do you know they won’t release until march for eic? @me

    #4154187 Reply


    I was a little sad when I checked my state and saw the “at least 8 weeks to process”. Then I did some googling and found out that iowa state is not releasing refunds with EIC until March.

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