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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Iowa- Share your experience with filing your Iowa Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Iowa Wheres My Refund? go to Iowa Department Of Revenue

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    Jennifer Starr

    Does anyone know what is going on with filing Iowa State as a part year resident? I cannot submit and the date keeps changing, that they’re available to file.

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    I filed my taxes on the 17th of February, received my federal right away, state finally popped up that they were issued. The next day it updated gave me the amount and the date they were “issued” the 17th of March, still waiting for my direct deposit….anyone else dealing with this?

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    Mine just updated to the 14 day message. How much time does it take realistically from now?

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    Hey again everyone – quick update, it looks like my state refund is gonna be deposited tomorrow. Still says being reviewed to make sure correct on the Iowa Where’s My Refund site. Check your bank accounts for pending deposits. I submitted mine on 1/28 and I do have a dependent. Good luck everyone!

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    Mine also says being reviewed to make sure it’s correct. Iowa tax refunds are such a joke lol

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    Mine says they are reviewing it to make sure it’s correct

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    I filled February 6th got accepted February 11th for state and federal and have heard absolutely nothing about my state

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    On the Iowa website it says 30-45 days

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    April Lewis

    Accepted 2.13.21 No progress

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    Anyone heard anything for Iowa, I know every year they are slow.

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    Is anyone still waiting?

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    Mary Walker

    The message said allow up to five days and that it was issued on the forth. Are they counting 5 business days or callender dats

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    Guess they are adding extra steps to take their time, glad everyone is updating

    I updated to the 14 day message and I know I don’t owe anything, hopefully I’ll see another update soon…

    Tax season is almost over!

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    Finally! It changed yesterday to the 14 day message and today to the 5 day message! It says the full amount, it took so long I was worried. A few years ago they garnished my refund because someone with a very similar SSN had an unpaid DUI in a county I’ve never been to, it was a whole stupid thing. But yaaaaas!

    Accepted 1/28

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    Apparently they are doing things quite differently this year. If you have the issued allow 14 day it should update one more time and then you should get your refund the next week in the middle(ish) of the week.

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    Your refund was issued. Please allow 14 days to receive your refund. If the amount is different from what was requested, please allow 7 to 10 days to receive a letter of explanation.

    This update was posted to mine today. No date or amount either. I should not have anything I know if against our iowa tax.

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    Friday morning it updated to refund sent allow 5 days and I got the full amount in my checking early this morning.

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    @Hoiland51 2 years ago my return said the same thing and I had a speeding ticket from one of the cameras they took that amount out of my return, if amount is not showing they usually adjusted amount or something was owed to state.. I would call the IA offset line or IA IRS they can tell you

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    @maria36 did you get any other information about the status message you got?? I got the same and have a bad feeling. Did you get your return?

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    updated this am to deposit sent allow 5 days.

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    @Maria36 Mine also updated to that this morning.

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    I’ve been stuck on “preparing your refund for payment” for over a week. Submitted 1/28. Ugh.

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    Same here

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    @maria36 mine updated
    this am to the same.

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    I have updated to:

    Your refund was issued. Please allow 14 days to receive your refund. If the amount is different from what was requested, please allow 7 to 10 days to receive a letter of explanation.

    No amount is shown. I have a bad feeling about it

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    Got mine dismorning

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    @Jackie H mine has been sitting there since 2-19 lol

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    Jackie H

    @sk mine is still on preparing refund to

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    @Jennifer. Omg!!!! I hope it hits soon. Mine still hasn’t changed from processing refund to sent.

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    Jennifer Starr

    Still nothing in my account, Iowa WMR shows it was sent Friday

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    How long did you stay in the previous status before updating to refund issued

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    I updated on Friday to your refund has been issued please allow 5 days with the amount showing

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    I can check it now it says what it’s been saying “we are preparing your refund for payment”

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    Mine says my info is incorrect but up until now I could check it this is so weird

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    As of this morning I cannot check on my refund. Anyone else?

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    Accepted 2/1

    WMR for Iowa showing they are checking to make sure it is correct, been stuck at this message for almost 2 weeks

    Iowa needs to get it together the past few years they “randomly” picked me to verify my information for 3 years in a row really ridiculous now they hold our refunds until the last minute

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    Jennifer Starr

    I just updated to this a few minutes ago, it didn’t say that yesterday or when I checked earlier this morning, so, maybe check Iowa’s WMR again. Be careful though, I think they only allow you to check 2-3 times a day.

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    Jennifer Starr

    Your refund was issued. Please allow up to 5 business days for your direct deposit to be received by your financial institution. If the refund amount is different from what was requested, please allow 7 to 10 days to receive a letter of explanation. This is the same information available to our phone representatives.

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    Mine finally updated to being prepared.

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    @Jennifer thanks on eyes lol . I swear they are doing the see how long we can stall this out lol. Lol My return went from being accepted on 1-28 to date of return receipt 1-24 lol .Mine hasn’t updated and at this point i don’t think im going to get dd till middle next week at this point.

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    Jennifer Starr

    @sk, you did pretty good for having no eyes…lol I have been trying to get them to verify my DD information, I also asked them about the amount, because it doesn’t show on the website. The phone agents literally just check the WMR site. He did dig a little deeper after he saw that it did not, in fact, show an amount. Geesh dude, I’m not going to lie about that, I was told that someone would call me back to verify DD information, but of course, no one did.

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    @Jennifer sorry for typos didn’t have glasses

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    @Jennifer congrats on still waiting for mine to update to sent
    I am still sitting at we are preparing refund lol.
    The only thing that changed on mine was date return received lol it reads it received return on 24 th lol. I think They are stretching it out as close to the 6 week mark as they can sign this year with our backlash.

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    Jennifer Starr

    I don’t understand why a direct deposit takes 10 days let alone 14, Iowa really needs to get it together. I also updated to refund sent. So we still don’t know when the refund is coming.

    #4365135 Reply

    @meredith it generally depends on bank but i thought at one point i thought i read can take up to 10 days.

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    After like 2 weeks of saying my return was being reviewed, the status finally changed to we are preparing your refund for payment on Sunday morning. As of this morning it says it’s been issued, however, it’s still not in my account. Does anybody have any idea how long that will take? I am very impatient as I’m really counting on this money.

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    @sk thanks

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    @clara mine hasn’t updated since over night Tues (re Weds morn)

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    @clara it says it updates live but i find that’s not factual it usually only updates overnights.I have found over the years in reality once per week mine always updates over night Tues.but some says they update over on Fri so i am really unsure of this.But generally overnights yes.

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    @sk do. It only update over night

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    @sk nope still saying review

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    the site must be having issues very hard to post.Just keep trying eventually it goes thru,

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    My Iowa state refund now says it has been issued but not on the card yet that it is supposed to go on.

    #4362621 Reply

    @KaeDub and @Clara did you update over night ?

    #4359833 Reply

    @sk I’m hoping keeping my fingers crossed

    #4359637 Reply

    @KaeDub and @Clara maybe it will update again over night .They are saying 30 to 45 days and i suppose this depends on acceptance date.

    #4359522 Reply

    I’m in Iowa and still have the message we are reviewing

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    I still have reviewing for my account. I hope I don’t have to verify anything. If they send me anything I won’t see it for over a month. I wonder if it is taking longer because I’m not a resident.

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    Mine also changed this morning. Hopefully it will update again this week. I have gotten last year refund on a monday and i think in previous years.

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    @Jennifer got the exact same message this am.

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    Jennifer Starr

    Got this message this morning,

    We are preparing your refund for payment. This message will update with the refund amount and issue date when the refund is approved to be sent to your financial institution or directly to you in the mail as requested on your return. Our phone representatives do not have any additional information about your return. Please continue to check back here for updates on your refund’s progress.

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    Also no movement. Same message about reviewing my account.

    #4355100 Reply

    You are so right they could have been honest with you to start with.Hopefully everyone will update with more info overnight tuesday or Wednesday.

    #4355061 Reply
    Jennifer Starr

    I’m starting to get annoyed. I don’t care as much that I didn’t get my refund last week, I more care that they said I would and I didn’t. If it’s going to be two more weeks, just say that, geesh.

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    Jackie H

    Im sitting at being reviewed also no change! Seems to change every Thursday over night.

    #4353463 Reply

    Anyone seen any movement since last tuesday? No changes still sitting at the we are reviewing message.I hope everyone updated overnight tuesday.

    #4348800 Reply

    Thank you I was wondering how it was going to go this year.I have never seen this message before and was concerned .From what I understood from last year reading an interesting article if they were going to do what they have done last few years to cover their butts from passing a very bad law. It’s a very interesting article.

    #4348738 Reply
    Jennifer Starr

    @dm that is a generic holding message before they send out your refund. Most likely, as Iowa only seems to update once per week, people will see their refunds deposited before that message changed. I had to call on Monday for a different issue and I asked about my refund, she said it was finished and approved and that I would be getting it this week. Their WMR didn’t update until Wednesday and then it went to this message. They are saying 30-45 days this year, I am assuming the faster timeline is because of the backlash on the 6-8 week timeline last year.

    #4348717 Reply
    Ross Inante

    dm – exactly the same thing. File 1/24, accepted 1/28.

    #4348648 Reply

    Is anyone else getting this message ?

    We are reviewing your return to make sure it is correct. Our phone representatives do not have any additional information about your return while it is in review. Please check back here for updates on your return’s progress.

    #4348563 Reply
    Jennifer Starr

    Any one get their refund from Iowa yet?

    #4347628 Reply

    Isn’t that the truth lol. They don’t want flooded with calls like last year. They just found a new way to delay.Everyone is under review and it is now a normal part of process.

    #4347515 Reply
    Jennifer Starr

    @SK I love how they make it big cartoons to basically tell us, Don’t call us, We’ll call you…lol

    #4347434 Reply


    I updated to we are reviewing your tax return ALSO .I’m thinking they added this to buy more time and cut down on complaints like last year LOL

    More info can be found here

    If I understand it correctly this is normal after you move from processing it goes to review then it moves to refund .

    #4347311 Reply
    Jennifer Starr

    So, my status changed this morning to “Being Reviewed” I had never seen that before, so I called to find out what it meant, the lady on the phone says it stays in the “Review” status until the refund is sent.

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