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    I have been reading this thread the last two nights way into the wee hours of the morning. I can totally empathize with you all. I feel thepain and agony and anxiety that you are all going through. My tax nightmare started in February. Well tbh it really started( uunknowly) Sept when I got married but didn’t know my groom had child support debt. Fast forward after the honeymoon and I went through the process of getting new ss card and driver’s license a few weeks later I notice they start taking money from his check for child support mind you Hus daughters are grown. Any who after receiving my w2 he says btw you might not want to do your taxes with me I owe 3000 in arrears. So I immediately started researching how to file my taxes and not lose EIC for my three kids and not lose all that money for his adult child. I have nothing against her but I worked very hard as a single mom all year to have that taken from me and my children for his grown daughter to sit around and drink and smoke on. I found a taxpreparer who would do my taxes and not charge for the is upfront. We filed in February and was told we would get refund march 3. OK on march 1 an update to wmr stated over 5000 was being offset for a debt. The next day it showed an additional 3000. I was like wtw?! Hubby was shrugging his shoulders as well. We went back to the tax prep office to find out she never submitted the is form to begin with. ! I was furious . she also stated that with us being in Louisiana a community property state we may not get anything. Also she had a nasty attitude. I asked forher ssupervisor. She printed out the forms had me sign and gave then to me to mail to the IRS. I mailed them 3/2. I called every week after that. March 8ish we had horrible flood here . my home was damaged bad. My job was also damaged. I contacted FEMA they came out took pics assessed damaged cut me a check in less than two weeks but still no update from IRS. I was only able to fix one big thing ( my roof) with the fema grant everything else is now waiting on the tax refund. I called and was finally told they got the form on march 4 so my 8 weeks started then. They said that April 29 will be 8 weeks. I called back yesterday as I saw no change on wmr it still shows the info from when everything was taken. I was told they are still working on it. The 5000 dollars was from a tax debt my husband had 2009. Apparently it was the year his daughter turned 18 and he tried to claim her to pay off the child support the mom gave permission but turned around and claimed her herself. I don’t know the rest of the specifics but I know that some how he ended up owing the IRS for that year. Long story short I was told they still had yesterday and today to complete my account and that if I don’t get anything by end of day today to call back Monday. I told her about my home and how my septic is backed up in the yard my ceiling wreaks with mold and we are getting sick every day because of it.she told me to call tax advocate and they may be able to help due to the hardship. I called they were very nice and friendly. They are supposed to call back may 3/ oh I forgot to add I lost my job due to that flood. Yeah they decided to close the business instead of doing the necessary repairs because this was the second flood in six months. Talk about hardship. I sure hope they really can expedite this for me it has been a nightmare. Now my question is for any of you in community property state sspecifically Louisiana how do they determine your portion? What percentage of the overall refund did you end up getting?

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