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Info Doesn’t Match

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    I just checked WMR and it says my info doesn’t match? I’ve been checking it for a week with no trouble except the daily “being processed” this year I said I wouldn’t obsess over it and let it arrive when it arrives. Well to hell with that I’ve just about had it. Jackson Hewitt screwed me around and now this. Has anybody had this issue?

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    There is something going wrong with WMR….I went to check this morning and accidentally put in wrong amount…off by one number….and somehow it still popped up with my info!!!! I have screenshots but I can’t post them.

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    My husband’s shows incorrect information but my information shows “it is being processed” and this just sucks because so many people are in serious need of this to just come through this year.

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    Ours is doing the same thing. I can only use my husbands social, which says “Still being processed” but mine says info doesn’t match.

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    Mine is doing the same thing as of last night! When I call it says, “Refund will be sent by 03/03. So, that hasn’t changed. It must be a glitch in the system.

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    Same here since last night.

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    Over It

    WMR is down since late last night for me and my husband

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    Mine says the info doesn’t match either yet when I put my husband social in it still comes up with being processed or so I don’t know what’s going on and sbtpg or whatever the bank is isn’t showing as receive my refund yet so I’m stuck out there same as you

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    Same here. My husband is the main filer, I have been checking WMR since we submitted with no problem. Last night it started saying info doesn’t match, but my info works when I enter it instead of his. Still one bar… can’t access transcripts this am either for some reason…..

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    I get the same thing. I had one bar, then this message. Transcripts say N/A. I’m hoping that means they are working on it… We will see.

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    Thank goodness it’s not just me! I was getting so scared!

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    Mine says information does not match for me and my husband

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    Thanks I don’t feel as bad since it’s not just me but I’m really getting frustrated with this.

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    When I put my husband’s ssn says the same thing. Info doesnt match. If I use my own ssn it works. Makes no sense. Had no issue seeing anything until this morning.

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