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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Indiana – Share your experience with filing your Indiana Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Indiana Wheres My Refund? go to Indiana Department of Revenue Refund

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    When did yours update??

    #4335080 Reply

    Filed 1/15, Accepted 1/27, DDD of 2/04

    Still waiting on Federal 😊

    #4334976 Reply

    Filed 1/24

    Fed Accepted: 1/27

    State: NOTHING.

    State has never taken this long

    #4334922 Reply

    My return was accepted on the 26th and it just says its that they received it but it is processing.. I agree with you Elrod, I hope it updates tonight. Last year I checked my records and my tax refund was DD into my account on the 6th but was supposed to be issued on the 11th but my bank doesn’t hold the DD when it comes in, so I’m hoping that it will be soon. Even with the 10-14 days.. that would be the 9th or the 10th so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    #4334914 Reply

    Filed state 01/17
    Accepted 01/28
    No DDD as of today.
    Hoping it updates tonight.

    #4334546 Reply

    Filed on 1/24- still not accepted for state. Its never taken this long to be accepted. what the heck, I’ve been accepted for Federal for 2 days now

    #4334256 Reply

    My state return keeps getting rejected and I am not given a reason why so that I can fix it.

    #4334249 Reply
    Crystal Brumfiel

    My mother filed 1/17 and was accepted shortly after. She has a DDD of 1/31 that showed up this morning. I filed last week and was just accepted today.

    #4333727 Reply

    1/24-filed with HR BLOCK

    1/27-Federal Accepted

    Still waiting on state to be accepted.


    #4333667 Reply

    1/23 – Filed using Freedom Tax USA
    1/27 – Accepted by Federal and State
    1/28 – Indiana WMR updated from generic message to “we are processing your return” message
    No DDD yet

    No EIC or ACTC. HOH filing status

    #4333170 Reply

    My Indiana State return was accepted at 12:50pm, today!

    #4333121 Reply


    Indiana’s tax season officially starts today.

    I filed on 1/15 and was accepted in the federal test batch. No movement on state as of 11am today.

    #4332862 Reply

    I still haven’t gotten a return accepted for my Indiana state return. It’s my first time filing early and my federal acceptance came before the season officially opened. When do Indiana acceptances start?

    #4332714 Reply

    No luck yet. Last year – I think – I filed the same time (around the 13th) and had mine by the first week of February for State and a month later for fed. Hoping for the same this year.

    #4332569 Reply

    Anyone see any movement at all on Indiana this year?

    #4322778 Reply
    Roger Roberts

    It has now been 6 weeks on my return from Indiana, I already have my Federal Return, Indiana asked for Information, which I gave them and it has been 6 weeks.

    This has been a terrible process, but they owe me, so free money to use for a year and then they stall more…………….

    #4317775 Reply
    Jerri Palechka

    My Indiana return was accepted 2/6 and I have yet to receive my refund. I got my federal in one week. Why??

    #4312287 Reply

    I filed on 2/1and had to call twice before they said they would put a push on it to be processed and that I should get my refund within 7 to 10 business days. Mine just updated today that it will be deposited on 3/15. 6 weeks after it was accepted.

    #4311943 Reply

    I files 1/28 and was accepted just womfering if anyone that has had the ling message and been waiting received their refund yet?? I still haven’t not have I got a letter. I guess I’ll call in the morning

    #4308271 Reply

    Still processing, no letter no nothing

    #4308270 Reply

    Anyone got their Indiana yet?? Got my federal after path just fine…Indiana still says processing

    #4308079 Reply

    I filed 2/1, called yesterday And I have to ID verify . Never received a letter.

    #4307136 Reply

    I filed on 2/1 And still processing. I called over a week ago and the guy told me it will be processed within 21 days so it should be updating within a day or 2. Now it’s been 4 weeks and still nothing.

    #4306762 Reply

    @britofindy it’s crazy. No one I’ve spoke with told me about a letter. If they need me to id verify I just wish they’d send me a letter so I can get it over with

    #4306545 Reply

    @Amy I am not sure they started doing this a couple of years ago for us u get a paper it will have a code on it and do the survey… we completed our on Tuesday and Wednesday got DDD for 3/4/19. it still hasn’t been deposited yet probably the day of.. but they could also just be taking for ever. Indiana is just slow like that!

    #4306139 Reply

    Filed on 2/10 STILL processing with no ddd. Why is it taking them forever?? I called and the lady didn’t say anything about having to ID verify and that they are just backed up.

    #4305985 Reply

    Filed 2/15/19

    Updated this morning for DDD 3/4/19
    we had to idverify

    #4304235 Reply

    it looks like people that filed on 2/1 are getting the longest wait, has anyone that filed on 2/1 got their ddd yet

    #4303742 Reply

    I filed and accepted on 2/1. It’s 2/26 and still processing!!

    #4293955 Reply

    Well at least I’m not the only one, I called on the 19th and the automated message said it may take 2 weeks after they accept it, the lady told me that was incorrect that it’s actually 3 weeks but that was yesterday. I guess it’s just whenever they feel like it

    #4291461 Reply

    @rachel…filed 1/28 and accepted same day. Same message as you.

    #4291460 Reply

    @Rachel, Also filed and except 2/1 same message

    #4291026 Reply

    this is the message i get, no amount or anything, filed and accepted on 2/1, anyone else still waiting that filed on or before 2/1?

    Your 2018 tax year return has been received and is still in process. Some tax returns may take longer to process due to factors like return errors or incomplete information. Additionally, the Indiana Department of Revenue screens every return in order to protect taxpayer IDs and refunds. We apologize for any additional processing delay, but we are processing your return and refund as quickly as possible while ensuring the protection and accuracy of your information.

    #4288501 Reply

    Still on process!

    1/30 sent
    2/6 accepted
    Called as of yesterday they say it’s not stuck in processing or anything it is just going through slowly.

    #4282752 Reply

    Filed 1/28.. Accepted 1/30… STILLLLLLLLLLLL PROCESSING.


    #4282686 Reply

    filed 2/1 still nothing, anyone else?

    #4281144 Reply

    Filed and Accepted 2/14 and have DDD of 2/21, hoping it actually comes. Will update :)

    #4276477 Reply

    I still haven’t received my Indiana refund and Monday will be 21 days. I’m so frustrated. Anyone else?

    #4274058 Reply

    @redacted B

    Same thing is happening with me state refund was sent on 1/30/2019 still nothing as of today called & spoke to someone everyday since then & they say no funds were ever sent over

    #4274025 Reply
    redacted B

    I was accepted by Indiana on 1/29, got a DDD of 2/11/19 as it’s going to my emerald card. And as of right now it’s still NOT on my emerald card! Frustrating as hell!

    #4269699 Reply

    Submitted on 2/1 still haven’t received anything. How long is it taking. Already received Federal and I usually receive State first.

    #4268942 Reply

    Anyone with a 2/14 DDD still waiting for theirs? Mine is supposed to be going onto my walmart money card and I’m still waiting

    #4268746 Reply

    Woohoo it just hit my account!!

    #4268330 Reply

    I elected to have my fees taken out of my refund; my state refund hit Republic Bank this morning. My fees have already been deducted by them so I should have my state refund tomorrow :) I filed & accepted on 2/5

    #4268244 Reply

    I finally called and was told my identity check letter was mailed yesterday

    #4267909 Reply

    I filed on the 2/4 and still nothing. My friend said she filed on 1/28 and her message never changed and on Saturday she got a paper check in the mail, even though she said direct deposit and has done so for years. Ugh!

    #4267867 Reply

    I was accepted on 1/29 & still nothing just the long message! It says 4 weeks but I’m about to call there has to be something wrong. Has anyone called, do they give you a hard time about calling?

    #4267497 Reply

    Hope there a refund date tomorrow
    Our records show the following 1 refund(s) for the 2018 tax year:
    $XXX has not been processed as of this date. Some tax returns may take longer to process due to factors like return errors or incomplete information. DOR does additional security checks to ensure every return is legitimate, which may increase processing time. We apologize for any additional processing delay. Please allow up to four weeks of processing time for an electronically filed return. For paper filed returns, allow up to 12 weeks of processing time. At that time if you have not received your refund or correspondence from DOR, you may call 317-232-2240, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. EST to 4:30 p.m. EST. A DOR representative will be happy to assist you.

    #4266795 Reply

    So I filed on 1/17 and mine said still processing so I called was told I needed to verify my W-2 faxed it yesterday today I have the shorter message that’s says processing so hopefully they are getting it done crazy because I have been with same company for 3 yrs sooo..who knows 🤷

    #4266207 Reply

    My Indiana just hit my Huntington Bank acct at 3:20 this morning on time.

    #4265130 Reply

    Got a Ddd for 2/14 hopefully today or tomorrow since I have prepaid account

    #4265117 Reply

    Filed 1/29 Accepted 1/29, w/ EITC & ACTC Got ID Verify 2/5

    Processed 2/7, Got DDD of 2/11

    Just received DD on TT Card this morning.

    Still waiting on WMR to update federal, stuck on one bar & TT152

    #4265110 Reply

    Filed 1/29 Accepted 1/29 w/ ACTC/EIC
    Had to Verify Identity 2/5, Processed 2/7
    Got DDD of 2/11

    Just received DD on TTCard.

    Still waiting on WMR to update federal, stuck on one bar.

    #4264994 Reply

    updated this morning to DDD of 2/14. Filed 01/18, accepted 01/25, long message with refund amount 02/08

    #4264966 Reply

    Updated to 2/14 ddd

    #4264958 Reply

    Filed 2/5
    Accepted: 2/5
    Long message: 2/6
    Short message: 2/7
    Long message with exact refund amount: 2/8
    Updated today with a DDD of 2/14 😊

    #4264683 Reply
    Travis J

    File 1/23
    Accepted 1/24

    Finnally changed to the message with my amount today.

    #4264561 Reply


    I was thinking the same thing. If I remember correctly they do not update their messages on the weekends.

    Also, just a tip and an FYI; I’ve learned from years past that just because you file early doesn’t mean you will get your refund as soon as they start processing returns. I always advise my friends & family to wait until February to file both state & federal. I’m not sure why but typically they look at early filers returns a bit more throughly than later filers. Not always but a lot of times that’s the case!

    #4264549 Reply

    Maybe those that got the long message with the refund amount that posted Friday or over the weekend will get a DDD on Monday. Seems like it usually posts the next day but maybe over the weekend it takes an extra day or two if their system doesn’t update.

    #4264533 Reply

    I was accepted by Indiana on 1/29 & still no update. Just the long message with no refund amount. Anyone else?

    #4264443 Reply

    I have the long message with amount on it since 2/9 hoping for direct deposit date soon..most people where getting dd date next day

    #4264162 Reply

    My DDD is 2/11 and it’s pending in my bank account now.

    #4264042 Reply

    I got a dd date of 2/13 on 2/8, filed on 2/[email protected]
    Woke up this morning with no deposit yet.
    I have wells fargo

    #4263808 Reply

    Well woke up to long message with refund amount yesterday. No change today. Wtf! From what everyone was saying should have woke up to a ddd

    #4263802 Reply

    Have been following this thread for a few days and everyone said that once you get the long message with actual amount, the next day you’ll get a DDD. Just confirming this is what happened to me. DDD of February 12th.

    #4263584 Reply

    I had a DDD for 2/11 and bank with Chase and they posted the deposit as of this morning. It’s pending but they made it available to use.

    Hope everyone else with a 2/11 date gets access to theirs today too.

    #4263529 Reply

    To the person asking about a dd of 2/8 on emerald card , i had both and still no deposit – I’m pretty sure H&R Block to our state refunds as payment for fees – I figured they would at least give some kind of record to let us know that we receiver the state refund even if they did take it but I’ve not gotten any kind of alerts , but if you didn’t get it today and this was your dd – hr block probably took it

    #4263517 Reply

    Just checked mine, it’s the long message with exact refund amount. Hopefully it updates to DDD soon.

    #4263294 Reply

    Here is my return information:

    Filed 2/5
    Accepted: 2/5
    Long message: 2/6
    Short message: 2/7
    Long message with exact refund amount: 2/8 *this morning it was still the short message

    #4263291 Reply

    I filed my 16yo daughter’s taxes on Saturday, both were accepted the same day. She received her refund today!

    #4263112 Reply


    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/23
    DDD 2/11

    #4263109 Reply

    Filed 2/22
    Accepted 2/23
    DDD 2/11

    Early filers are looked as suspect. Won’t file until after Feb 1st next year.

    #4263094 Reply

    Update… I talked with them they wanting to verify my W-2 so I faxed it so we will see how long this takes

    #4263061 Reply

    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29
    DDD of 2/12
    Received today (2/8/19) 12:45PM on Serve Card.

    #4263020 Reply

    Filed on 1/17 still says processing ….This is crazy on hold now will update when I get off the phone with Them,…..

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