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    Wheres My Refund Indiana – Share your experience with filing your Indiana Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Indiana Wheres My Refund? go to Indiana Department of Revenue Refund

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    Just wanted to share my update with everyone. I filed on 2/4 and was accepted the same day. Filed with HRB.

    I have been checking the online tracker for almost 2 weeks now and it just says received and it is processing, blah blah blah.

    When I got home last night (16th) I had received a letter in the mail that I needed to verify my identity (I am assuming it is because I am a new resident here). I did that right away online last night (pretty easy). Then this morning when I got up and checked our status again it said that we have a DDD of 2/23 so next Thursday. Sounds like that was the only thing holding it up. Crazy that it took that long to notify us of that. Just wanted to share in case anyone else had been wondering.

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    Has anyone had issues where dor states a dd of one thing but hrblock says another dd?

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    I called Indiana dor today and they said nothing is wrong with my return just still processing.
    I filed 27th with tax act and was accepted 28th
    They said path doesn’t effect it but I wonder .
    Since I saw that some people have already got their ddd that filed after me .
    Don’t remember it taking this long in previous years .
    I filed with ctc and eic .

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    We filed 1/31 with turbotax and received Indiana DDD today of 2/9. Still sitting on one bar on federal and no DDD. Did receive CTC but No EIC or ACTC.

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    My state says it is not have not been processed as of today and i filed on 1/23….

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    This link takes you to the Indiana DOR Where is my state tax refund Question. At the top there is a tab for a live chat.

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    yes contact the state and see if they have any information. number for Indiana DOR is (317)232-2240, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m EST Monday – Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST Friday

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    Serve says they don’t have it. Jackson hewitt said several people with serve are complaining… If i call state will they be able to spread light?

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    Not only that but the american express serve card advertises that you get your refund 2 days faster thats why some people received their ddd on 1/31. Have you tried calling the serve card and speaking to someone?

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    sereve catd, and they said the release it immediately, so confused. I know people who had ddd of 2/1 and got it on 1/31.

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    Amy who do you bank with?

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    got ddd 02/02/2017… but still no deposit. what could it be ?

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    Filed Indiana state return on the 12 and it was accepted on the 18th. My stepmom and I both received identity verification letters from Indiana DOR in the mail yesterday. Had to log on a website and take what they call a quiz to verify identity yesterday. We both passed and woke up this morning with the same DDD for our state refund.

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    Nope, nothing yet. Filed 1-23 , accepted 1-24…still processing.

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    Still nothing on my state filed 1/23 :(

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    Anyone get their Indiana taxes back yet?Do we know if they are holding them also for the path law?

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    filed 2/1
    accepted 2/2
    Indiana WMR updated on 2/3 with a DDD of 2/8

    This might be some sort of record for Indiana. I even had an offset this year (owed a lot of Indiana taxes last year and made a payment plan with the DOR.) I’m amazed it was processed so quickly.

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    Filed 1/25, accepted 1/25. Got the State ID Verify in the mail 1/29. Verified online 1/29. Received DDD today 2/1 for 2/4.

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    1/19 – Filed and Accepted with TT
    DDD was 1/29
    1/27 – Actually received DD

    Indiana was oddly fast this year! I suppose they might be trying to balance my panic with Federal being so slow……..

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    My taxes were accepted it. 1/23/2016. DD from Indiana (state) 1/29/16 .

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    Yes, my Indiana state refund was in my bank when I woke up 1/20/16, just like the DDD stated on the Indiana DOR website.

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    I filed through liberty tax it was sopost to direct deposit my state but screwed it up and it got mailed this year I would have it not but instead am still waiting there a joke

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    I filed on 1/12 both federal and state using tax act. I was accepted 1/13 for federal. My state is still awaiting acceptance 10 days later. I have several friends who used turbo tax and get deposits today. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Mine wasn’t accepted until 1/19 and says it will be processed in under 2 weeks but DDD. Did you receive your refund?

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    Anyone else see a DDD for their state refund?

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    I just looked on for refund information for my Indiana State return. My state return was accepted on 01/13/2016 and it says my state return will be deposited on 01/20/2016.

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    Had to file by mail (just like the last 4 years) d/t someone claiming my dependent. NORMALLY, in my case, you would send in a paper return, wait for irs to send back a letter explaining what they need from you to prove I am the one who can legally claim the dependent. Last year, I knew what would be needed so I attached it to the return and got my money within 3 weeks! This year, federal shows nothing. State says received being processed. I am having it direct deposited. How long can I expect to wait for my state return?

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    Thanks Lipglass. Yeah I got a 2/14 date with direct deposit. So hopefully it should be in there. I feel better.

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    @robinlynn You should have an update this morning telling you your DD date. Once you have an amount it tells you in a couple of days. It did the same for myself and my mom.

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    We didn’t get to file till 2/2 with an 8863 form using TaxAct. This is what they sent me when i asked why Indiana still says awaiting acceptance…

    States prefer that there is an accepted federal return associated with the state return, therefore if you submitted your state return at the same time, it will also be held until the IRS begins processing the delayed returns.

    Which sucks but whatever. I guess they will both be submitted Thursday.

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    I got this when I checked my indiana status:

    Our records show the following 1 refund(s) for the 2012 tax year:
    $XXXX has not been processed as of this date. Please allow 12 weeks.
    What does that mean, am I under review? Federal says still processing.

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