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      I filed 1/12 for federal and was accepted 1/13. My state I did on 1/16 but it says it was changed to pending 1/20. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue with Indiana?

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          Found this: So maybe you can find some helpful info on their Facebook or Twitter. I’m going to see if I can find them.

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            Well, I did learn a lesson. Don’t enter guesses for codes to get your return submitted quicker :( lol Dumb of me, I’m not getting my refund any sooner. And now the actual w2 has come. Should have just waited :( Will keep you all updated on if Indiana status changes though.

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              Thanks I seen the issue too where it said it wouldn’t be ready till 1/31 but here is to hoping they fix it soon :)

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                Yes I am having the same issue. First it said it wasn’t ready when I filed my federal, so I went back this weekend and finished it. And it still says pending now. I filed on Turbo Tax. I actually messed one of the fields up on one w2, the state employee id number, so I’m kind of hoping both returns get rejected so I can go back and file on the Freedom version of Turbo and save myself $112. But, I thought maybe my Indiana return was taking so long bc of that error, but I’ve seen a few people say theirs is pending still too. So maybe they are just slow this year.

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