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      has anyone been accepted for Indiana state yet?

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          I have a DDD of 2/2

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            I filed 1/21. I believe the following day it showed the message ypur 2014 tax return is being processed. Still saying this today

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              any updates? anyone get it yet??

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                I filed with TT on 1/20 and got an email last night stating it was accepted. Still processing on the Indiana WMR site.

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                  Received an email from H&R Block today (1/26) that my IN state return has been accepted. Filed on 1/20 but it did not transmit until 1/22 and accepted on 1/26.

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                    My aunt’s was accepted last night and mine this morning per Turbo Tax email but Indiana website still says processing. I didnt get my state last year until 2/18 and I filed around the third week of January

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                    Corey B.

                      My Indiana return was just accepted this morning.

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                        Indiana just got accepted finally

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                          Indiana is slow with everything! I guess I just need to be patient! Errrrr…. I called the state tax number & it says that my info is not in the system. I sent a message and this is what they said in reply to my question: That it takes a little longer for state to process returns especially in the beginning

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                            I’m still pending today too… Boo

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                              Still nothing as of today…. You would think that we would hear something… I’ve seen other people from other states saying that they already have a DDD for their state… keep my fingers crossed

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                                Mine has said pending since 16th.

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                                  I filed on the 20th, and so far it is still pending for my Indiana State taxes

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                                  susan howard

                                    Mine has been pending along with my federal for two days.

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                                      Yeah I checked. Still says pending… Oh well… Lol

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                                        Mine still says pending. I filed this weekend through Turbo Tax because it wasn’t available a few weeks ago when I filed my federal. Have you been checking the site? I’m not sure how often they update it but I have been checking a few times a day.

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