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      has anyone been accepted for Indiana state yet?

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        I have a DDD of 2/2


          I filed 1/21. I believe the following day it showed the message ypur 2014 tax return is being processed. Still saying this today


            any updates? anyone get it yet??


              I filed with TT on 1/20 and got an email last night stating it was accepted. Still processing on the Indiana WMR site.


                Received an email from H&R Block today (1/26) that my IN state return has been accepted. Filed on 1/20 but it did not transmit until 1/22 and accepted on 1/26.


                  My aunt’s was accepted last night and mine this morning per Turbo Tax email but Indiana website still says processing. I didnt get my state last year until 2/18 and I filed around the third week of January

                  Corey B.

                    My Indiana return was just accepted this morning.


                      Indiana just got accepted finally


                        Indiana is slow with everything! I guess I just need to be patient! Errrrr…. I called the state tax number & it says that my info is not in the system. I sent a message and this is what they said in reply to my question: That it takes a little longer for state to process returns especially in the beginning


                          I’m still pending today too… Boo


                            Still nothing as of today…. You would think that we would hear something… I’ve seen other people from other states saying that they already have a DDD for their state… keep my fingers crossed


                              Mine has said pending since 16th.


                                I filed on the 20th, and so far it is still pending for my Indiana State taxes

                                susan howard

                                  Mine has been pending along with my federal for two days.


                                    Yeah I checked. Still says pending… Oh well… Lol


                                      Mine still says pending. I filed this weekend through Turbo Tax because it wasn’t available a few weeks ago when I filed my federal. Have you been checking the site? I’m not sure how often they update it but I have been checking a few times a day.

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