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      I filed my federal taxes on 2/5/22 and received a notice that the IRS accepted on the same day. I have not received any status or information other than a delayed message when I track my refund. My cycle date is 20220805 and a processing ate on my transcript of 3/14/22. How do I figure out an estimated day for direct deposit for my refund?

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          @Agitated same boat, but my transcripts updated and went back to the 3rd of January on the 25th of February. All this happened on one day. I was happy to see a update and then later it changed back. They’re fucking with us bad! If they open a return why can’t they compete it on the same day.

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            @anxious21 So you got a refund before transcript updated?
            I am not sure if my transcript will update today as I have not seen anything different.

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              I have the exact same info as you and I still have no 846 code on my transcripts but I literally just got my refund in my chime account! But it’s over 1000 dollars less and I have no clue why . I definitely included all my CTC payments so I’m really mad but I guess I’m happy I finally got it!

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                I have the same problem udk what’s going on

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