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    Wheres My Refund Illinois- Share your experience with filing your Illinois Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Illinois Wheres My Refund? go to My Tax Illinois

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    @MiMi I have seen them update once at noon on a Tuesday with Friday Deposit. I have also seen them update on Monday morning so its Illinois who knows with them they so broke anyways. They have to earn intrest on our cash.

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    Anyone know when Illinois Where’s My Refund updates?

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    @terre Negative all that’s changed since I filed was seeing the amount in mytax Illinois showing the amount I am owed.

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    Has anyone had movement with Illinois ? mine is still saying processing ?

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    According to a post on the site it says that refunds will be issued 4 weeks from the day the return was accepted. We still have a few weeks if that’s the case since they didn’t start accepting them until the 29th :(

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    Sure hope something positive happens soon.

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    Good to see some of you back. I was looking back at old comments. I’m in a state now that doesn’t take out state tax so that’ll be interesting next year.

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    Don’t expect anything for 3 to 4 weeks from date accepted. Illinois already said they will hold for 4 weeks to prevent fraud. I was one of the first to get a refund last year. 3 weeks and 2 days exactly. Be sure to sign up with the Comptroller and they will text and email you when they get your refund.

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    I just checked My Tax Illinois My refund amount is showing on it. (whats owed) Last year it took like 2 weeks for it to show up this time it showed up quickly Filed 1/31 accepted 2/1. Maybe we will get lucky and get fast Illinois refund.

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    Last year it did take 3 weeks for the refunds to be issued but this year there is a budget so I am hoping we see it towards the end of next week. I have been checking my mytax account and I submitted the 30th, says processed the 31st and the credit is just sitting there. All depends on the comptroller now :\

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    @Ebony Wilson you’re so right.

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    Yes got mine on February 16th last year a day early because of my deposit method, but my official deposit date was February 17th. I will expect nothing before Feb 23rd since they started a week later this year, and that is if they do 3 weeks like last year instead of the whole 4 weeks they say it takes to do the fraud checks. I would almost bet that I get the state and federal on the same day this year. Got federal on the 23rd last year.

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    Ebony Wilson

    I also got my state refund a day or so sooner than the fed and this year is tricky becasuse who’s to say like the government they will have the money to pay us back considering how “broke” they are. I think thats a bunch of crap they took it with no problem but it sure seems like it is going to be a problem to pay back state and fed!

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    @Jcable2 last year I got mine right behind you so keep us posted.

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    Last year I got my State Refund before I got my Federal refund took under 2 weeks to get my money from Illinois. So heres to hoping.

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    Filed 1/31 accepted 2/1….now we wait…..

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    I was also accepted today not sure how long it takes I am having mine direct deposited.

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    I Filed Yesterday Accepted Today Opening Day How Long You Will Think The Wait Will Be?

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    Still waiting since Jan. No communication from the state.

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    Still have not recive my state refund

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    @Denise I’m in the exact boat. I submitted and was accepted on 1/25/17 and was checking every week as it was still saying processing. I was told last week mine is being Manually reviewed and no time table for completion. I have looked every where for a answer on time frame and have come up empty. Still waiting. If you find out anything before me please let me know

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    I have an Illinois state tax question…filed 1/25, accepted 1/30. I’ve been calling every week since for the status and just been told “processing”. So yesterday 4/10 I was finally told I’m in review. Do you know how long that normally takes for Illinois?

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    State and Federal accepted 01/27/2017. Fed released last month, still no state.

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    Mark T

    I submitted my illinois taxes on 1/25. Today is 3/27 and it’s still saying processing when I check the Illinois where’s my refund website. Anyone have ideas? Or similar issue

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    I’m getting concerned. I was on PATH for federal and got my refund on the 22nd. Strangely a friend of mine filed almost 2 weeks after me (I filed on 2/3). His state of Illinois says done processing and mine is still processing? Anyone else have any ideas?

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    My refund was just deposited into my account.

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    Dear Taxpayer:

    Thank you for signing up for the email notification through the Illinois Comptroller’s Office. We processed your tax return payment.

    If you signed up for direct deposit, you should expect your payment within the next few business days. If you asked for a paper check, you should expect your payment in your mailbox in approximately five business days.

    If you’re interested in how the state spends your hard earned tax dollars, click here to see how your money was spent in Fiscal Year 2016.

    Susana A. Mendoza
    Illinois Comptroller

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    Just got a text from the comptroller. “Subject:IL Payment
    The Comptroller has processed your refund. You should receive it within 5 business days.” Northern the comptroller or Illinois refund site changed but atleast I know it will be here anytime now. Checked my bank nothing yet.

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    Justin Carr

    I just got a text that my Illinois refund has been processed and I should receive it within 5 business days.

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    Recieved this text update this morning……..
    Subject:IL Payment
    The Comptroller has processed your refund. You should receive it within 5 business days. Unsub: http://bit

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    My credit balance was gone by the afternoon yesterday so hopefully I should see in bank in a couple days. Still getting message that return has been processed but no date has been given.

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    Your return has been processed; however a date for your refund has not been determined. Please continue to check the refund inquiry for an updated status on your refund.

    Bout Dang time Illinois.

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    I got my Illinois State refund at 12:09 AM early morning on 2/17/2017 I was accepted on 01/24/2017 @ 12:25 AM CST

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    It is definitely the Illinois return. Deposited into my Walmart Money Card and says state of Illinois and the refund amount of my Illinois refund.

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    SUre this was your Illinois refund not FED?

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    @Jcable2 good for you so now I feel better.

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    Mine updated today also to say it has been processed and a future date will be given for the refund. My account on mytax shows that the refund has been taken off my account. I normally see the payments off there within 3 days.

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    Where’s my refund said processing for the last week but when I logged into my account it said processed and showed my credit balance. Today for the first time said processed but no date has been given. :(

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    Holy crap! Got my Illinois refund this morning, was not expecting it until March sometime, yay!

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    Mytax website is showing it is done being processed and my negative balance. The refund tracker shows still being processed. So basically just waiting on Illinois to decide to send out my money.

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    That’s amazing Tam, Illinois comptrollers office says no refunds have been issued yet and that some returns may finish processing this week but more than likely not until next week. We should check the website periodically to see if our returns have completed processing yet.

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    None EIC filers already received their refund. My husband filed the week of January 16 and got his back Saturday at midnight.

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    Anyone hearing anything yet, My mytaxillinois account says mine was processed the 23rd and shows my refund amount due on my account but doesn’t say anything about when it will be issued. Some stuff on the comptroller website has been updated while others haven’t been. The non updated stuff says March 1st for beginning of refunds while other stuff says beginning of February for refunds :D Illinois is such a joke sometimes!!

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    @Torrez not sure why Illinois is taking so long!! Mine was accepted on the Feb 7….still processing

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    I’m STILL waiting on my refund! Still says processing. Why is it taking so long?

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    HAs anyone gotten an Illinois refund yet? What is going on?

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    Randajo Vahl

    Ok so my sister filed the same day i filed my husbands her state was accepted on turbo tax and i did his through taxact. his is still pending. did it on the 2nd of february. Now my dad’s we did his on the 20th of January and his is still pending also. Should I go through it again and see if i did something wrong or what??

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    Filled Feb 13. Received Ill tax refund 3/9. First time ever that we got state back before fed.

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    Not the only one. Waiting here too.

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    Annie Hew

    UPDATE! They still haven’t received it, it is still showing as pending on Tax Act, and I can’t figure out where to go on the Tax Act site to complain. Maybe I just need more coffee.

    Has anyone else been accepted yet?

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    Well looks like Illinois is starting to accept state returns. When I check my status now, it says “Your current year’s return is not showing on our computer files. If you filed electronically, please allow up to 7 days from the date you transmitted your return for it to appear on our computer files. If you mailed your return, please allow up to ten weeks from the date you mailed your return for it to appear on our computer files.” Should I wait and give it a few more days to update possible to re-submit?

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    @Annie. Exactly. Did the responsible thing and filed my state and federal on 1/25. Not early or on the first day of filing, and yet I and so many others are still getting screwed!

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    Annie Hew

    But you know if we screwed around until the last minute and didn’t pay them, they would be threatening us!

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    Am I the only person still waiting for my Illinois refund? I filed on 2/4/16. I filed my wife’s on 3/2/16. I know that they didn’t start releasing refunds until 3/1/16. When I log in through MyTax IL, I can see that my wife’s has already been processed. Mine has not. The refund status site and the comptroller’s site just show that they are being processed. I hate not knowing.

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    I submitted mine on the 20th with my Federal. Guess its a waiting game, hopefully it changes soon.

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    *correction: not accepting e-filed tax returns yet. Sorry.

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    On the site’s main page there’s a disclaimer that states they’re accepting e-filed tax returns yet. *sighs*

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    Annie Hew

    I know they are starting late, but on the site it says to please wait seven days for the return to show. It has been seven days and my return hasn’t even been acknowledged. Do I just sit and wait, or should I start inquiring?

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