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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Illinois- Share your experience with filing your Illinois Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Illinois Wheres My Refund? go to My Tax Illinois

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    Filed originally back in January through tax slayer and did not know that my state was rejected. Grr but resent on March 5th and accepted. Still hasn’t went to zero. Illinois needs to hurry up!

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    Maria vargas

    Hello Im new here so my wmr says they finish processing my refund and send it to the illinois comptroller but when I check it says not not processed yet also my tax illinois went to 0 on Thursday help please

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    Got my deposit.

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    My bank also posted my IL state refund last night , the wait is over!

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    got the email from comptroller that they processed my tax return payment. Checked my bank account and it just posted!

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    Got my state today, filed 1/31

    #4517490 Reply

    I received my deposit

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    I just received an email from the comptroller saying my return was processed and to expect payment within the next few business days. Accepted 1/25

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    Mine also went to zero on 1/22 mytaxillinois just waiting maybe il update tomorrow again , hopefully.

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    I’m also at 0 on mytax today. Looks like Illinois is starting to move now!

    #4516074 Reply

    Mine just went to 0 on mytax. Comptroller shows nothing. 29 days from acceptance. Will probably see Comptroller update tomorrow. Illinois holds for 4 weeks for “security and fraud prevention” before releasing.

    #4515874 Reply

    Filed 1/24 accepted same day. Been checking everyday. Finally amount went to zero today.

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    Still sitting at green no movement .

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    Illinois started a security thing a few years ago, no refunds under 4 weeks from when the process it. Always a 4 week delay atleast.

    #4510722 Reply

    Still on green Ugg have been that way for 2 weeks

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    In 2020, I got Illinois on 2/21 and federal on 2/26.

    Last year I got my federal refund on 2/22 and Illinois on 3/16.

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    Yup I’m still sitting at green. Looking back i received it last year on March 9. I’m not expecting anything back until the end of this month or first week of March.

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    Illinois always takes forever to actually send out the refunds. Would shocked if it goes out before March.

    #4507581 Reply

    I’m still sitting at green on mytaxillinois website. Checking daily will update if I see movement.

    #4505729 Reply

    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/25. Since 1/31, Illinois wmr says please allow time for it to fully process. Hopefully it finishes soon.

    #4505596 Reply

    Filed 1/26 accepted 1/27 , my tax Illinois website shows my return in green hoping it drops to zero next week so I can get this money before my fed comes in.

    #4477335 Reply

    Finally the green has disappeared and shows 0.00 now the wait to hit my account..

    #4477147 Reply

    Deposit is pending for tomorrow Friday, March 26. Good luck yall!

    #4476909 Reply

    I’m so tired of seeing green!!

    #4476888 Reply

    I’m on business day 4 since received the text from comptroller and still nothing.

    Illinois WMR says its processing and Comptroller site says it hasn’t been received.

    #4475940 Reply

    Still no deposit. Illinois WMR still says it’s processing. Comptroller says it hasn’t received my return. Yet I got a text & email from them Thursday says it’s finished processing..

    Got to love the slow state of Illinois.

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    Carrie Denae

    My account shows $0.00 now the green balance numbers gone. What does that mean?

    #4474453 Reply

    Never moved from processing, but it’s in my account this morning.

    #4474150 Reply

    Finally some movement! Received this text a few minutes ago.

    (IL Payment) The Comptroller has processed your refund. You should receive it within 5 business days.

    #4474039 Reply

    I was accepted 2/22 and still at processing.

    #4474029 Reply

    Anybody still waiting I’ve been accepted since February 13 and it’s just sitting there in green with no movement

    #4473904 Reply

    Still nothing.

    #4472647 Reply

    My state tax was deposited this morning. Accepted on February 14th. Capital one.

    #4472550 Reply

    Still nothing this morning. 3 weeks since filing.

    #4472447 Reply
    Carrie Denae

    MyTax still shows green but says Processed as well. Ugh I think my taxes are cursed this year, my state return is $666 … filed 1/28 accepted 2/12. Any ideas?

    #4472288 Reply
    Patiently waiting

    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/11 woke up to black $0 on 3/12 deposit just hit my netspend account just NOW

    #4472189 Reply

    I submitted on 2/12, they weren’t accepted until 2/21. Anyone receive refund yet? It is taking forever this year.

    #4469539 Reply

    Filled & Accepted Monday February 22, 2021
    Received federal return on Wednesday March 3
    Illinois WMR says its being processed. I can’t check the MyTax as I don’t have an account.

    Last year seemed very quick to process Illinois returns.. This year not so much..
    For those who have pending deposits or received your return how long did you wait between filing and deposits?

    #4469411 Reply
    Patiently waiting

    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/11 woke up to black $0 on my tax this morning hopefully I see something soon

    #4469255 Reply

    Just received deposit of IL tax refund to my account. Good luck everyone see you next year

    #4468290 Reply

    Today I woke up to black zeros on mytax illinois. Hope to get deposit soon.

    #4467655 Reply

    Any body file 1/29 accepted 2/13 tt I still don’t have my refund it’s going on a month now and I can’t see my tax or anything

    #4467411 Reply

    Yes once it turns to zero that means they sent it to comptroller to cut the check/send funds

    #4467407 Reply

    @Sarah yes, once it turns to zero that means they sent it over to comptroller to cut the check/send funds

    #4467387 Reply

    So if you can see your balance in green, it means still processing? We have to wait till it turns to zero?

    #4467222 Reply

    Still no deposit, man this state sucks

    #4466938 Reply
    Patiently waiting

    My $$ amount is still green my processing date still says 2/11 filed 2/1

    #4466910 Reply

    Check your banks . If your amount dropes to zero on the 5th like mine you might have just got a deposit. I just did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!check two hrs ago nothing my tax Illinois hasn’t updated or comptroller website TT card user. Now just got to wait on federal. Good luck guys they coming

    #4466916 Reply

    I’m still at the received, please allow time stage. I’m not sure what you guys mean by the green/black amounts or whatever lol

    #4466912 Reply

    Illinois just dropped on my green dot card

    #4466699 Reply

    I was accepted on the 14th according to HR block. Still says processing on where’s my refund. Last year, I received my deposit 25 days later on a friday.

    #4466683 Reply

    No update for me. Still green in MyTax

    #4466653 Reply

    Looks like nobody really updates their status on here . Well for those who do come around and read my tax Illinois is still showing my credits at zero . Looking at my past Illinois deposit dates on the states comptroller website last 4 years deposits have been on either a Tuesday or a Thursday for me . All of those deposits happened a week after mytaxillinois showed my refund in green then dropping to zero. This years went to zero on the 5th bet I’ll get a deposit this week.

    #4466660 Reply

    Anybody else from here have any updates on mytaxillinois. This site is pretty much dead only a few left lol

    #4465839 Reply

    I filed 1/31 using turbo tax . TT states Illinois accepted it on the 14th of feb. My tax Illinois website has it processed on 2/13 on the period activity section. Not sure how that works since TT says they accepted it the 14th but I’ll take it. I’ve been able to see my balance in green for about a week and a half and yesterday morning around 6am my balance went to zero.

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    Patiently waiting

    Ruben when did you file & what’s your processing date also when did your balance go from green to zero?

    #4465729 Reply

    As of today my refund balance on my tax Illinois is still at zero after it updated . Just waiting for the deposit now usually for me it’s deposited usually 3 days after the balance drops to zero. Illinois accepted return on 2/14 week after that my refund amount was processing on my tax Illinois it’s moving just a bit slower.

    #4465656 Reply
    Patiently waiting

    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/11 showed green amount on 3/1 & showed processed on 2/11 still sitting green with my amount

    #4464926 Reply

    Mine says processed but still green

    #4464855 Reply

    My balance just dropped to zero on my tax Illinois website state going to drop soon🙌🙌

    #4463778 Reply

    @Sarah I’m glad you got it filed. I’m using MyTax Illinois from now on, I know that much lol

    #4463658 Reply

    Wrong email last post

    #4463656 Reply

    Nothing accepted 2/12 last year i got mines 2/21 they slow this year

    #4463246 Reply

    @annoyed I refiled with mytaxillinois and got confirmation right away like you said..something is definitely wrong with hr block, I left a message asking if they submitted my Illinois and of course they are no help!

    #4462887 Reply

    Filled the 11th of feb, accepted the 14h. My tax Illinois showed accepted on wmr a couple days after the 12. I’ve been able to seen my refund amount in green this whole time , they haven’t dropped to zero.I’m expecting it to drop to zero sometime this week with a ddd soon after that .

    #4462334 Reply

    I filed with HRBlock end of Jan and Illinois was accepted 2/14. Finally today (3/1) WMT showed they have my tax return. When I log into my Illinois account it shows the correct amount to be refunded. Unfortunately it gives no indication of when that cash will be deposited.

    #4461513 Reply

    Just my timeline fyi- I filed 2/19, IL accepted it 2/20. On 2/26 I was finally able to check the status. “We have received your tax return. Please allow time for it to fully process.”

    #4461300 Reply

    @Sarah obviously there is something going on I see a lot of people having issues. I had to do this last year also due to an h&r glitch. This year I don’t know what the deal is

    #4461297 Reply

    @Sarah no just file and if h&r eventually transmits it will just be rejected. At least you will have it filed

    #4461283 Reply

    Annoyed do you think it would ruin anything if I did it? I filed with hr block and it’s still nothing

    #4459997 Reply
    Tera Byte

    My State taxes says they accepted threw JH on the 15th but the state has nothing.

    #4459850 Reply

    @Sarah- I originally filed with Turbotax and they claimed i state return was accepted on the 13th. After 6 days of no record found I called IDOR, still nothing. I re-filed on MyTax Illinois, got a confirmation number immediately, and literally the next day, which was a Saturday, I checked WMR and it said my return was received and processing. I already received my federal refund. I requested a refund of state e-file fee ($20) from TT.

    #4459841 Reply

    My federal has been accepted but when I put in my info for Illinois it’s saying there is no match in their system!!! Wth?

    #4459439 Reply

    Update after being accepted on the feb 13th via TurboTax WMR updated this morning 2/24

    #4459071 Reply

    I’m in the same boat as you.

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