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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Illinois- Share your experience with filing your Illinois Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Illinois Wheres My Refund? go to My Tax Illinois

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    How long does it take from IL return being accepted to it showing in WMR

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    Ended up doing what I did last year and filing myself on state website. At least now I know they received it

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    Hi anyone see movement on Illinois WMR yet? My return was accepted 2/13 according to TT email but nothing yet on MyTax Illinois

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    How long does it take to receive your refund after updating to processed?

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    Kimmie Ann

    I still have not received my refund. It updated last week now it says allow it time to fully process. I thought the same thing like they don’t have the money. I know people who received their fed and state at the same time this year.

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    The state asked for my AGI before sending my refund… I got a letter back, that I think said they owed me my refund. I am still waiting. I have already got my Indiana and Federal back…. no issues. This must be their “extra security measures” . Where’s my refund obviously doesn’t get updated.

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    Filed on Feb 3rd. Received Federal refund 3 weeks ago. Illinois wheres my refund says still processing. Who knows? State of Illinois is broke probably checking change in couch cushions to send out tax refunds. Website says they are taking extra antifraud precautions. I say they are trying to find reasons to lessen the refunds! State of Illinois government stinks.

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    If anybody has gotten the message that their federal tax is under review and claimed the earned income tax credit then they are gonna want you to send them something to prove that you can claim this going thru it right now

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    How many days after your refund said processed did u receive it in your account

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    Kimmie Ann

    I filed Feb 3rd and it has been saying they can not process it without a further review! I have no received a letter anyone knows what this means?

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    It says my refund was sent to the comptroller so hopefully I receive it monday

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    My return was also accepted on the 3rd though. I don’t know if that has something to do with my I got my deposit today.

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    My tax shows a slight deduction in my refund balance this morning, but the majority is still showing in green parenthesis. Anyone know why this would happen? Thanks!

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    Really i filed the 3rd ain’t get mines yet

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    I got mine around 4:30am this morning. Filed feb 3rd

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    Bobbie Digital

    I filed my Illinois taxes on Feb. 4th, my tax online service said it was accepted by illinois. Everytime i go to check, it says, we have not processed your refund yet. Funny, whenever I owe them, they will take out the money from my account within the same day of filing but when they owe us, we have to wait. I can’t wait til the day comes that i leave illinois and take my retirement i earned here and spend it in another state.

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    I filed February 3rd and it’s still processing.

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    Hey did anyone get their state who filed February 3rd

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    After i verified information they requested through mytaxillinois a week ago(they needed to verify my adjusted gross income ) im still waiting.sent copy of ,my fed return and my w2s.First time having to do this.mytaxillinois still says we are still fully processing your return…. Illinois sucks they failed this year.always get it before fed im my case.All well my fed is 2/26 ddd.

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    Katie G

    Mine hit this morning with both websites saying that it’s being processed. Happy day!!

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    Update – It was in my account today!

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    I just checked both sites for Illinois, and they say my return has been processed. The Comptroller site said they received it on 2/25, and I should receive the funds in my account within a day. My Credit Union takes their sweet time updating info in the mornings, so I don’t know if it actually hit today or not.

    (I filed on 1/31, and have both EIC and child tax credits.)

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    Received last night @ 3am ! No update on the IL WMR

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    My state just hit on my chime card about 10 minutes ago, my tax and comptroller website has not been updated..

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    State refund is pending in bank account. For tomorrow.

    Illinois WMR still says processing.

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    I received the same thing as you Joe M.sent my info through mytaxillinois cooy of fed return and my two check stubs so they can verify my adjusted gross income.still waiting to here anything back

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    Joe M

    I filled my taxes Jan 21st and accepted. I got a notice regarding my withholdings that they couldn’t verify so I had to send in on mytax Illinois website the proof of my w-2 and letter from my employer to show my withholdings and its been 2 weeks already. It was over $3,000 withholdings but they changed it to 0.00 cause they couldn’t verify supposedly. Any idea how long does this process take to get my refund?

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    Still nothing…my balance is zero on My Tax Illinois…how long will this take? Both tools say refund not processed yet.

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    Still no change as of 725am (CST) on Monday, February 24th….

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    When green goes to zero..usually at midnight that night or day after comptroller site updates ( 0 means that’s when Illinois sends it to them) and after that it gets sent to your bank

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    @Katie G

    I filed on 1/31 also and I’m still at processing.

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    Katie G

    Anyone accepted on 1/31 get theirs yet? The wait is driving me batty!!

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    Looking at about 6 weeks with a paper return.

    #4366354 Reply

    First time Illinois state filer since moving last year. Therefore I had to do a paper return. I mailed it out around 1/31. I’m sure I’ll be waiting a LONG time.

    Anyone have experience with paper filing? I can’t check My Tax Illinois obviously. Not this round anyway.

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    When did you get accepted by the state

    #4366019 Reply

    I went on MyTax and my balance went from green to zero. That is a good thing right? Because the where’s my refund tool says it is still processing and the comptroller’s site says the same thing too?

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    Anyone banking with NetSpend ? Comptroller says it’s been processed 1/21 and shiuld be deposited next business soon has someone gotten theirs with metabank NetSpend ?

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    Has everyone updated ?

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    Got my measly little amount earlier after they took their offset..then Jackson Hewitt took their rip off service money lol

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    I filed the 24th and it was rejected. Refiled and accepted February 3rd and it’s still processing.

    #4364713 Reply

    Nada here. The balance hit 0 so it should have fully processed but nothing changed on Where’s My Refund and I can’t get into the comptroller website either.

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    Got mine today…$800 less than expected. Waiting for the letter to tell me why.

    #4364403 Reply

    And still nothing… Filed 1/31

    #4363985 Reply

    IL deposit hit today. No change on WMR or comptroller. Check your accounts yall!

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    Chuck D

    My deposit hit overnight. I filed 1/27 and was accepted same day. They are coming. WMR and Comptrollers website both updated for me.

    #4363821 Reply

    mine is also showing as processed on comptroller website. Hopefully in my bank in the morning.

    #4363816 Reply

    When did you get accepted

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    Jazmin j

    My Illinois state just dropped

    #4363730 Reply

    Says im fully processed now on comptroller. Finished on my tax yesterday

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    Mytax account showed $0 wednesday the 19th. Funds in my account today. 20th.

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    What does the message on the bottom say for everyone else after recieved. Does it say it cannot be completely processed without additional review. But not to send anything they will let you know if they need anything

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    Got a letter for income verification :( how long will this delay my state refund? Will it affect my federal refund? I assume it doesn’t but wasnt 100%. Thanks guys

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    As I said yesterday I expected mine to be here today. It just hit my Chime at 3:50 pm.

    That was one day after going from Green to 0.

    It all depends on what bank you use.

    Wmr and comp still says processing.

    #4362501 Reply
    Jazmin j

    Mine says we have not processed your return yet 🙄🙄😒😒

    #4362449 Reply

    Mine says the same. Driving me nuts. You think it might deposit over night before weekend? I’m hoping so. Just wish the Illinois websites would update the status.

    #4362431 Reply

    Last year I got mines on the 20th I don’t know what is going on this year

    #4362296 Reply

    As of 1230pm on 2/20/20 mine still says being processed.

    #4362288 Reply

    @Mm mine still says it is being processed as of 12:20pm on 02/20

    #4361783 Reply

    Yeah mines been excepted for about 20 days now. I would assume it would hit anytime soon. I wish the WMR and comptroller sites were a little more detailed. Instead of just saying not yet processed it should have a estimated date so that people aren’t as anxious. Last year I got my February 22.

    #4361520 Reply

    I still haven’t received my state refund and it was accepted on the 28th of January

    #4361400 Reply

    @76job that might mean that they will be mailing you some paperwork to let you know what you need to send them

    #4361399 Reply

    Did anyone get their refund today

    #4361236 Reply

    Is it normal to have a message that says your return is recieved but cannot complete processing without additional review

    #4360334 Reply

    Yes Mm. I did last year and probably will this year as well

    #4360324 Reply

    I was excepted on January 30. My WMR and Illinois comptroller website both say processing. Has anyone ever received the funds when both of these sites were still processing? I’m hoping I wake up to the money soon.

    #4360319 Reply

    I was excepted on 1/30. My WMR and Illinois comptroller site both still see that my return is still processing. I am hoping I will wake up to a deposit in the next day or two. Some people say that they get a deposit without any movement on the WMR site. I am hoping this is the case. Anyone else have that happen ever?

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    The lady said earlier when i called that when it goes to 0 that means it was processed and sent to the comptroller. It takes a day or so for them to receive then a day or so for them to send to you then after that depends on your financial institution for deposit.

    #4360226 Reply

    When did you guys get accepted. I was accepted Feb 5th.

    #4360061 Reply

    My $ amount on my tax went to $0 today.

    #4359672 Reply

    ugh, still no change on mine.. green numbers and all :(

    on top of that my school said my financial aid refund was sent to my account monday but none of the students have received it yet!! I need my $$$ from someone soon.

    #4359670 Reply
    Jazmin j

    How much longer after your green numbers drop to 0.00 do you have till you get your refund

    #4359534 Reply

    @georgiaLiving. They are referring to mytaxillinois website.If you have a account with mytaxillinois you can see youre refund amount information.

    #4358999 Reply

    when everyone is saying there’s went to 0 so their money should be coming what are you all referring to?

    #4358896 Reply

    It depends on your bank. I use Chime so mine is fast and will be there by tomorrow.

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