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If your ‘as of date’ shifted last week please check in here

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    Early last Friday morning the as of date changed to 3/14 and then went back to 4/19. I know this shift happened to some others as well. I’m creating this thread to track whether that ‘ghost’ as of date is actually accurate!

    Filed 2/4. Accepted 2/9. On 2/28 WMR updated to “still processing” message. Lost bars and lost TT152. Expected refund amount and Married Filing Joint and last for of SSN shows on the left hand side.

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    Wrll wjen i got the explanation ftom an agent he said the as of date is the estimated return date in which you could expect your return or after but its around that date so its before or after0

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    My as of date changed from 1/3/22 to 3/14/22 and then back to 1/3/22. I didn’t catch it at first but I believe the as of date changes when the irs adds something to your master file. I noticed that they added my filing status MFJ. I had to file a paper return and it was received via UPS on 1-26-22. They would not have known what my filing status was since I mailed the return in. This at least let’s me know that they do in fact have my mailed return.

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    What does “as of” really mean?

    The “as of date” is a date that the IRS designates as a day which something needs to be done by on the return or it pushes out a week.

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    What does “as of” really mean?

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    I’m just holding out some kind of hope that the ghostly ‘as of 3/14’ I saw for a bit is really true. If so, I would expect to see something happen with this coming Thursday night/Friday transcript update, since I’m a weekly. I have nothing to base this on other than hope, though ….

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    Filed 2/3 my as of also shifted 2/28 to 3/7 last week went from 3/7 to 3/14 back to 3/7. N/A on transcript No return filed stuck on delay message on WMR…

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    Waiting in a Velvet Sea

    As of changed to 3/21 yesterday or today. Was previous 3/14.

    Filed/accepted 2/15. Claiming EITC. Return transcript still N/A and Account transcript has no cycle codes for 2022 yet.

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    As of right now my as of date is 3-21-2022 any clarification of what this means

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    That happened to me too.
    As of date went from 3/7 to 3/14 then changed back to 3/7.
    I filed on 2/11
    WMR no bars… processing
    Transcript N/A
    SO CONFUSED….keeping the faith

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    Mine moved by a week backward WTF!!!! MIne was as of 3/14 and now as of 3/21

    FIled and accepted Late January
    WMR delay message
    NO dependents
    NO stimulus

    Just a simple single taxpayer with -W_2 and some self employment income and itemized deductions

    We’re at over 30 days since filings well over the 21 days for “most returns’

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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