If you got a DDD get off this site! It’s coming geesh!

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      People are impatient really bad! If you got a DDD you are ahead of a lot of people here. Just wait until that date and go be happy. Keep talking about it not hitting early at least you have a date. This place is for people who don’t have one. Y’all keep posting y’all DDD and looking for it, ok cool just wait it’s coming. Can’t keep up with the threads about NOT GETTING A REFUND DATE because assholes with a refund date just won’t be patient.

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        patiently waiting

          It is annoying to see someone with a DDD date and they are complaining waisting space because it didn’t come early….Go sit in time out until your DDD comes.

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            Hope Justin’s entire refund gets offset. Whatta d1ck.

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              So this is the thread to tell everyone we got our refund date? Justin time.

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                And you’re not contributing to the feed clogging with this post?

                Yeah I’m mad that I don’t have a ddd yet either. My trans are still N/A and I filed Feb 7. But being an asshole to those who got their ddd isn’t going to make mine come any faster.

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                  I understand your frustration, Justin. I’m the the camp that may not get their return for *another* 8 weeks, so I get it. People need a place to vent though, even if they had a simple return and got their DDD. You’re welcome to come join us Injured Spouses, we know what torture is like! I’m staring at a 570 with no notice and all they need to do is split my return, but who knows when they’ll do it! Last year I waited from March til SEPTEMBER.

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                    this website is for us and all of our tax return stages. Filling, the waiting process, delays, and finally DDD. We post about DDD because some of us with DDD used new services like Credit Karma and from what I hear, they’ve been a disaster so far or we may have offsets, have trips planned or backed up bills, and are looking at timelines and comparisons to plan accordingly. The biggest thing is, you don’t really feel relief until that money is in your bank account.

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                      It’s always someone that’s hateful it’s no time to scroll or not open a feed smh

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                        I thought the site was for everyone…

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                          I agree @dean

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                            I’ve posted once or twice on this site and you just called me an asshole for posting my DDD? I thought the point was to update eachother on when we filed, when we were accepted, when we get our DDD and when we get our DD… and plus some ppl just like to chat. Just be patient, yours is coming too!

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                              I definitely understand your frustration but that is why there are different boards. This website is for anyone to relate with other people and ask questions and update each other in regards to their return. I hope and pray each of you get an update soon! I remember I filed early last year and I got caught in some kind of black hole and my return wasn’t processed until late April. Super annoying!

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                                I meant to say…
                                Please post here if you finally get a DATE after today.
                                Good Luck everyone we are all in this together!!!

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                                  @Justin big facts!

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                                    I agree Justin!
                                    Please post here if you FINALLY after today.

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