if you get accepted post hear

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    post if your status went from pending to accepted

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    Filed 2/13 accepted same day I had a bar now I have none just tt 152 and still not got a refund or anything tomorrow will 21 days I haven’t received a email or anything idk what’s wrong

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    Filed on 1/18
    Accepted 1/22
    Had EITC and CTC
    Still shows processing, but some have said they have a DD date of 2/22 or 2/23 by now with the EITC. Is the CTC what’s delaying mine? Hoping to see something change soon.

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    ***Edited file daye from 1/14 to 1/08***

    Turbo Tax Filed : 01/08/2019
    Accepted same day 01/14/2019
    wmr showing no tax codes, no bars just
    “we received/is being processed”….. idk what to think…

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    Filed 1-24
    Accepted 1-28
    Path message 2-4
    Both credits
    Changed to processing 2-15
    Transcript w/846 code and DDD of 2/22 – 2-15
    WMR update with deposit date 2-22 and two bars showing as of today

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    Turbo Tax Filed : 01/14/2019
    Accepted same day 01/14/2019
    wmr showing no tax codes, no bars just
    “we received/is being processed”….. idk what to think…

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    Filed January 24th
    Accepted January 25th
    January 25th to February 12th bars say accepted with tax topic 152
    February 12th bars disappear still have the tax topic 152 and says processing a date will be given when available
    February 16th bars still gone but my tax topic 152 has disappeared and a date will be given now it just says processing

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    Sorry received DDD of 2-18-2019, typo on previous post

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    Filed 1-16-2019 with H & R Block, accepted on 1-17-2019
    HoH with EIC and CTC, path act topic 152 end of January
    Received DDD of 1-18-2019 with tracking number

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    michelle collier

    Accepted 1/29/19 , transcript online 2/15/19 but no DD until 3/4/19 😮 seriously that’s the best they can do?

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    My bars went away n my amount. The PATH message and topic code is all I have. I hope that mean something good.

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    I filed January 29th 2019 and was accepted on the same day I’ve been stuck on the path act on wmr for a while everytime I look something up there saying that the wmr will not update until the 17th and we will not get a date until after the 17th is any of this true

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    Me too any changes today??

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    I filed on 1/22 and was accepted on 1/23. I was able to order my transcripts yesterday. Now I have the path message. Hopefully will see DD this week

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    My stats: Filed 01/10, accepted 01/17, ordered both transcripts 01/23 but arrived in mail blank, lost bars 01/23 with return still being processed… (No ACTC, eic, path)… no new info yet to post other than that.

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    Ugh thank Army Mama. 🙄

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    Army mama

    Ashely ,

    Could mean nothing or that your moving along ? Unless you wait for them to show up and see if they are blank or can go online and check your transcripts. I filed 1/31 also. Now change on wmr . Could order trans thrubthe mail about a week ago . Have no came yet. Assuming they will be blank. As for I checked this am online on trans and they still state never filed and N/A 😩.

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    I filed and was accepted 1/31 and I was able to order transcripts today 2/12 what does that mean

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    Im sorry! I was wrong. My email from Turbo Tax stated that the IRS was not accepting returns until Jan 28th. That was why I posted what I did. I apologize folks. :(

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    Filed and accepted 2/2. CTC- No ACTC or EIC

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    I did my taxes on the 31st I was rejected went in fixed it I got accepted but I have the EIC so I’m not expecting a return until late February

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    Filed and accepted on 2/2
    Tax topic 152

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    File HRB EFile 1/28 pending………..
    ReFile TT EFile 2/2 accepted 1258 PST

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    Filed with FreeTaxUSA 1/19
    Accepted 1/22
    Received 2/6 DDD Saturday A.M.
    Wednesday last year too I guess that means I’m weekly?

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    Filed with Taxslayer 1/19
    Accepted 1/22
    Received 2/6 DDD this morning

    No EIC or other credits

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    Filed 1/31 accepted 1/31
    No credits
    Turbo tax
    Wmr-1 bar

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    Filed state 1/19 accepted 1/19 still processing
    Filed federal 1/30 accepted 1/30

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    Filed 1/26/19 with taxact act
    I am Still pending through taxact

    I got fedup with taxact and re-filed using freetaxusa and was accepted in 10 minutes.

    F*** taxact. They could have told me somethin vve or just replied to my e-mail saying they are back logged or something but they didnt care I guess. Their loss and I bet everybody else in my situation is going to refile there taxes with a diiferent company.

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    Bob C

    @Kimbers you are giving out terrible information. Millions of people got accepted way before the 28th when they opened. Us first batch of testers were accepted on 1/14 and the second batch of testers were accepted on 1/22. Please don’t give out bad information. If you don’t know something don’t make it up. People come here for reliable information. Go to igotmyrefund facebook page if you feel you need confirmation of what I am saying.

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    Fed and State
    1 bar on WMR

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    Filed 1/31 TT
    Accepted: 1/31
    Fed and State

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    Larry Matthews

    I filed on the 28th and my return was accepted that evening

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    Oh I have both credits eic and the ctc filed with h and r block

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    Filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/20
    Able to order transcripts 1/31

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    Fed Return – TurboTax

    Filed: 1/31 5:30PM
    Accepted: 1/31 7:07PM

    State Return – TurboTax
    Filed: 1/31 5:30PM

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    This gives me hope, on Jackson Hewitt it says “*According to the IRS, 9 out of 10 refunds will be issued in less than 21 days after the IRS opens on January 29, 2018. However, if your return contains Earned Income Tax Credit and/or Additional Child Tax Credit, the IRS will issue your refund no earlier than February 15, 2018.”….I think the 2018 is typo, seeing as how its 2019, but that date is better than the 27th.

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    Melissa George

    Filed: 1/28

    Accepted: 1/28

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    Filed 1/23
    Federal Accepted 1/28
    State Accepted 1/29
    CTC & ACTC
    Tax Topic 152

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    Regardless of the official start date my return was also accepted on January 15th. Several people I know personally have had theirs acctepted before the 28th as well. Most returns are processed through programs as soon as they are sent in. This however does not mean you get a refund any sooner than anyone else. Test batches have in the past had thier refunds early but that doesn’t happen with all returns in test batches. But being accepted before the 28th does not mean you were in a test batch. Confusing right!?!? So basically I have offered no new info to the forum and probably confused you more. Your welcome😐

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    I filed on 1/24 and it was accepted 1/25. My transcripts Say NA.

    How do they determine weekly from daily? 2015 I was 05, and 2016-2017 were both 04’s. Should I assume I will be an 04 again this year?

    WMR also has one bar….

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    Geisha doll_43

    I’m sorry my status changed last Saturday

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    Geisha doll_43

    I filed on the 14th and was accepted by the IRS on the 15th of January. I thought it was strange also but when I checked wmr sure enough it said it was accepted… Then last Thursday my message changed from the 9001 code to the PATH message. If my return hadn’t been accepted on the 15th I wouldn’t have updated because I’m a weekly. So people were bring accepted by the IRS long before the 28th.

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    @Kimbers Wrong. Their official start date for accepting returns was 1/28, but they have been accepting some returns filed earlier to test the system. They do this before the official start every year.

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    Filed 25th. Accepted 28th. I see someone below say they were accepted the 23rd. That is not accurate because IRS didn’t start accepting until 1-28.

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    Melissa A Moran

    filed 1/23/2019 accepted 1/23/2019 still one bar. basic return no EIC

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    Filed 1/29 (last night)
    Accepted 22 minutes later
    I won’t be checking WMR too often. But hopefully I get my DD mid February at the least.

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    Forgot to mention I am a pather but I can say yesterday my transcripts were not available to view online it had N/A but now they are available to view online so I must be done processing just have to wait cause of path act

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    So my cycle code is 20190503 am I a daily or weekly and what day will my wmr update? Also my processing date says February 18, 2019 is that the day my refund will be sent?

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    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/28
    WMR: one bar
    I’m usually a path by now and still nothing should I be worried?
    I am a daily.

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    I filed 1/17 through H&R Block and was accepted the 22nd for my federal my state says accepted on the hr block app but doesn’t have a date and I got the path message on Wmr I’m hoping my state hits my account soon. Anyone from Michigan get there state yet?

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    Accepted on 1/28.. Filed for my Uncle last week and got accepted next day…wondering if it was a test batch.

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    ray c

    was accepted using TT on same day as I filed 1/23/19. EIC child tax credit etc. DDD set for around the 13th of Feb.

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    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/29
    One bar

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    Filed and Accepted 1/24
    Still one bar

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    WMR says that refund will be sent to my bank by 1/30. Suckas!

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    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/15

    Both fed and state (MN)

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    Joseph C

    Filed on 1/14 still nothing showing in WMR I’m in California

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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28

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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    1 bad WMR
    Transcripts ordered 1/29 (although they could be blank)

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/29
    Transcripts ordered 1/29
    Refund Received 2/1 @ 6PM EST on Amex Serve

    I am hoping this year goes quickly. Very basic simple tax return. This year was significantly less than previous years but no other changes so I’m *hoping* for a deposit Fri but you just never know…isn’t that part of the fun of it?! :)

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    Also yes please fix the title so it’s spelled correctly. Should be “If you get excepted paste here”

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    Filed in the wee hours of the morning of from Sunday to Monday morning. I tihnk it counted as filed on 1/27. Regardless, I was accepted yesterday. 1/28.

    As of now, no movement, but based on experiences in past years, I expect to be approved by tomorrow (1/30) and get my DD by Tuesday (2/5). At least I hope so.

    My taxes are pretty simple from a Federal perspective. The only new form for me is the HSA one.

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    Can someone fix the title to this thread?

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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28

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    Filed 1/28 accepted at 1:30 am 1/29

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    Filed tonight and our federal and LA state refunds were accepted already. NM state still pending

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    File 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    Filed with TT W/ EITC HH
    Last year filed with TT on 1/24
    Accepted 1/26
    DD on 2/21
    I kept screen shots of everything ! LOL
    Hopefully I’ll get my DD on or around 2/21
    WMR says DDD 2/20

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    Filed 1/28/2019
    Accepted 1/28/2019

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    I filed on 1/24 and next day fed was accepted and today state was accepted

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    Filed 1/27 accepted a lil bit after noon 1/28

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    Filed 1/27 accepted a lil after noon on 1/28

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    Filed 1-7….accepted 1-14. Went from one bar to 9001. Saturday changed to approved. DDD 1-30

    Does anyone know if the deposit will be before the DDD?

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    I just called the IRS again regarding error 9001 and they said they don’t have a record of my return even though it was accepted on 1/17. The rep said that they just opened today and starting processing returns and to allow 21 days from today before calling in again. My e-file company won’t let me file again they said the IRS has it they just didn’t process it yet. No credits, NO EIC, No ATC, and 1 dependent HOH

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    Accepted on Jan 23

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    Guys when is next up date?I just accepted today 1pm .I can see 1bar . I have both credit . I’m on weekly …..

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    I file Jan 28 1am . Got an email around 1pm accept notice . I both have 2credit so need to wait mid Feb ….

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    Filed on Jan 25 just got accepted today Jan 28

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