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      Just tried to check my transcript and got this “We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490.” Anyone else have this issue?

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          UPDATE: I did speak with someone at IPSU and they couldn’t find ANYTHING in the system to trigger that problem, and assumed it was a result of my multiple attempts to try to regain my forgotten user ID. So – the website, and that damn IPSU message on the transcript page, are not necessarily a real issue. He did tell me my transcript would need to be mailed to me, as well informed me that my refund was scheduled to be deposited to my account on 2/11.

          Hope this info helps!

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            @Brique yeah the sent it to me instantly

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              So you were able to have your user name emailed to you? It never worked for me the numerous times I tried all week.

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                @Brique it was my first time trying too. Tried to log in as a guest but it told me my info was already on file( made an account last year) . Then I log in under my user name to this,

                @kimmie0613 I’m hoping its a glitch, not sure if I should call or not

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                  You probably have Identity theft pin mailed to u. Try to see if they will mail it to u.

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                    I just did today, but today is the first day I could get into my transcripts. Story-

                    Filed 1/28 and accepted same day using TT. Have only shown one bar on WMR and no error codes or anything other than tax topic 152.

                    Spent last 6 days trying to reset my user ID from last year because I could not remember it for transcripts. Kept getting message account was on file, and to have username resent to email – but no matter ow many times I tried it never sent it.

                    Today, I was FINALLY able to recreate a new user ID and answered all the ID questions correctly, but then it gave me that message after I was done and ready to look at transcripts. I am not sure if is because of all my attempts to get logged in, or something else. Still trying to find out if I should call – or wait for next update tonight.

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                      My husband had the same issue. He called and was on hold for an hour before they said it was a system error. It might not be the same situation for you but that’s what happened for us.

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