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    Wheres My Refund Idaho- Share your experience with filing your Idaho Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Idaho Wheres My Refund? go to Idaho State Tax Commission

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    Anybody see the Tax Rebate Check deposit yet?

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    @ Katie – I haven’t yet.
    Still on 3 checkmarks.
    Waiting on fourth…

    #4463606 Reply

    Anyone have to id verify? I did last week for idaho but unsure how long it takes.

    #4461075 Reply

    I got it on netspend around 330 am

    #4461073 Reply

    @kimzie was it at midnight last night or random time today?

    #4460997 Reply

    Got my refund today from Idaho

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    I got my final check mark too usually takes a day or 2 to reach my bank

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    Anyone get Idaho deposit yet?
    I have my final check mark but no deposit yet.
    I’ve had the check mark since 2/20/21

    #4457200 Reply

    Usually about 2 weeks from start to finish for me.

    #4456055 Reply

    How long, on average, does it take for Idaho state returns to move from Step 3 to DD?

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    Anyone get accepted by Idaho yet

    #4395763 Reply

    i have had 2 check marks for 7 weeks now. I havent received anything stating they needed more info. Is this normal?

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    I was wondering if it takes all 7 days for refund to be deposited in my account? Because today is day 2. Usually I mailed it on but I chose direct deposit this year.

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    Elizabeth Hopkins

    Got the check mark on the 4th bar on the 11th. Just waiting for it to be deposited now.

    #4348928 Reply

    My 4th bar doesn’t have a check mark next to it, but it says it’s done processing. So will it have a check when refund is sent?? Do you have a check in your 4th bar??

    #4348925 Reply

    I have the 4th bar and it says my refund was done processing on 2/10. It says allow up to 4 weeks for the refund to be deposited. I don’t remember it ever taking 4 weeks.

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    Yay! Got the 4th bar today!!

    #4347316 Reply

    I got a fourth solid bar today. Says allow up to 1 week to see the refund.

    #4347205 Reply
    Candace S

    Just like the last two years with processing time. From start to finish

    Accepted with idaho on the 29th
    Was told Tuesday the 11th it was to be deposited
    Is pending for thursday the 13th in my account

    #4345914 Reply

    I am still waiting for the 4th bar. Was done processing on the 29th. Any ideas if idaho updates often?

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    Candace S

    4th bar this morning

    Was done processing the 29th

    #4344765 Reply

    I’m about 13 days in and I haven’t gotten it yet. Usually hit 2 to 3 weeks after I get an update of the refund will be there in up to 4 weeks.

    #4341166 Reply

    Still waiting for fourth bar to turn blue. Last year I got in like 2 weeks after I filed. Finished processing on 1/29 just waiting for refund to process now. I’m impatient lol

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    Candace S

    Has anyone got their <span id=”IL_AD1″ class=”IL_AD”>state tax</span> yet?

    Tuesday night i got the message saying your refund is scheduled for direct deposit it generally takes 7 days for it to hit your account today is day 2.

    when did yours finish Processing> mine was on the 29th this year so seeing about when it will be done. Last year it was about two weeks from start to finish. Hoping for the same.

    #4340653 Reply

    Has anyone got their state tax yet?

    Tuesday night i got the message saying your refund is scheduled for direct deposit it generally takes 7 days for it to hit your account today is day 2.

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    I have all four boxes checked a side note stating my refund has been sent for DD, I should receive within 7 days. This started today. Before it said finished and if I’m owed a refund then I will be receiving one. Anyway just wondered if it will take all 7days?

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    Kimberly C Gonzales

    My refund just finished processing yesterday on the 29th. It was accepted on the 27th. Just waiting for the refund to process!

    #4309221 Reply

    My state return was r/a on 2/6. Finished processing on 2/21. Still sitting on refund processing I will keep posting as things change. I know a lot of people want estimates timelines. Looks like about 12-14 days for refund processing and 2-3 days to be deposited.

    #4300537 Reply

    Agreed, 4 weeks is so vague…

    How long from step 3 to step 4 for people?

    Then 4 to money in the bank?

    #4296986 Reply

    Filed /accepted 2/12. I get the wait for 4 weeks message soooo mid of March? Really? How did you get yours so fast?

    #4269760 Reply

    I got my direct deposit this am

    #4268171 Reply
    Candace S

    I just checked my credit union and I have a pending balance from Idaho for tomorrow. I got the notice about it being 7 days just a couple days ago. See below… and I apologize for the wrong accepted/excepted. Should be excepted.. by the time I seen it I hit sent..

    #4266737 Reply

    Excepted 1/28
    2/11 states my refund deposited in 7 days
    Tanja did yours deposit? Was it the full 7 days?

    #4266192 Reply
    Candace S

    Filed and accepted jan 28th. Processed with idaho on the 30th. Just went to refund processed and refund to be deposited within 7 days!!

    #4260734 Reply

    ID refund finished processing 1/28/19. I have 7 day wait for direct deposit. Updated as of today.

    #4260705 Reply

    I filed mine on the 24th and it was accepted the same day.

    #4260667 Reply

    Kimzie when did you file yours ?

    #4260103 Reply

    Mine finished processing on the 30th. Updated today to sent allow 7 days to see the deposit. Hopefully all of yours will update aoon.

    #4259443 Reply

    Mine still says processing , so patiently waiting. T- when did you file yours ? Trying to have a general idea of how long is taking them to process returns this year .

    #4258871 Reply

    Anyone get idaho refund yet? Mine says it’s approved and processing refund

    #4254746 Reply

    Filed 1/29, accepted 1/29, direct deposit advance $250 deposited 1/30, est DDD 2/19, claimed EIC( pathact) hoping to get state sooner!!

    #4218279 Reply
    Candace S

    Hey update I woke up this morning state refund sayimg it’s pending in my account for deposit today, the 15th. I got the notice of it was supposed to be delivered on Monday or Tuesday I think. So it only took a few days!!!

    #4218244 Reply

    My Idaho refund updated to sent last night. Said it could take up to 7 days to see it in the account.

    #4215981 Reply

    Anyone actually receive theirs yet?? Mine says sent but nothing shows.

    #4215456 Reply
    Candace S

    Hey, refund is on its way.. filed 1/28 accepted 1/30 with state… Yesterday I was only on number 3 in the idaho refund status, processing. Checked thus morning and says refund sent… woohoo.

    #4214732 Reply

    Gamergirl, did u get your deposit yet?

    #4209073 Reply

    thats good news :) last year i got mine way before fed

    #4208887 Reply

    Mine also got updated today to the 4 weeks. Last yr I got mine on the 15th of March. So thinking in the next couple of weeks

    #4208644 Reply

    just got the update on my idaho state refund went from wait 4 weeks to being sent and allow up to 7 days hopefully it will come in the next few days filed and accepted 1/24

    #4208008 Reply

    Idaho is usually pretty consistent on the 7-8 week timeframe they say it will take. I have gotten it earlier though on occasion.

    #4202416 Reply

    Mine completed processing on 1\30\2018. Any idea when they will release the funds?

    #4185562 Reply

    Efiled with HR block on 2/9, accepted 2/9, finished processing on 2/15. Still no refund as of 2/23. I hate that they don’t have a schedule of any sort besides ‘4 weeks’.

    #4172002 Reply

    E filed 1/27. Accepted 1/30 as of 2/15 no deposit yet.

    #4168655 Reply

    Received state in my account today 2/13

    #4160347 Reply

    Efiled with tt on 1/27. Finished processing 1/30. Etimated 4 week message. No deposit as of 2/6

    #4160075 Reply

    Efiled with Accepted 1/23/17, finished processing on 1/30/17…still no DD. Idaho doesn’t typically offer an actual DDD, just a time frame of when to expect your refund.

    #4159744 Reply

    2016 State Return efiled with TurboTax. Accepted 1/30/2017.
    No direct deposit as of 2/6/2017

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