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    Wheres My Refund Idaho- Share your experience with filing your Idaho Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Idaho Wheres My Refund? go to Idaho State Tax Commission

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    My state return was r/a on 2/6. Finished processing on 2/21. Still sitting on refund processing I will keep posting as things change. I know a lot of people want estimates timelines. Looks like about 12-14 days for refund processing and 2-3 days to be deposited.

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    Agreed, 4 weeks is so vague…

    How long from step 3 to step 4 for people?

    Then 4 to money in the bank?

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    Filed /accepted 2/12. I get the wait for 4 weeks message soooo mid of March? Really? How did you get yours so fast?

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    I got my direct deposit this am

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    Candace S

    I just checked my credit union and I have a pending balance from Idaho for tomorrow. I got the notice about it being 7 days just a couple days ago. See below… and I apologize for the wrong accepted/excepted. Should be excepted.. by the time I seen it I hit sent..

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    Excepted 1/28
    2/11 states my refund deposited in 7 days
    Tanja did yours deposit? Was it the full 7 days?

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    Candace S

    Filed and accepted jan 28th. Processed with idaho on the 30th. Just went to refund processed and refund to be deposited within 7 days!!

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    ID refund finished processing 1/28/19. I have 7 day wait for direct deposit. Updated as of today.

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    I filed mine on the 24th and it was accepted the same day.

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    Kimzie when did you file yours ?

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    Mine finished processing on the 30th. Updated today to sent allow 7 days to see the deposit. Hopefully all of yours will update aoon.

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    Mine still says processing , so patiently waiting. T- when did you file yours ? Trying to have a general idea of how long is taking them to process returns this year .

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    Anyone get idaho refund yet? Mine says it’s approved and processing refund

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    Filed 1/29, accepted 1/29, direct deposit advance $250 deposited 1/30, est DDD 2/19, claimed EIC( pathact) hoping to get state sooner!!

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    Candace S

    Hey update I woke up this morning state refund sayimg it’s pending in my account for deposit today, the 15th. I got the notice of it was supposed to be delivered on Monday or Tuesday I think. So it only took a few days!!!

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    My Idaho refund updated to sent last night. Said it could take up to 7 days to see it in the account.

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    Anyone actually receive theirs yet?? Mine says sent but nothing shows.

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    Candace S

    Hey, refund is on its way.. filed 1/28 accepted 1/30 with state… Yesterday I was only on number 3 in the idaho refund status, processing. Checked thus morning and says refund sent… woohoo.

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    Gamergirl, did u get your deposit yet?

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    thats good news :) last year i got mine way before fed

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    Mine also got updated today to the 4 weeks. Last yr I got mine on the 15th of March. So thinking in the next couple of weeks

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    just got the update on my idaho state refund went from wait 4 weeks to being sent and allow up to 7 days hopefully it will come in the next few days filed and accepted 1/24

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    Idaho is usually pretty consistent on the 7-8 week timeframe they say it will take. I have gotten it earlier though on occasion.

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    Mine completed processing on 1\30\2018. Any idea when they will release the funds?

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    Efiled with HR block on 2/9, accepted 2/9, finished processing on 2/15. Still no refund as of 2/23. I hate that they don’t have a schedule of any sort besides ‘4 weeks’.

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    E filed 1/27. Accepted 1/30 as of 2/15 no deposit yet.

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    Received state in my account today 2/13

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    Efiled with tt on 1/27. Finished processing 1/30. Etimated 4 week message. No deposit as of 2/6

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    Efiled with Accepted 1/23/17, finished processing on 1/30/17…still no DD. Idaho doesn’t typically offer an actual DDD, just a time frame of when to expect your refund.

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    2016 State Return efiled with TurboTax. Accepted 1/30/2017.
    No direct deposit as of 2/6/2017

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