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    Can I call the ID verify number without having the letter in my hand?

    I called the 8008290582 number today and they notified me that i will be getting a letter.
    However, my house is getting remodelled and now i am living about 2.5 hr away from my house.

    i go back to check on the project every other week, so i am supposed to go back next week.
    I dont really want go back this weekend and find no letter because i will have to book hotel, book my two dog’s hotel etc. which is kinda costly.

    The lady told me i wont be able to call the number without a letter since the letter would have some info that i will have to provide to the agent. I have all my preview tax return handy and beacase all of my own personal info. Anyone can help here?

    Also i asked USPS to forward email to my new address but i still get mail in my old address (the one getting remdoel, the one IRS will be sending their mail to). Will USPS forward IRS mail at all?


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