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ID Verify Confirmed?

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    Hey guys I have NOT gotten any letters yet but apparently a TON of people that have/had th “We cannot provide information about your refund” message have all started getting their verify letters? Can anyone with this message confirm they got a definite verify flag? Also is this possibly a way for the IRS to stall on refunds? Because otherwise how is the verify so rampant this year? There can’t be this many cases of Identity issues can there? It all just seems fishy to me if that’s really what’s going on. 1/28 Filed and Accepted here. My 21 days is tomorrow and my status has remained at the “No info” this entire time. Calling IRS a week ago gave no answers they mentioned nothing about me needing a verify but now idk what to believe… :/

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    @zombie.kittie87 in my experience they’ve always told you when you will need to send more information or verify in person when you are on the phone with them? My fiancé has had to if verify and they told him they were unable to complete it over the phone and he would need to do it in person? Unless something has changed. I also have a friend who had to send in paperwork but again they told him that when they were unable to complete his over the phone. When I spoke to them she asked all of the questions and put me on hold, once she came back she said they would not need any further information and it was going back into processing.


    My neighbor got the 9001 code on wmr days after filing and being accepted. She ended up waiting almost a whole month after being accepted for the ID verify letter and it took a couple of weeks for me to get to her were she recently moved to help her with it because I helped her file I always assist if needed for a ID verification but after that was all done there suppose to put you automatically back into processing if everything goes good and usually it takes a week or two to update on wmr. And just because you passed your ID verification dosent mean they will process you they can still make you go threw the process of sending in proof of wages especially if your self employed or if they just randomly want to. This was her 3rd year getting the ID verification and we assume it’s because she moves alot but it only took 5 days for her wmr to update and she went straight to a DDD after the verification call.
    From my past experience of helping people file if you dont receive an update within 2 weeks after you do your ID verification over the phone then you need to call in again and make sure the person that did your verification put you back into processing. If they did and your still waiting 3 weeks later it could mean they need further information like proof of income. Wages or sometimes it’s just proof of dependents but that paperwork could take months to make it to you because they have a habit of taking there time sometimes to mail the paperwork and for it to be all over and done with.
    I’m not saying you cant all of a sudden update with a DDD but with the past 10 years I’ve been helping people the last 3 or 4 years now have been pretty much the same when its came to the verification wait times but it seems like there getting paperwork out a little quicker this year which surprises me after they were behind with the shutdown.

    I wish everyone luck and a speedy update as I know some of you have been waiting a lot longer then others.


    I filed on 2/1 and they were accepted the same day. Two days later got the 152/9001 on wmr. I got my Id verify letter on 2/25 and was able to get through finally on 2/27. Was told the same, wait 1 1/2 to 2 weeks for an update on wmr… it’ll be three weeks in a couple days and still nothing. It’s getting super irritating.


    i filed on 2/2 accepted same day. a few days later got tt 152 and code 9001. called and they told me they mailed a Verification letter. verified on 3/8 . the guy told me to wait about a week and a half which would be this week to start checking wmr. called today just to check om things and the lady says my return hasnt even been put back into processing yet after the Verification. i usually have to do an id verify and i usually get my taxes within 2 weeks after id verify. will update if i find anything out this week. fingers crossed! just got diagnosed with epilepsy and waiting on short term disability through work to kick in and i have no income and 2 kids and this is absolutely killing me. prayers this goes through quickly


    Filed 1/23 then got 5071c 2/20 verified by phone 2/21, still nothing, just processing. Wth? I’ve filed for over 30 yrs NEVER WAITED THIS LONG EVER.



    We’re in the same boat😔 No update at all for me and I verified my id on 3/11 smh.

    Lynn Texas

    I filed in Jan and was accepted in Jan, Verified on 2/21 and I’m still seeing the same message. We cannot give you any information about your refund. I have called the IRS and they are saying 9weeks. WMR hasn’t updated since 2/2. I can’t believe it’s taking this long!!


    Filed/Accepted Feb 2 lost bars two days later message we are unable to provide information at this time received 5071c letter 2/26 verified identity same day was told wait up to 9 weeks however system should update in about two weeks still currently seeing same message unable to provide information I notice that others have dates already this is very flustrating my birthday is next week Wednesday SMH 🤦


    No DDD for me tonight. Just wording change on WMR.


    Filed/Accepted 2.16
    Lost bars a few days later…
    3 weeks after filing I got the verification letter.
    ID verified over the phone 3.12
    3.13 went from still being processed to “we have received…”
    Updated today with a DDD 3.20
    I have EIC/CTC/Schedule C

    Good luck!


    I don’t understand why we would have to verify anyways. And 9 weeks is ridiculous. I e-filed and now I have to wait like I filed by mail…. What kind of ish is that. Smh. Should be online just like


    Today was the first day I checked in a week. I did my Id verify 2/21. Transcripts still say N/A and wmr saying we have received your return and it is being processed. So looks like I will Be one of the ones waiting 9 weeks.


    I file my taxes on Feb 10, confirm same date, after 21 days i called irs and they said they send out the 5071c letter for id verified. Tuesday last week I went in and they said to wait for fuvken 9 weeks, wtf is this? and the irs app doesnt say any shit it says they can’t give out any info etc B.S.

    Now what? wait for another 9 weeks? smh B.S


    @ Jill verified 26th of feb changed wording on 28th of feb transcripts are blank nothing as of today also can’t llook at transcripts online have to get it in mail. Just got one today



    Nope, transcripts are still N/A. I hope we get some updates tonight!



    No update on transcripts either? They’re supposed to be doing a big update tonight 🤞🤞


    No update.


    Did anybody update today after having to id verify? If so, when did you file AND verify and what’s your update?

    Alx. D.

    I was able to order my “return” transcripts. Past years that meant you were good to go. This year, seems crazier things are happening. I have no change on WMR (It always update on Saturdays in the past) but in the past I knew I was good once I can order the “return transcripts”

    Any input?

    Sylvia Fulmer

    Online verification didn’t work for me and I could never get through on the phone. I went into my local IRS office with a copy of my return. It took all of five minutes. The agent told me my return would go back to processing and my refund released. It could take up to nine weeks, but most were getting their in a week. We’ll see.

    Teri Coker

    2/18 filed taxes
    2/18 accepted by IRS
    3/11 received 5071C letter
    3/12 called IRS number on letter to confirm identity – agent said status on WMR would not be updated for 2 weeks :( and I would receive refund within 9 weeks


    I verified on 2/14. I sill shpw wmr showing no evidence of return. The IRS is so not helpful. What has been the average time until you get your refund after verifying?


    I verified my ID on 3/5 via phone and called on 3/11 to be sure and they said the hold was lifted on the 5th. Said up to 6 weeks. Still no return. I need the money so bad. This is bs.


    F/A 1/30 w/ eic&actc
    Never saw path message
    2/22 WMR bars disappear and go to ‘still processing’
    3/4 I called after waiting forever no letters or codes and they said I had to ID verify
    3/11 ID verified in person

    Have to see info under single even though it’s filed under married joint. Still processing.



    I’m exactly the same as you. i’m 05 cycle according to last years transcripts. Filed and accepted 1/28. everything on WMR went away around 2/5. Letter to verify 2/19. did it online. on 2/27 WMR changed to return has been accepted and is being processed. no change so i called 3/11. lady said return was put back in processing 2/22 and it could be 9 weeks but nothing else was wrong with my return. said if i don’t have it by 4/26 call. transcripts blank as if no return has been filed. hoping i update end of this week,Very Frustrating to hear others update and get DDD in less than a week of verifying.



    according to my transcripts from last year, my cycle day is 05 which means I update once a week at the end of the week. You can look at your transcripts and find your cycle code


    How do you know if you’re a weekly? What does that even mean?


    My experience thus far:

    efiled 2/9/19
    accepted 2/13/19
    wmr updated on 2/22/19 to “We cannot provide you any info-reference code 9001. Call 8008290582 and ask for ext 362”

    I called on 2/26 and was told I had to wait for a letter to ID verify. She said letter was mailed on 2/25. waited until 03/04 and still no letter. Called again and was told the letter was mailed on 2/22. Confused at this point. Lol. I FINALLY received the letter on 03/09 which was dated for 03/06!!! Verified online and message stated 9 weeks. Called on 03/11 just to double verify cause something told me that was too easy lol. The rep said she DIDN’T see where I verified online but she successfully verified me over the phone. I believe I’m a weekly ending in 05 so I’m hoping to update with this “next scheduled mass update for weeklies” on Saturday and get my DDD. As of now, transcripts reflect nothing. The rep did tell my that my return is going into processing now. Goodluck to everyone out there!!!


    Tyler, the same thing is happening to me. But I got a letter in the mail saying I had to verify my identity. It gave me a number to call so I did and I verified my identity and they said now it can take up to 9 weeks to get my refund and every time I go to check the status of my refund it says it can not provide any info at this time. Smh. But I do think that they r just doin this to everyone to buy them some time.


    That’s the number I have called twice to speak with someone but I have called both times in the morning between 7:30 and 9am central time. (TEXAS). The first time I waited about 25 minutes the second time about 12 minutes. U want the prompt that states DO U WANT TO CHECK OR RECEIVE INFO ON UR ACCOUNT (something like that) then the next prompt it’s going ask if u believe the money u owe is correct hit 1 just wait don’t hit nothing then it’s going to transfer u to a live agent. ( U WILL HEAR WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT WHEN U LISTEN TO UR OPTIONS).


    Just to maybe clear up issues for some with the online ID verify not working, there is a good chance the agent you asked wasn’t trained for what codes to dig for. I called this morning about confirming my 2/25 online ID verify and the agent couldn’t find anything and suggested I call the verification line, which I in turn did. The agent for the verification looked up my info (took a couple minutes and said it was gonna take some digging) and said all codes were cleared to return to processing and many agents aren’t trained properly on what codes to dig for when researching a successful verification. For what it’s worth to people such as myself that saw these posts and panicked, may be of some use to others.


    I saw a couple of posts that said the ID verify online didn’t work. I used it on Mon. So I called today to find out. IRS guy said that it did register and cleared (i guess the 9001) as of the 28th.
    So here’s hoping I see something soon.
    Transcripts sill blank.


    How are yo all able to get through to someone to speak to? Is there a best day/time to call. I’ve tried everything and each time I get “due to extreme wait times we cannot take your call.”

    Accepted: 2/2
    Lost bars and “return still being processed message”: 2/10
    Verified online after receiving letter same day: 2/25


    For anyone who id verified online, make sure you call to see if your verify went through.. I verified last week online and called today to check the status and it DID NOT GO THROUGH EVEN THOUGH IT GAVE ME THE CONGRATS MESSAGE. I had to verify again today with a rep..

    Dolores L Modesto

    I vertify mine on the 20th he told 6 to 9 wks but could be sooner . But was needing my taxes so bad to pay my rent now being evicted dammit

    Dolores L Modesto

    I vertify mine on the 20th he told 6 to 9 wks but could be sooner . But was needi ng my taxes so bad to pay my rent now being evicted dammit


    I got nothing today either. Finally gave in and called. Was just told 9 weeks….


    No update yet….still say the same thing. Hopefully if there are any changes or updates this weekend we will be apart of it.


    Has anyone gotten an update on there WMR ?


    I in the same boat
    Approved 1/22/2019
    Got 5071c 2/12/2019 I verified online the same day .
    I’m still getting the we can’t provide any information on your return . No return transcript available.
    Called IRS today got the wait it out on the 9 weeks .


    Yes, the 5071c gave me the option to go verify online or call. I verified last monday, still sitting.


    @Latoya no codes because my 2018 transcripts are blank. I’m a regular filer with no credits.


    What codes are on your transcripts for that


    no code on transcripts or WMR but got letter yesterday dated 2/15. Yep says up to nine weeks after confirming on line.


    Gotcha, thanks for the feed back guys. I wish you luck, I cannot imagine your frustrations.


    I filed 1/20, was accepted 1/22 received an ID verify letter around 2/11. I verified online immediately, go the standard thank you message, please wait an additional 9 weeks message.

    Previously I had no bars on WMR, With Tax topic 152 message 9001. It never changed… It STILL hasn’t changed.

    No Transcripts, and for Account transcripts for 2018 still shows No Return Filed.


    @ j-renee
    Lol mine was def like it will take up to 9 weeks you might get lucky and it be 6 to 8 weeks


    Nothing to have a hold code on!!!
    Transcripts are N/A


    Have you guys looked at your transcripts? I am just curious if you have some kind of hold code for your ID verify.


    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29
    Had that one bar until 2/2
    Received ID Verify letter 2/19
    Spoke with Representative 2/20
    So now I will see how long it’s really go take because she said 9weeks.



    He told me that it’s what he is supposed to tell me but he kinda whispered and said “it won’t really take that long but I just have to tell you that”



    It won’t take that long. It’ll process normally. That’s the same generic message the man told me. 6 days later, my refund was deposited. You’ll see. 😄


    Happened to me. Filed and accepted 1/28. Had one bar and then it disappeared to being processed. Called and finally spoke with someone yesterday and was told they sent a 5701c letter and I had to verify my identity. Got the letter yesterday and called to verify. Was told if all goes well I should receive my refund in 9weeks which is crazy as hell. I efiled. But I will wait and hopefully it updates on WMR next week.


    I just completed verification and he was like since your being id verified your return will now be processed like a aper return and it will def take 6 to 8 weeks.this sux



    Stay on top of it! I was verified last year and I received my refund 6 days later even tho the man told me to allow up to 6-8 weeks after being verified. I was horrified! Like I haven’t been waiting alrdy!!!


    This same shit happened to me last year. I think they’re just randomly selecting people to harass as a way of tying up our refunds even longer. They need to buy more time; stall us because they don’t have their shit together. I swear this has been the most ludacris tax season ever. Our refunds each year keep getting pushed further and further away. I remember the good old days when I’d have my refund before the 7th of Feb each year. Still waiting on mine as we speak and I even have a DDD of 2/22.

    All “wait-listers” you’re in my prayers.

    I’m starting to wonder if I’ll even get my refund by my DDD of 2/22. Makes you wonder.


    Are we able to verify online? What questions are asked in case I need to pull my last year tax return. I got the 5071c letter?


    Were you path filers or regular returns?

    Army mama

    Anyone that had or has to ID verify ? We’re you all Abel to see your transcripts online ? Mine still says NA ?


    Filed 1/29 recieved 5071c letter dated for 2/14 on 2/19 …I had the 9001 code for 15days. I verified over the phone, was on hold for 22mins then verified..the entire convo was under 30mins, then I was told wait 2-9weeks😔🤦🏾‍♀️😤🥺


    @ broadstreetelite
    I got my id verify letter today


    Filed and accepted 1/28. 2 days later had bar and said received and processing. around the 5th i lost all bars. stayed like that for about a week. last Saturday i had the message your return is still being processed. a deposit date will be provided when available. Today I got he verify ID letter. Simple to do online after confirmed message says it could be up to nine weeks. Really!!! sounds like it’s a mess at the IRS. I can understand verifying ID’s but once thats done they should be put in the front of the line not starting all over again.


    I had that message (cannot provide info + ref. # 9001) and received the ID verify (5071c) letter today. I’m particularly annoyed because it’s not letting me use the online service, and the IRS is swamped with calls so they wouldn’t answer my call.


    Same boat Skmillion.

    We may see an update on Wed? (I’m hoping)


    I have still being processed no codes


    I have that messsage but have not received a letter or anything. However my husband did get selected To verify last year and after he got the letter with the code and went through the process his deposit dropped the next week. Even with this whole “shutdown got us behind” business I don’t think it will be much longer than that. IIRC, waiting for the letter took longer than waiting for the deposit.



    But what does your wmr page say?

    Codes? Being processed, or still being processed?
    Good luck everybody


    I had to verify 2 years ago and after u do it they say 4 weeks to get the money but it actually was only a week and a half later


    I was told i have to verifi by irs rep but still havent received letter i filed 1/28


    I called last night and it said nothing about my return and went straight to the “call back during business hours and use ext 462” BS. I’ll try tonight when I get out of work but I doubt there’s a change. Did you have this same message in WMR? @Maranda


    Call the refund hotline for direct info reguardin your return. Site showed no info but hotline have me DDD


    Also if we are cursed with a verify don’t expect your refund any time soon from what I’m making of all this

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