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    Hey guys I have NOT gotten any letters yet but apparently a TON of people that have/had th “We cannot provide information about your refund” message have all started getting their verify letters? Can anyone with this message confirm they got a definite verify flag? Also is this possibly a way for the IRS to stall on refunds? Because otherwise how is the verify so rampant this year? There can’t be this many cases of Identity issues can there? It all just seems fishy to me if that’s really what’s going on. 1/28 Filed and Accepted here. My 21 days is tomorrow and my status has remained at the “No info” this entire time. Calling IRS a week ago gave no answers they mentioned nothing about me needing a verify but now idk what to believe… :/

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    From what I have read, a CP05 (45 day) review is computer generated. The 4464c (60 day) review is generated by an agent. I think that’s the reason a lot of people are getting both reviews. Today is day 76 for me and over seven weeks since I have ID Verified. Received review 4/15. Seems like the 1205 and 0905 crews have been going through this.

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    candice burgner

    I files 01/03/19 I got a letter end of feb. Never got it in the mail waited two weeks for a new one. Called 3/8/19 to verify. It went fro “still being processed” to “it is being processed.”
    My 9 weeks is up may 10th.

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    I’m in the same boat as of 4/8
    Processing 4/8
    Got a 60 day notice dated 4/2 it’s crazy because a lot of wow say almost all of us that has cycle co201 91205 got a letter starting to really think that there is just computer-generated

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    I’m In The Same Boat As y’all I filed My Taxes 2/6 ….I Got A letter in the mail to verify my identity I Did That 3/6 They told Me To Wait 9 weeks to see my refund…Now On Monday 4/15 I received a letter stating that my refund is under additional review to wait 60 days from the letter date, and for me to do nothing right now. What Is Really Going On this year

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    Has Anyone gotten any updates

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    I’ve heard both sides of the story. Some people have gotten it back sooner, some received an additional 60 day review.

    I’m waiting until the second week of May and if no progress by then I’m getting a TA.

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    Return Due Date Or Return Recieved Date (Whichever Is Later) Apr. 15 2019
    Processing Date Apr. 08 2019
    **what’s that mean??**

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    @Raven & Anabanana*other ana😁*

    Do you guys think it really does take the whole 45 days or can we get our refunds earlier than the 45 days??

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    Filed electronically 2/28/19
    Accepted 2/28/19
    Received Verification Letter 3/23/19
    Vefified 3/25/19
    Nothing had changed on wmr or since “accepted” on 2/28/19
    Suck on “no info wait 21 days etc”….claimed eic & college credit for my oldest who’s a college student….STILL WAITING ON A UPDATE! Week 3 today for id verification….HELP

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    @Ana (other Ana) & @Raven8300
    I am right there with you guys 20191305 cycle
    Verified 3/6
    I don’t want to call because agents can & will generate review letters 😞🥺😓
    So will play the waiting game, but if nothing else happens this week, will tryi to call TA next week. Nothing to lose anymore 🙈

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    @Ana and @Raven8300

    I’m pretty convinced im in the same boat as you guys are..

    I want to find out if I have a 45 or 60 day review but I’d hate to call them and then end up having them generate one lol

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    My nine weeeks are up in two weeks. My 45 day review started yesterday.

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    So do they add 45 days more to the 9 weeks?

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    Hi Guys,

    I flied on 2/20 and verified my ID on 3/11, on 3/28 my WRM change from “Still processing” to “it is being processed”…today I decided to call and see if I qualified for a TA, I guess I did and they said the following(it was in Spanish)…

    They can´t do anything while the ID process in still running and that I have to wait the 9 weeks (middle of may) but this is what confused me, they said that I will be contacted later to verify my income, even though I haven´t received any letter but in order for me to get their help I will have to get those documents to proceed…because once the ID verify gets clear, I will have that second issue and it will delay the process even more, but they will save me from that headache if I provide the docs…

    I have doubts(posted that on another thread) because that is what they say to every person that contact them…Income verification…it seems for me that this is their passport to start working with us…I do not even know if this is true…

    This is crazy…I don´t know what to do

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    Looks like me and you are together in this

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    I have the cycle 20191205 too.. Ughhh soo I’m guessing they sent out the notice today that’s why it has today’s date 4/15. Also has $0.00 next to the date on code 971

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    My transcript is identical with a 20191205 cycle

    I received a 45 day review CP05. That’s the 971. Smh. I’m guessing you will either get a 45/60 day review if you haven’t already. :(

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    150- tax return filed 4/08
    806- w2 or 1099 withholding 4/15
    766- credit to your account 4/15
    768- earned income credit 4/15
    570- additional account action pending 4/8
    971- notice issued 4/15

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    Just got my account transcript today. Can anyone tell me what these codes mean please!!! 150,806,766,768,570,971

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    Same here. Filed 1/16
    Id verify 5071c 2/15
    Took them 3 months to tell me to amend my return on april 1st. Due to wages being way off..

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    This is ridiculous.

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    Was waiting the nine weeks as well for ID

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    I got the 45 today

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    I’ve been on the 9 weeks waiting term for my first I’d letter . Now I’m on my 6 week and I got that 4464c letter so that adds an additional 60 days I’m guessing . Ugh

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    What letter you get?

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    @Frances & Ana

    Well tomorrow 4/16 Marks 6 weeks out of the 9 weeks… about 2 weeks ago an irs rep said I’d be receiving a notice on the 8th saying they’re going to need an additional 45 days.. but haven’t received anything. I’m sooooo hoping for some good news soon🤞🙌.. and I checked my WMR This morning and still says “cannot provide any information” tt152 and code 9001

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    Don’t understand the irs received another letter today stating there reviewing more into my return but I have already received my state refund ?

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    Filed back in 03/06/2019, received the ID verification letter over the phone, was unable to do it online because it couldn’t verify my information. Then I called gave them more information then I was finally verified. 04/15/2019 I was charged the state taxes I owed, however Federal Taxes never came like they were suppose to and still says processing on website. I was expecting a Federal Tax return and then I was going to use that to pay my state owed taxes. Love how they say “still processing” however when they are owed money that processes right away. To me it seems like the government is going broke. Going forward I won’t wait for a return and will exempt going forward. If I owe them money that’s fine they will get paid by the deadline. Not waiting for a tax return ever again.

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    @Frances & the other Ana 😉
    Yaya in another thread mentioned that 6 weeks should be a good time to receive something but the new law wherein employers need to turn in wages verification coupled with the shutdown messed up the process 😞 I want to call but afraid that the agent might generate a 45/60 day letter. Sick & tired of this 😡🥺😞

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    To the two Anas on here, I’m in the same boat as the both of you. Im still waiting on my refund as well, filed 1/20 federal and state received 1/28 then got a letter on 3/8 and verified the same day. Called the IRS and was confirmed I passed the verification. I’m going on my 6th week now and still haven’t been able to look at WMR since it shows there’s and error. I asked the irs lady if this was normal she told me that WMR May take longer to update but just wait 9 weeks. So I’m just playing the waiting game hoping that sometime by May 8 I’ll see something. By May 11 if I don’t see anything I was told to give them a call back. I order my transcripts on Friday so now just waiting. I wish everyone good luck and hopefully we will see something soon.

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    Zy Tully

    So, safe to assume no one here verified 4/1 with any sort of update either? Also probably safe to assume as the deadline is tomorrow we likely won’t see any further updates as they are going to be inundated with new ID verifications?

    Efiled 3/2 via turbo tax just like I’ve done past few years.
    Marked accepted 3/2 by state and fed
    One employer I currently have a wage claim against for non-payment of verified wages.
    Only claimed wages and taxes actually received and paid.
    WMR was fine until 3/12ish when it updated to 9001
    Received 5071c on 3/28 & ID verified over phone 3/28
    Attempted to create Transcript account and cannot as no open tradelines ie. student loans, mortgage, credit card, etc.
    Called back 4/1 because I had a feeling I should
    Call back. Sure enough. The gal from 3/28 didn’t actually clear the ID verify process even though she gave me some song and dance about her processing it correctly so I definitely wouldn’t have to wait the 9 weeks. Should see my return within 2 weeks.
    4/14 – Day before filing deadline – no update. No WMR change. No ability to request transcript.

    AND… a lot of you fine people ID verified way before me. I no longer have any hope. Am waiting for my money to purchase inventory for a small business further creating revenue and a few couple of small jobs. But, nope. My window to open this window is closing by the minute so, am pretty bummed.

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    I’m sure hoping and claiming that!! 🙏🙏🙏

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    Tomorrow should be the day that irs says they will process our returns. So we should see our ddd come Friday 🍀
    I don’t want to call it seems they do this random 45 day & 60 day reviews. It feels like when we call & nothing has updated on their system, these agents generate these stupid review letters…ugghhh..

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    F/A 1/14/19
    1/17/19 bars went missing code 9001
    3/22 id verified at local IRS office
    4/12/19 was finally able order transcripts with my new address can’t view them online though was hoping for a update yesterday but still continues to say we cannot provide information about your refund when i check wmr
    Has anyone that does have the 846 code on your transcripts see a update on wmr im praying it just gets deposited without updating on wmr any insight would be helpful i would hate to have to wait to an entire 9 weeks this is ridiculous

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    I tired to order transcripts again and it wont let me cause it hasnt been 2 weeks. they r really getting on my last nerve. im tired of being patient with the irs. we all been waiting long enough GIVE US OUR MONEY MFs

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    Keep me posted please, and I’ll do the same in return.

    This has taken too much of a toll on us January and February filers.

    Enough is enough.

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    It doesn’t make sense, we should be close to our 9 weeks!!! By May 6, we should get ours. We have waited ENOUGH!!!

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    I believe we have the exact or very similar path. I have a 971 on my transcript though which I’m assuming is the 45 day review I’m awaiting.

    My nerves and anxiety just can’t take much more. Lol

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    I verified with 5071c, it authenticated. Then got anott verification letter, agent told me to dismiss it. True enough 1st code matches my code on transcript 😂
    No other letters after 😞🙈🥺

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    Has anyone confirmed a 5071c ID verification and then just say here and waited and/or received a 45 day letter?

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    Hi. I filed my taxes 1-26-2019. Direct deposit and all. Well i waited well into march before calling. They said they sent me a letter to identify my idenity. Well i waited for second letter for two weeks, then called back. Finally I received my letter. Well after i called verified everything around the end of march beginning of april I still havent seen my status change from we can not provide you with any information. 9001 code etc. Is that normal? If almost 4-15!

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    @kyo thank you !

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    It means your return is on hold probably because of the ID verify. That’s why they say it takes up to 9 weeks.

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    Anyone know what the 570 code means is that a bad thing ? Should I be worried it’ll take longer for my refund

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    05 cycles update only on Saturday on WMR.

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    My cycle is 20191205.. waiting on my other transcripts to see my codes.. anyone has the same cycle as me?? What day does our wmr update?

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    Transcripts finally updated but I have a 570 code on it and cycle code of 20191505

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    Checked transcripts this morning
    F\A 2/4
    Bars Missing: 2/9
    Called 2/26: told I needed to Id verify
    ID Verify: 3/4
    Transcripts Updated from NA: 3/29
    Transcripts Updated to 570: 4/5

    I’ve got no 971 code and all of my dates say 4/15 including next to the 570 code. I’ve gotten no letters and I haven’t spoken to them since I verified. I don’t qualify for a TA I don’t have any form of hardship that I can prove. I use my tax return to pay for summer camp. I’m trying to be patient but I don’t know what to do.

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    im going to order my transcripts again saturday hopefully something good

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    @Ana thanks. i was hoping it would mean thats when theyd be done with it…so much for my wishful hoping

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    Filed 1-28-19
    Two days later had one bar on WMR
    2-14-19 bar disappeared call its message
    Call irs we sent a letter on 3-7-19
    Verify 3-11-19 informed wait 9 weeks
    As of today 4-10-19 no WMR update or progress
    Here is my conclusion the government is using our money for something. Let’s say there are still 50 million people waiting for on average $3,000 refund. That’s over $1billion tax dollars they are collecting interest on and lending and borrowing basically there are playing monopoly with our money.

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    @Mel meaning they are still processing your refund. I heard if you’re date is moving forward you should still be good if it’s past that date and nothing else updates on your transcript then something is missing or needs verification 😞

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    @Jill is the update for dailies and weeklies as well

    #4323200 Reply


    @nay well I flagged myself cause I’m locked out for tonight

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    I was advised not to continue to check the secure website too frequently and not too call the irs everyday as you can and will get flagged which will delay your refund even longer smh

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    what does the 806, 766, 768 all dated for 4-15 mean?

    #4323092 Reply


    570 means they are still “reviewing” your refund 😞 I stopped calling irs, it seems when people call they keep adding days 😡😓🥺

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    I haven’t received the 4464c. Was told I’ll be receiving a CP05 dated 4/15.

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    my transcripts are dated 3-27. i received letter 4464c this past Saturday dated for 4-2. did you receive this letter?

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    I’m exact same except 971 notice issued 4/15 after 570

    #4323074 Reply


    processing date 4-8
    cycle 20191205

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    what does all this mean? PLEASE HELP
    i have codes
    150 tax return filed 4-8
    806 w-2 or 1099 withholding 4-15
    766 credit to your account 4-15
    768 earned income credit 4-15
    570 addl acct action pending 4-8

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    I still have the tax topic 152 and cannot provide any information about your refund smh :/

    #4323040 Reply



    Nothing…. still has the message Tax topic 152 I’m dont looking and hoping when it comes it comes

    #4323031 Reply


    @Jerrie wow I just got a letter asking the same ish basically here in Oklahoma smdh. I wonder if state and fed work together in the same process

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    So to prove my identity they want W2, copy of drivers license and last pay stub.
    I have everything but last pay stub. I always shred everything and the W2 should
    have all or more info than the pay stub.
    I have reached out to my former employer who is going to try to retrieve it on his end
    but it doesn’t look good because he is in his 80’s and not computer savvy.
    I told the tax guy over the phone the situation and he said to send what I have.
    Have any of you encountered this problem? He said once they receive what I do have
    it could take an additional 8 weeks!! (Even with a pay stub).
    This is for a California state tax return. Thanks for any input.

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    Have you checked the offset hotline? I know many people who have been waiting ended up finding out that their refunds were taken for offset. Now this is not necessarily the case but it might be worth checking out. Also, depending in who you filed with, they might also send your money to their account and cut you a check. FYI calling the irs usually just delays things further and you’ll get a different answer everytime you call, just based on my past experiences. Good Luck!! I hope you have a DDD in the morning!

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    Marty B

    I had this fiasco last year. I filed late January and didn’t get my refund until mid October. I wish you all luck!!

    #4323012 Reply


    I filed February 18
    Verified March 18
    Nothing has changed and when I call they tell me wait 9 weeks. What do I look for or who to call to get more information because this is ridiculous

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    Irs sucks, the people are rude , filed 1-15-29. Was accepted with the reference number so Feb 27th 2019 I had to verify my identity again as I did in 2018, in 24 hrs I checked on wmr it showed being processed this year its not showing anything. Have called 4 times and everyone has gave me a different answer I have copys and the accepted number but seem like. No one knows where my paper work is here it is april and nothing , they sure don’t wast anytime getting our money weekly and I be Damn if im paying for the wall to be built with my return I like real Mexican food too good for that so hey irs Get off your tails and get our money too the ones you took it from

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    So we’ll see if we get a change on Saturday huh.. I’m so frustrated 😟😟

    #4323000 Reply


    Yup, ending in 05 is weekly, we only see updates on WMR on Saturday.

    #4322997 Reply


    I’m 20191205 too… I think we are weekly Thursdays I think..not sure

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