ID Verify – 4883C VS 5071C

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    For those of you who had to ID verify, which one of you had the 4883C and who had the 5071C? I would like to know the difference between the two and if the questions are different.

    I have the 4883C and tried calling to verify, but the lines are currently down.

    Would any of you mind informing me what questions they ask so I can be prepared? I have a seizure disorder and cannot drive to a physical location to do this, so I want to make sure I get it right the first time, lol. Thanks!

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    Marty B

    I got the 4883c letter on 5/1 I verified on 5/7 and my WMR is “still processing”. Are any of you still waiting or has it taken the full 9 weeks?

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    Hope this helps someone not have to waste their day like I just did. If you are a former homemaker or someone who has not worked in a long time who is returning to work after 7+ years, ask them to verify some way other than previous tax returns if you don’t have them readily available. Wish I’d known to do this BEFORE I called the first time and the girl flagged me as needing an appointment (the death kiss as far as the easy way goes). I told the girl 4 times that I had not worked since 04 and rather than look for other questions to ask me to verify identity (name of college attending or attended, etc.), she simply took the easy way out and flagged it as needing an appointment. Since the appointment line erred out before confirming my appointment, I went through the process again and the girl completely had me verified BEFORE she noticed that I’d already called and gotten referred out to the appointment que which evidently can not be pulled back after you’ve been flagged. So now I get to give up 4 hours of my day to drive 50 minutes into town, go through a security screening (approx. 45 minutes according to girl on the phone), wait for my +/-15 minute appointment window for my 1 hour long appointment, and then drive 50 minutes home. I can understand needing to verify identity, but don’t penalize the stay at home moms with a waste of their time when they do return to work. Typical IRS!

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    Filed my return on 3/6, lost my bars around 3/15. Called IRS, they told me a letter was sent, on the 14th day the letter arrived. Called on 4/3 answered all of the question, pretty painless, was put on hold then told that my return was released for payment and it can take up to 9 weeks. All this I knew from research, the only thing is that wmr is not showing my bars. I read that the bars come back after the verification. It has only been a couple days, but shouldn’t I see something? I really just want to make sure there are no issues and should I call the IRS back to verify that the agent did her job correctly. All of that to ask, has anyone got their refund when wmr is still showing processing or how long does it take to update?

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    I did file March 6, then I got accepted same day or may be one day later,
    on March 27 I got a letter from IRS , 21 days exactly. They are asking me to call a number to verify some information.
    It was a quite disturbing procedures, I have been filing for more than 10 years, this is the first time I got such notice. I get worry if I did something wrong in my tax return, Did I make any mistakes,
    It is a quite stressing especially that they don’t give any info., Even after I called them and answering their questions, they don’t tell me if my answers are correct or not.
    I think the government is fighting ID Theft by making people in need for refund – , making their life harder.
    Another issue, from the previous comments here, There is no any guarantee that after I did this step that my refund will release, I just have to wait and wait….then wait and wait, I might get paid , or I might get another notice. or I might need to call again.
    Very confusing step. So sad ……

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    I’ll tell my story and help the ones who are waiting. I filed 2/19/18 received my letter on Saturday 3/17/18 I called Monday 3/20/18 and confirmed my identity and the guy said I past and wait the 9 weeks. Well on Friday 3/23/18 I got another letter and it said I didn’t pass the I’d verification that I had to do it again. I called and was on hold for 30 mins and reverified my identity. The guy I spoke with was very nice and he told me at the end that I did past the first time but the person never finished what he was suppose to do. He told me to give it till next Friday and wmr should update and give me a ddd. I just woke up this morning and my bars came back and said my refund approved and my ddd is 3/28/18. So it doesn’t take 9 weeks it only takes about 2 weeks

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    @ Steph1 how long after you called and verified did it take to get a DDD? i just called to verifiy and im curious

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    I filed on Feb16th and received a letter 4883C called on March 9th—still waiting for refund— and clocks ticking- slowly everyday—still being processed—

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    Well at least you have seen some results. Unfortunately I have not receive any update or any deposit. Called the IRS back and the rep told me to wait the 9 weeks.

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    There are 2 different Steph’s here so I’ll put a 1 next to mine. I have a DDD of 3/21 and no for some it’s not taking 9 weeks. For others who have been waiting I would call to see what’s going on. It could be the rep didn’t submit it, it could an additional review or so forth but I would call if it’s been more than 2 weeks.
    Also it’s okay if you’ve gotten a second letter. I got one too after I verified and I was told to disregard it and that it was a duplicate.

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    OMG are you kidding me! That is ridiculous! Maybe it’s a mistake. Have you checked where’s my refund?

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    I just received another 4883C letter. you have got to be f$%#&* joking. i’m getting evicted. awesome.

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    Thxs so it not taking the 9 wks

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    Filed 2/4
    lost bars on the 21st (STILL BEING PROCESSED) message on WMR
    called on 22nd was told to wait to receive a letter
    Received 4483c verification letter 3/8
    I verified 3/8
    today I’m still being processed
    Any Suggestions ???

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    I verified 3/9 and I have a DDD of 3/21. Good Luck Everybody!!!

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    So I filed 2-10 had bn checkn WMR all was normal till my bars disappeared. So I checkd my acct trans online n as I would get a letter mailed 3-19. Letter 4883c which I got 3-10, called n verified 3-12 n passed but was told it would take 9wks. Is this true? Has anyone received there refund?

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    @Cheena I verified on 3/9 and I receiced my money in my bank account yesterday. WMR updated this morning though.

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    I got my 4883C letter on 3/7 called the same day and passed verification. I was told it would take 9 weeks to process.
    Has any one known them to send the deposit sooner? still no updates in wmr

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    Anybody get any updates today?

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    Can I get my 2017 copy of tax return even if it hasn’t been processed yet. The computer had all my stuff on it. There is no transcript yet. I’m trying to find a way to get my return I just filed. I know it is $50 to get it from irs but not sure if it is on file yet.

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    You may have to go into a local office and verify your identity. I’m so sorry this happened to you.

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    I believe it was 22, 66, 67 and 75 on mine. It may be different for everyone though. I also had to give my direct deposit information.

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    I got the letter 4883c the person who filed my taxes did not send me the 2017 return before her computer crashed and now I have no copy of it. I need to call and verify my identity. Does anyone know what lines they ask to verify on the 2017 return

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    One of clients got her 4883c letter on Feb 28th, called verified her information and a week later her DDD was for March 7, 2018 and she has since received her refund. I had to do the same thing. They asked a few questions about last year and this year, verified my DD information and about my parents and place of birth and that was all I needed to pass. Hopefully I will hear something soon. Good luck everyone!

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    So I had to verify my identity. It was relatively painless. I was told in the letter to have the current tax return and W2, prior year tax return and W2 and the letter they sent available when I called. My letter was a 4883C.

    I held about 3-4 minutes before someone answered. The entire call was 13 minutes.

    The gentleman asked me to verify my basic info plus mother’s maiden name. Then he asked for me to read what I had on about 3 different lines of the 2017 return. He didn’t ask for any information off of the 2016 return that I told him I had when he asked which prior year return I had. He then asked how I filed (electronically) and if I expected a paper check or direct deposit. I also had to give him my routing and account number. After this he placed me on about a 2-3 minute hold to “look over my return” and then said he was sending the return through for processing and it could take up to 9 weeks but as early as a week or two.

    So it could be next week and it could be in June. Either way, I’m glad to know something!

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    Has anyone had to go in to verify their ID?

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    I got the 4883C letter called to verify around Feb 13. She asked a range of questions from my children’s names and ssn to how much was my last year’s refund to verifying old addresses. Ultimately she said I passed and they will be releasing my refund and I should receive it no later than April 1. No refund and no updates on WMR.

    Staying hopeful!!

    Hope this helps,

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    @trussell I’m in the same boat as you. Other people in my home have gotten letters for different things in a matter of days. I’m just literally waiting for this letter so I can get my money back. I didn’t get the first one. The second one supposedly was as mailed again 2/27 like seriously nothing yet. It doesn’t take 14 days for mail to circulate. I don’t know what to do.

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    Candi,How long did it take you to receive your letter after they say it was mailed out I filed 2/3 accepted 2/4 lost my bar 2/15 I called & they told me a letter was mailed out on 2/12 and to allow 14 days to receive it, needless to say I never receive the letter. I called back 2/26 and spoke to another representative they Informed me that I was waiting to receive a 4883c letter and to allow another 14 days to receive a letter and today is 3/6 I really feel like I’m getting the run around

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    Has anyone recived a refund from the 4883C letter yet

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    I had to ID verify with a 4883c letter last Friday has anyone received their refund before the 9 weeks after id verification

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    Filed and accepted 1/26
    Both credits
    Bars disappeared. No updates.

    Received the 4883C letter on 2/20. Called them, and after an hour wait I was told I have to go to local office to verify. It’s 2 hours away, so I’ll be mailing all my info to them.

    Fingers crossed for a fast turn around time!

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    George Temple

    Thanks for the answers guys. It looks like I have the same issue of the increase in refund amount from the usual average refund I had received in the past. Candy, you were lucky to get an experienced agent who was able to give you advice on a realistic ddd expectation time. I was accepted on January 23rd but had an agent tell me today that the 21 day wait for info after e filing started on January 29th, the day the IRS started processing returns, which is totally incorrect. Please update when you get your ddd.

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    He told me he made inserted info and just waiting for ddd that the id verifying was all i needed 9 weeks was standard message to get ouht afterwards but he said more like 2 weeks to get dd not 9 they I’d verified me because of amount of refund I had he said I guess because it was larger than the previous ones

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    Thanks you two!

    Did they tell you how long it would be before you’re back in real processing to receive a DDD?

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    4883c letter they asked info from 2016 tax return 2017 tax return and parents name and address and expected
    refund amount for this year

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    I got the 4883c sat verifies today they ask questions on your Two last returns

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