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    Can anyone explain how long their refund took, once this process was verified and the year you had to complete it?

    Thanks so much.

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      Filed 2/2/22
      Accepted 2/2/22
      My Bars disappeared 2/14/22 and I got the “still being processed message. I Verified my ID on 2/21/22. On 3/4/22 the “still being processed” message went away around 6 in the morning and I just had the “we are processing your return”. Transcripts top two updated. Today 2/5/22 bars are back, DDD 3/9/22


        Filed 1/25
        Accepted an hour later
        Status changed from recievd return to it is still being processed on 2/15
        Received ID verify letter on 3/3
        Verified same day via online
        My fiance received a DDD for 3/9 this morning and he’s filing our 3 year old which he’s been doing for 3 years obviously and our daughter is 8 and I been filing her since she was born but still can’t figure out why I got chosen for IDV.
        No update on transcripts, Now it’s just a waiting game for me….


          Updates anyone?


            I verified on the 18th, still waiting. I’m also a weekly so I have to most likely wait until Friday. Send manifesting thoughts my way. :D


              ID verified 2/14, WMR updated today, DDD 3/2


                @Traci, same and my as if date changed again to 3/14 but I have my refund amount but it has 4/15 next to it but no DDD.


                  How do you ID Verify.


                    Thanks @Meagan


                      It took 2 weeks to get ddd after completing id verification for me


                        Its been one week for me since I verified. Hopefully I’ll have the same news as you folks soon. I’m so happy for yall, truly am! My time is coming.


                          Filed 1/24
                          Accepted 1/25
                          Had one bar until 2/7
                          Received letter in the mail on 2/14 ( ID Verify )
                          2/25 transcript updated with DD for 3/2 🙌🏽
                          So almost two weeks after I Verified my ID
                          I received a DD.


                            I ID verified on 2/14, today I have all transcripts but no DDD yet. WMR has updated from still being processed to Being processed.


                              Look at it like filing cabinet (computer or manual), if on top, you’ll process soonest, if return happened to land on bottom, it’ll be a longer process. Unless the return at top is more complicated requiring additional information/ time, it’ll be pushed to side or even bottom of pile. In reality, every case is different, handled by a different person. Some Id over phone, refund released to arrive on given ddd, some unfortunately wait all yr, and an unfortunate few haven’t received 2019.

                            Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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