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    Can anyone explain how long their refund took, once this process was verified and the year you had to complete it?

    Thanks so much.

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    Filed 2/2/22
    Accepted 2/2/22
    My Bars disappeared 2/14/22 and I got the “still being processed message. I Verified my ID on 2/21/22. On 3/4/22 the “still being processed” message went away around 6 in the morning and I just had the “we are processing your return”. Transcripts top two updated. Today 2/5/22 bars are back, DDD 3/9/22

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    Filed 1/25
    Accepted an hour later
    Status changed from recievd return to it is still being processed on 2/15
    Received ID verify letter on 3/3
    Verified same day via online
    My fiance received a DDD for 3/9 this morning and he’s filing our 3 year old which he’s been doing for 3 years obviously and our daughter is 8 and I been filing her since she was born but still can’t figure out why I got chosen for IDV.
    No update on transcripts, Now it’s just a waiting game for me….

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    Updates anyone?

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    I verified on the 18th, still waiting. I’m also a weekly so I have to most likely wait until Friday. Send manifesting thoughts my way. :D

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    ID verified 2/14, WMR updated today, DDD 3/2

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    @Traci, same and my as if date changed again to 3/14 but I have my refund amount but it has 4/15 next to it but no DDD.

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    How do you ID Verify.

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    Thanks @Meagan

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    It took 2 weeks to get ddd after completing id verification for me

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    Its been one week for me since I verified. Hopefully I’ll have the same news as you folks soon. I’m so happy for yall, truly am! My time is coming.

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    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/25
    Had one bar until 2/7
    Received letter in the mail on 2/14 ( ID Verify )
    2/25 transcript updated with DD for 3/2 🙌🏽
    So almost two weeks after I Verified my ID
    I received a DD.

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    I ID verified on 2/14, today I have all transcripts but no DDD yet. WMR has updated from still being processed to Being processed.

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    Look at it like filing cabinet (computer or manual), if on top, you’ll process soonest, if return happened to land on bottom, it’ll be a longer process. Unless the return at top is more complicated requiring additional information/ time, it’ll be pushed to side or even bottom of pile. In reality, every case is different, handled by a different person. Some Id over phone, refund released to arrive on given ddd, some unfortunately wait all yr, and an unfortunate few haven’t received 2019.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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