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      I was accepted 2/13 got a letter to call in and verify, so I did. She said 9 weeks max but most people see movement within 2 weeks. I’m at almost 3 weeks (verified 2/27). Bottom 2 transcripts say 2022 no return filed and top 2 say N/A and WMR says still processing. I’m frustrated. IRS says they can’t help until the 9 weeks are up!!

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          What are the questions asked during verification. I am yet to call, having hearing problem lately. I am hoping to get well soon

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            After calling back and fixing things TWO DAYS AGO, I updated today! Ddd 3/29! If your still waiting after verifying call back and make sure it was done correctly!

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              So I called back yesterday because I was still waiting and hadn’t seen any movement. The lady that I spoke with told me that the person I verified with did not finish the verification process and put me back into circulation so that I could Be processed and get my refund back. She finished the process for me and then told me that my 9 week time frame restarted yesterday. So annoyed!!!

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                Yepp. I feel y’all pain.
                I filed 1/23. Accepted same day.
                Didn’t even see the notice in the mail until 2/9. . Verified. Then called back 2/23, and the rep said I didn’t verify. Like what?!? Re-Verified 2/23. Finally transcript updated 03/03 with 846 code for 3/10. WMR updated that Saturday stated that a check will be mailed out by the 10th.
                …. still waiting

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                  Verified on 3/6, got movement that week on my transcripts, updated on Saturday with a mail check date 3/17. i have had direct deposit every year so i dont know why they are mailing a check but….. I am waiting.

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                    Filed 2/2
                    Accepted same day
                    Letter 3/6 verified same day
                    Transcript bottom 2 2022 top To N/A
                    WMR still processing

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                      Filed 2/14
                      Accepted 2/14
                      Still waiting
                      Letter 3/11
                      Verified 3/12
                      Called 3/14 and everything looks good idk

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                        Same boat!!!

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