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I spoke to a human!

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    TLDR; IRS is taking up to two more weeks as I was “selected for verification” and it’s holding up my disability reconciliation of backpay, and everything else…. Number I used is at bottom of post

    Filed and accepted 3/19. The rest should be in sig or notes or whatever. My main issue is, because my husband has worked more than not, and I was approved for disability in Dec, (5 years of Appeals and waiting) i got a small backpay check, but they owe me a ton more, but they need the last 6 years of tax returns to determine our SSI payment from here out, or if we don’t qualify based on his past income. (just the backpay part), my disability account, is half updated, but I filed so long ago, it’s manual and only half updated to digital (my file is more than 5,000 pages). The SSA needed my return transcript for this year, and the non-filer thing upset them very much, so I called.
    Mr. Sinclair spoke to me, he didn’t chase me off of his line (I used one of the odd numbers to not get cut off-spent and hour alone to get on hold for 2 hours, and the hold timer told me 15 to 26 min wait). He took about 9 minutes to tell me, I was pulled for complete verification, of my submitted info, dependents and income and all. He said that’s usually taking 10 days. So… Idk. The one person I spoke to at 7 weeks, said my return was fine they were just behind.. Today he tells me I’m being completely verified and it usually takes about 10 days. Smh. I am totally going to lose it I have $751 a month rn, for 5 people, because I got the small backpay payment, all assistance except medical was cut off for 3 months, even though I used that money in less than 10 days to pay 4 months of rent, utilities, bills, and buy a car, because being stranded and unable to go to the store was bad. But I was expecting refund or my backpay by now, to pay the sales tax on my car, pay a court fine, car registration, and my husband hit a possum, so even tho the car is illegal, if I hop 1 mile over to VA I would be okay as they are still in emergency, but the possum busted an oil line, so I’m back to being absolutely screwed. Sorry so long. I needed to vent. So crossing fingers I get something moving with this call. I used the number ending in 7451.


    Hope my journey helps someone.

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    I couldn’t figure out how to tag you on another post. I literally posted this specifically for you and anyone else trying to talk to a human. But no. It was the first one I tried in 3 hours that didn’t have an extension and didn’t throw me in the automated system.

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    Do you have a extension?

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