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I received a 1121 code… What does it mean?

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    What does code 1121 mean?

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    Jeanette Maria Garcia

    I had it going to my bank account but I had my last name as bolanos and my last name is Garcia it was approved but rejected by my bank I since fixed it but nothing let’s me in

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    I had a ddd of May 15th and never received it so I reached out to my tax preparer and they stated they had the money but never submitted the bank app so it was to be rejected and sent back to the irs. Irs stated that the process takes up to 3 weeks to get the money and two weeks to issue the paper check. Up until today my wmr has always said the original ddd and all that other jazz but today it has the 1121 code. They have already issued the money on the 15th so I don’t think there should be a need for review. I think this is just an error because they probably just got the money back in there system. I’ll update on Wednesday.

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    Ok so my ddd was for May 5th 2019 then changed to May 1th. I check my bank to see if the money was there on the 3rd, no money. I went and check the wmr site and gave me the code 1121 I called irs and they told me they mailed me a letter so fine let’s wait more. A few days ago I checked wmr and gave me a ddd of May 20th no letter received I said ok cool I won’t get my hopes up. May 15th my money was in the bank. I think this 1121 code is an error on irs. Good luck to all

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    I filed on 3/26/19. Accepted on 3/27/19. Got a DDD of 4/17/19 but never received it. So I called on the deposit by date of 4/22/19 because I checked WMR on 4/19/19 and got “Action Required” IRS reference code 1121. So I called on 4/22/19 and was told that my taxes were under review and to wait for 45 days from 4/29/19 and if I didn’t get a letter or my refund from the IRS to call them back to find out what was going on. So now I just wait until either I get a letter, my refund or 6/13/19 which ever comes first.

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    has anyone gotten any updates ?

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    Daryl g

    Need to know what this 1121 delay means I know my dd was sent back and I now have to wait for a paper check any one know how long the delay will typically last

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    Twanna snow

    Me & my husband split the refunds from his account & mines. Our refund date was 2/27 he has his. But the bamk rejected mines & now I have a 1121 code? What does that mean?

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    Me and my husband split our refund half in his account other half in mine needless to say my bank rejected my half but he received his… Now theirs a reference number 1121 on WMR can anybody help me? Again he has the other half

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    I received the 1121 code called and verified online. Was told b here April 23 2016 And it was not. Called back was told be here may 9 and still isn’t here wtf else is there to be done. I don’t understand. Need my money to pay for my son’s surgery.

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    Amber Nichols

    We had our return stolen this year, and did not find until we tried to efile. So we went though the process of mailing it in with all the info, 2 forms of ID etc. We sent it Feb. 10th. It said sent on April 6th to our bank and then today I checked the where’s my refund site and it gave code 1121. I called and they said it needed further review and to give them another 60 days. I seriously want to cry. How much more teview. We sent all the forms, our return forms of id. I’m sick at my stomach about this.

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    I received reference code 1121 after I had been told by wmr(wheres my refund) that it would be deposited on 02/10/16. Then I called they told me to wait it was under review. ON 03/09/2016 I received a letter telling me to verify my identity I did this online at the website provided by the IRS. ON 03/30/2016 came i was concerned seeing no update on WMR i called and the rep said there was nothing showing I verified online. So on 03/30/2016 i verified over the phone with the rep she told m e to allow 9 weeks to process from this date! As of Saturday 04/09/2016 WMR shows my return processing again. Hopefully this will help with a timeline, and if you havent heard anything after having to verify online or over the phone call them to verify you have been verified. Fingers are crossed!!

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    Filed March 14th, got a refund date March 30. March 30th came and went and today April 3, I look and I have the 1121 code. So instead of calling back tomorrow to see where my refund is, Ill be callimg and mentioning this error code. So over this. Its absolutley ridiculous. – e.

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    I filed on 2/26 and finally got a 5071C letter regarding my error code 1121 which requested ID verification. Now I get to wait up to another six weeks for my refund.

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    kay renfroe

    Refund was dated 2/9/16, received a 1121 code called and told IRS would connect me. Recievrd a letter 2 weeks later because of fraud problem. Went online answered a few questions and its March 20 and still no nothing.

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    I filed March and was accepted Feb 26. I received my state but my federal is saying 1121 and their Will be a delay after receiving a dd 3/18. The rep told me now I have to wait an additional 60 days because it’s under review. What’s being reviewed and why can’t nobody give me info about what’s going on. 60 days is ridiculous to not know if I’m missing anything or if I’m being audited. I worked part time and did daycare part time this is a big headache

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    I’m in the same boat…filed 1/7, accepted, approved, three bars, DDD of 2/18, and on 2/20 I got a 1121 code. I don’t know WTF is going on, but I took my kids to the dentist on 2/19 because I called the IRS and the guy told me it was deposited, even gave me an account number that it was deposited to! So I felt certain it was good to go, so I just about emptied my checking account taking all three of my kids to the dentist. Now I’m screwed….five days left to payday and I have $52 in checking, an eighth of a tank of gas, as well as all of my paycheck will be right back out the door to bills. I absolutely can’t stand making financial commitments that I may not be able to honor because the federal government lied to me. Really, really frustrated.

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    Need my$$$

    Have you gotten an update on your return? I just got the same code and now im worried

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    Curious? Have you received you refund yet. Well i have the same code. What i dont understand is…. I can see it needing further review after seeing the approved bar. But how does it need further review after getting the Sent (3bars) what? Did they send the funds and all of a sudden change their minds. Its very sad that the IRS cant be 100 with these taxpayers. Oh but when we owe they stay ready to explain. This is ridiculous.

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    matthew c., ea

    The IRS uses numerous codes in the where’s my refund system to alert staff of certain issues the taxpayer needs to call in. Sometimes the code is easily explained and the IRS is happy to sharw information. Sometimes they are not. Every year code 1121 pops up and we later find out a reason and every year, the reason is different. If i had to guess, these folks have health coverage but have not yet received a 1095. The IRS would not want to admit this because they messed up big time and were unable to finalize the form until Feb 9, more than a week after they started processing returns and just shy of three weeks after opening filing season, for which they bragged about it being the earliest yet.

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    Suffering from WMR Depression

    I hope this information helps.

    Early February 1121 Information

    A very small percentage of taxpayers may see an 1121 reference number if they check “Where’s My Refund?” after they initially were provided a projected refund date by the tool. The IRS is aware of this situation, and emphasizes that the small group of taxpayers who see this reference number should continue checking Where’s My Refund for an update. If we need more information to process their return, we will contact them — usually by mail.

    The IRS began processing returns on Jan. 31, and we’ve already issued millions of refunds. The IRS works hard to issue refunds as quickly as possible, but as part of our effort to prevent improper payments some tax returns take longer to process than others for many reasons, such as when a return includes errors, is incomplete, or needs further review. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

    Q: What should taxpayers do if they receive an 1121 reference number when they check Where’s My Refund?

    A: The best advice for all taxpayers is to continue checking Where’s My Refund for a refund date. If we need more information to process their return, we will contact them — usually by mail. The web and phone tools are updated just once a day so there is no need to check more often. Our phone and walk-in representatives can only research the status of a refund if it’s been 21 days or more since the return was filed electronically, more than 6 weeks since a paper return was mailed, or if Where’s My Refund? directs a taxpayer to contact us as in the case of those who see the 1121 reference number.

    Q: I read in social media that a reference number 1121 means I’m being audited. Is that true?

    A: No, this code is simply a reference number that our telephone representatives use to help them research your account. It does not mean the taxpayer is being audited. If the IRS needs more information to process the return, we will contact the taxpayer — usually by mail.

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    And still hv not received a letter

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