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I got an update from the IRS but it’s that I am being audited.

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    So I filled taxes at the beginning of February for 2019.

    For my employment for 2019 I was making $15 then $17 and hour. I am a single father who me and my ex switch off on claiming our kids on our taxes. We have 3 kids she claims 1 child I claim the 2nd child and we roatate the 3rd child every year for the past 4 years. I have the IRS take out the max on taxes on my paycheck so I never owe and I always get a tax refund if I claim a child or two or if for what ever reason I dont claim any of our children I still get a refund of some amount.

    Anyway I called the IRS after 60 days and another 60s days. Today I was notified that my tax return is being sent to the examination department and a letter was sent out on September 5th. The agent said they dont know what the letter says because they can not see it they just know one was sent out.

    So after googling this department it seems like it’s for audits. Well let’s see I have my w2s, irs takes out the max in taxes, I claim 2 of 3 kids for 2019 while ex claimed 1 I have all their medical records and schools records that show my address for the year of 2019, I did claim child care but I cant find all the recipes for the child care that I claimed.

    Now that part about the recipes worries me I dont have all of them to equal the amount I put for child care with is 3k for the school year and parts of summer.

    I dont know what’s on this letter or what they are asking for as additional information. I did have a tax guy I have been going to for 4 years so what can I expect? Will I go to jail if I cant provide the recipes to equal the amount in child care? Idk what to do?

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