I got accepted already for early filers.

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    I filed my taxes with TT on 1/7/2016 and got an email from TT today that the IRS accepted my return 1/11/2016 at 3:30 p.m. Now I just pray lol

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    Cycle code 20160505 please explain what this mean please.
    Filed 1/26
    COP05 Notice Dated 2/29



    Finally got a DDD of 04/27/16. So 105 days total, but I’m glad to finally see a DDD!



    I don’t know if anyone is still coming to this forum..just updating in case anyone else is getting irs screwed like me. Am still waiting still no updates. Has been over 3 months since I first filed. Will update when I finally get a DDD or my money.



    So apparently when my review was closed out on 2/3 they closed it out with an old code from a few years ago..in turn making my account “unpostable” or in a “freeze”…soooooo..I got a rep on the phone who saw where the wrong code was punched in, so he’s sending it to another department to get released.. I still have no codes or errors just the irs putting the wrong closing code on my review..geez this is ridiculous


    Otha Blume

    Great Article. blog post ! I am thankful for the points ! Does someone know if I might obtain a sample IRS 8879 copy to complete ?



    Filed 1/22/16 accepted same day
    I’d verify 2/11
    Return transcripts 2/19
    No codes or problems
    After 9 weeks of waiting finally a ddd of 3/30/16
    Will update when it hits my bank account.
    Stressful year over thanks everyone!



    Ok so I just called the irs. I’m posting this on case anyone else is STILL waiting like me.
    I filed 1/13
    Accepted 1/14
    Lost bars and no topic 1/30
    Called to check on status, had to do identity verification 2/4 (was told had to wait 9 weeks)
    So I’ve been stressed and calling at least once a week to check on my taxes they keep saying nothing wrong that I have to wait the full 9 weeks.
    Well a week an a half ago I called and was told that my account was under review since 1/23. That my 9 weeks was actually up today 3/25. So I called back a few minutes ago..I got ahold of a really nice lady who looked at my account to see what’s going on. She said she sees no errors, but that on 2/3 they closed the review. And that everything has been closed and I should recieve my return by the second week of April because that would make 6-8 weeks from 2/3 when they closed my review…
    I tell you what..this is very stressful and crazy. This year has been absolutely wacked. No one should have to wait this long for a return with no errors. I don’t know what’s going on with the irs but they really need to get it together for future years.



    Well today is my 9 week mark and still no updates, no deposit to the bank. I guess I have to get a tax advocate today. Oh, I was told this whole time no tax codes, no reason to hold my taxes up, that everything is fine just gave to wait my 9 weeks…what a joke



    I wonder do the ta call the job. I’m at a point Wea I would make the letter myself if I have to smh. This is just taking way to long. And to not hear nothing is the worst part of it all. The tax season is just about over with and a lot of people still haven’t gotten their money yet it’s sad.



    I hear I filed 1/22/16 still nothing and my tax advocate is a joke. I have no codes at all none no letters nothing this whole time not even a hold code. Nothing wrong with my taxes but still waiting.



    I’m so over this tax year. I jst give up. I’m tired of waiting for my money and still no updates.
    I filed on 1/16
    Accepted 1/19
    Bars gne 2/6
    Order trans w/ new add in 2/12
    Got 570 on trans wit date 2/29/06 0.00
    No letter have been sent out and I Dnt hve a code in my trans to show that one is going out.
    Got a ta that said send in hardship and income verf.
    Contact my job that says their info may not match way through irs has.
    But still have been seeing pple get ddd with the same timeline as me who has done nothing get their money. I mean come on now…how much longer do I have to wait to get my money??? I’m at a point um just gone stop worrying and if it come it come.



    Just need some relieve,I had the 1121 code and take action on my Wmr site and I was under review, now it’s say we have received your return and it is being processed no bar. So it must of updated this morning since the site updates on Saturdays.Is that a good thing will I be getting a ddd soon.



    I have been following since 1/19/16 never posted. I didnt know that this irs bs was worldwide. Im going through this as well. I filed 2/13 id verified 2/23 and is still waiting. Cant order transcripts as of 3/19. Im so stressed i cant eat cant sleep. I have bills that are pass due things getting cut off. I was going to get a ta but from the sound of things their not helpful. At this point ima just give up.



    Filed 1/22/16
    Id verify 2/11/2016
    Return transcripts 2/19/2016
    Tax advocate 3/1/2016 he is useless!
    8 weeks and still waiting!
    Got call from tax advocate 3/18/2016 saying refund is being released but could tax a few more weeks. He will call me in a few weeks with other update. WT…..
    Tax advocate did nothing BC in a few weeks it will be 9 weeks since I did Id verification anyway! Give me a break! And have to go thru this again next year!



    Yes!!!!!!! Accepted 1.19……Id verified 2/17…… Ordered transcript…2.19……. 570 code 3.7.16 next to it finaally woke up to DDD 3.23.16



    So just a updated…. Accepted 1.19 I’d verified 2.17…. Ordered transcripts 2.19…… No update at all just called irs they say just wait 9 weeks…. Really sun ppl got there’s a few days after verified I’m going in a month later grrr o yes I had a 570 on my transcript wit 3.7.16 next to it



    I’m beyond pissed… went into the irs office on the 9th…
    called today to see if theres any update they told me to call the id verify line.
    i did and now they are saying it has not been released they dont know why to make another appointment. that they had to release it after i verified . im so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    @Texasgirl Where you at? Vacation is over!!! LOL



    Also what was the point in having me do an identity verification on 2/4 if they already had me under review..was that an excuse to make me wait so they could play around with my taxes!?



    So I called in to see if they can see any projected DDD, or tell me anything new..i let her do all the digging and then all the talking..I was told that my account was pulled for review on 1/23, and that my nine week mark was from 1/23, and that 3/25 will make nine weeks..she also said she doesn’t see a DDD yet…um the 25th is very close so shouldn’t they have a DDD in their computer by now.? She said she sees nothing else in the computer just that I need to wait the 9 weeks. This is absolutely crazy. So I guess when the 25th comes and goes then they will have to assign an advocate to my case and I will have to wait even longer?!? This is really got my ticked!



    @Amanda H Well I got lucky and my TA called me on Monday and told me she went over my earnings statement and the IRS rep took me off verification hold and sent my return to be ammended so my TA said it will take approx. 4 weeks to get my refund finally maybe sooner depending on how fast the Ammended return dept takes to make the corrections.
    I am NEVER filing early again. The crazy thing is now I got Turbo Tax constantly emailing me asking for their fee payment which was supposed to be taken out of my refund. I am going to call them today and tell them hey I have to wait so do you bc they are the ones who push you to file early so I am blaming them for this mess as well bc I never file early but this year gave it a shot and got caught in all this mess.


    Tysha Price

    Well my wait has finally come to an end!!! I woke up this morning to a direct deposit!!!! But still no change on WMR! It was literally 2 weeks after I did my id verification!! So guys it’s coming…


    Isabella Marie

    Hi all!
    I can’t believe the tax stress this year! Man o man.
    I filed 1/25 the got a letter a couple of days before March 7 dated March 7. Cp05 letter saying to not take any action. Anyone else received this letter? Thanks. They say it takes 60 days to review but I have heard people say about 3 weeks after the date on the letter you will probably get a DDD, does that sound true?
    Has any one been through this ?
    Thanks so much !



    Here’s my timeline:
    F/A 1/29
    Bars disappeared 2/09
    Got TA 2/11
    Received 12c letter on 3/5 requesting 1095a form I faxed back 3/5
    TA called me on 3/10 said she recv’d 1095a form and would request for case to be expedited.
    Called 1-866-682-7451 ext568 today to get an update and actually got a nice lady who took the time to look into my account and she told me the case was closed out today and I have a “projected” DDD of 3/28…She said it could be earlier but can’t say for sure. I guess my question is does that mean I will get a DDD on that projected date, or is that the time frame for now until then? I am a weekly filer so I’m not quite sure when or if I will see an actual update:(



    Ughhhhh! Got the second set of transcripts & now they added another code! Guess that 570 was getting a little lonely…welcome to the family you 971 notice issued on 3/14 little buddy ;) ;) Lmaooo! Could be a CP05 like he got in 2014 saying he didn’t need to do anything. BUT seeing as how they said they were checking his wages to make sure everything was correct .. It could be a “wage verification” letter… Has anyone gotten one of those bad boys? He left both jobs last year for a much better just ONE job this year. So getting anything from his employer would not only be a nightmare but a complete inconvenience!!! If they just want his two W2s I’ll fax them yesterday haha! Since it says it’s issued “3/14” does that mean it won’t be mailed out until then or he will get it in a day or two? I’ve seen people get their letters and say that they were dated almost a week in advance sometimes. That seems to be the norm actually! This nightmare will not end. Will a TA even take you if you’re in review???? I feel they might be able to see something the IRS does too but just won’t tell him cause they don’t care and know he’ll get a letter weeks from now telling him what to do. Even though they could just tell him ON THE PHONE and be nice enough to give him a head start instead of having to wait for the letter to take action if they do end up needing something! This whole system is flawed. Not the kind of flaws you learn to love (or at least accept ) from your S.O. Either!! Hahah =D This is one of the hardest working men I know (Bragging rights like a mofo!<3) lol .. But really and he’s constantly getting messed with by the IRS even though they’ve never found anything actually wrong! It’s like they are out to get him! Jesus I know so many single moms right now who have made $5,000 last year. ALL YEAR! Worked an entire 3 out of 12 months. BUT is getting almost $12,000 back. Yes… T W E L V E || T H O U S A N D !!! Solely for having 3 kids! Who their mothers watched more than half the time! Ok sorry but THAT is one of the flaws I was speaking on. I believe in helping the single mommies but WTF man .. If I gotta work so I can one day have children of my own and make sure I’m financially stable before I do so than it should be even 10x more of the same reasoning for an actual mother! You work your A$$ off to support your kids! 12k is an unholy amount of money all at once! Let’s be honest that’s all just for having children come out of you!!! I’ve literally debated on getting pregnant JUST to get help for my TUITION AND FAFSA!! I have to pay $500 a month for school. Mothers? Oh no .. Moms GET PAID TO GO TO SCHOOL! That’s right y’all .. They get overpaid in student loans/grants that it goes into an account for them to just use. It’s like up to $3,000 a semester!!! Ugh… It’s so unfair. I’m sorry but it is! And I’m no hater! I love how bada$$ these moms are who literally do everything & then some for their kids! Who’s child support payments actually go to .. THE KIDS!! Not to mommies new outfit & purses! I fully support good moms getting this much money back especially when it’s to spoil their kids … Vacation … Bikes .. Books … A new puppy .. What have you. But sadly I’m pissed because I see only ONE out of TEN moms actually doin that. And also if they’re struggling I fully support you paying off your car or paying rent 3 months in advance and stuff like that. But not for mommy to blow on herself or her boyfriend. I just see a lot of crooked shit going on with these “tax filers”&& that to me is the worst one. Basically USING YOUR CHILDREN. Shit… Their grandmas should claim the kids since that’s who watches them most of the time lol. But FR it’s just a damn shame … We bust our asses honestly at work Monday -Friday and do everything right & get screwed while baby momma already done bought her MK bag & bought her man whatever he wanted. They got the kids gummy bears hahaha. Alright I’m done .. Just had to get it off my chest! But really though if somebody can answer my serious questions I’d really appreciate it!<3333 Wage verification letter or info they want? Anybody else with a 971 with 3/14 next to it on account trans? :( It’s so frustrating I could scream! But I’m gonna cry because it feels so much better lol



    Did anyone else receive a check instead of DD? I was an early filer who finally got approved last week..i filed through turbo tax and was told by the IRS they are mailing me a check instead of DD…I am a bit confused.



    @ Texasgirl or anyone

    I received a letter from the IRS stating that they had adjusted my refund in my favor, I am getting more money now. In the letter it said if you haven’t received your refund of $XXXX.00 then you should receive it within 4-6 weeks. Does that mean I should get a Direct Deposit date any day now? Has anyone else received this letter and shortly after received their refund? When would you expect to receive the refund after receiving this letter. I had to overnight my 1095A form because I had insurance from the marketplace.

    Filed return: 01/06/16

    Accepted by IRS: 01/12/16, or opening day 01/19/16

    Overnighted my 1095A/received by IRS on 02/03/16

    Updated on 02/26/16 from “we are still processing your return and a date will be when available” to “we have received your return and it is processing”

    Received on 03/12/16 letter from IRS dated 03/14/15 Adjusted refund in my favor

    ***No update on WWR since 02/26/16***



    Did you get a TA or have to send in any paperwork in order to get your refund?



    Thnk you. You gave me a little hope because the irs sure not giving any type of information. This tax year has been the worst! On top of that the irs reps are so rude!!! Hopefully I see a ddd soon. I never had to wait this long before.



    Hang in there it’s coming I had the exact same timeline u had and I just got a ddd this Saturday for 3/16/16 so anytime now..and yes my freeze code had no amount beside it either..


    amanda h


    When I took my stuff to the adovate before he could get it to the irs for verificateion I got a ddd, and they did not contact my employer or not yet anyways



    I got a good question for anyone who had to do an income verification letter… Did the IRS contact your employer? My tax advocate told me they might or might not. My employer thinks I screwed something up on my taxes when in fact his accounting people screwed up my W2!! So he thinks if the IRS calls him he is in trouble…smh




    Sorry to hear that you got no update yet. It is coming tho. They can’t hold it forever. I hope you get it soon. Best of luck to you.



    I filed on 1/16
    Accepted 1/19
    Lost bars on 2/6
    Was able to order transcripts on 2/12
    I just don’t understand why it’s taking so long. I got no letters or no codes on wmr. I know the 570 is a freeze code. What I don’t understand is what the date 2-29-2016 mean beside it. Is it the date they removing da freeze or what. The have 0.00 beside it. Has this happen to anybody else and they got their money? This tax season is horrible!!!


    Tysha Price

    So after losing bars on 2/13 an update on WMR saying they have received my refund and they are processing it! I hope this is the end of the road for me!! Did ID verification on 3/1…on 2/13 I was told they were sending a letter out to me…never got that letter!!! Anyone else have that statement on WMR that got a DDD a few days later?!? Please let me know!!!




    Congrats to you and all others who got a DDD today..I still don’t have one. I would go ahead and call the irs again but I know they will give me the same runaround..I only have 3 more weeks til my 9 week wait is up since id verifying..so fk them..they gotta come off it sometime soon lol



    Pot of Gold @ the end of the ——-Where’s my Refund rainbow!
    Hi everyone -I hv flwd the forum for some time seeing how u R assisting one anthr as they ride the waves of WMR? Finally an update worth sharing
    WMR bars disappeared-02/12
    Called 02/13-yes this was when staff was wrking wknds to ID VERIFY
    (no ltr received)
    Called IRS- 02/16 to follow-up on status of ID-verify
    Very nice Rep adv all was good -now back in que ( re-sequencing)
    WMR-bars reappeared 02/27
    Called IRS – 03/01 advocate line just to get more indepth expl. correction on Income now released for approval
    Called IRS-03/03 CSR to see if ltr sent out as no movement on WMR)152 code still
    03/05-Can order transcript ?NO BARS yet 152 remains -“refund date will be …”
    03/08- Called Advocate line (not to request one)but to get a Human being who doesn’t mind answering questions or assisting.He always remained calm and polite to each rep.
    Advocate rep std things hv been corrected allow 6-9 wks but things are moving
    03/12-WMR-DDD 03/18!!!
    My friend always keep the faith,he was polite with each IRS rep btw he used a professional tax preparer the correction was due toHIM not waiting on a settlement 1099-R form from an old emplyer :(–nvr rc’d transcript
    *don’t rush to file wait on ALL of your W2,1099,10-95,etc to file
    *always remain calm w/the IRS Rep they don’t hold a magic wand
    *pray before each call& only call when u are calm and can receive the response whether positive or negative
    *keep calm your refnd or ltr will come soon
    ((((my prayer is GOD please release a refund to each person who is due a rfnd QUICKLY-amen!))))
    @Texasgirl you Lady R amazing,kind,such a sweet spirit as Ive noticed all of the assistance you and others hv provided to the ppl on this forum.God Bless U all



    @FLraiseD same here accepted 1/19…. Did id verify on 2/16 and was able to order transcripts 2/18… When i got the account transcript everything was normal except the 570 with a date of 3.7.2016… An still no update……. I have no idea whats going on and almost afraid to call …..



    So after 2 months, I finally got a DDD for 3/16. Yay. Now we just wait for the deposit. Hopefully all the other early filers get some good news soon if they have not already.



    F/A 2/2
    Lost bars 2/19
    Finally could order both trans 2/22
    But with no DDD we called on the 23rd day and was initially told its was a review and to wait 30-60 days. No letters going out and nothing more they needed from us. Transcripts had 570 code with 3/7 for the date. Called on the 8th to see what they decided and was told that they are just manually looking over his W2 to make sure everything was correct. So basically they didn’t lift the hold but extended the review but this time was told yes it’s a 45 day review (not 30-60 we are originally told) and that still no letters or anything needed and to just wait it out. Was hoping to see the wording change from tax return is STILL being processed to tax return has been received. Cause usually that change follows with a DDD but sure as hell its still the same damn generic message it’s been for weeks now! So frustrating because it would literally take 20 minutes to look over what the info we put down for his return and what his w2 states. It’s complete bs!



    As of this morning we were finally able to order our return transcripts. Maybe that means that we will get an update this weekend. One can only hope. So ready for this nightmare to be over.


    From now on we are going to have someone do our taxes. Paying a little bit is better than waiting 2 months. Today was our 2 months since being accepted.



    code 570 is a freeze code i had the same code on the 3 transcripts i had with no amount next to it but they are still holding my funds hostage. when did you file?



    All we can do is wait i have been waiting i filed 1/14 accepted 1/19 got transcripts for account and refund on 2/5 lost bars and tt got a TA and still waiting hes been telling me for the past 3 weeks that the freeze has been lifted and all i need to wait is for the funds to post. Im really hoping i get some good news this weekend 3/14 makes 2 months since i did my taxes the longest i ever had to wait next year i think ill mail it out instead this is nuts.



    Good morning…
    Does anyone know what code 570 with dat 2-29-2016 with 0.00 beside it mean?




    The frustration is there for sure. But what can we do? I’ll post if I get an update or not as well. Hopefully we do. I’m tired of waiting.




    That’s what the irs tells me too..to wait the 9 weeks from 2/4..I’ve told them that’s crap because I know other People who filed AFTER me and verified AFTER me have gotten theirs..they tell me that “everyone’s taxes are different” wtf ever lol..I think they are playing some kind of games this year..more to the story I’m sure..hopefully we get a DDD for Saturday morning! I’m trying to stay positive because I know ‘eventually’ they have to pay up..just frustrating! I know you are feeling the same frustration. I’ll keep my update on here Saturday morning whether I got a DDD or not.




    I have called the IRS several times. No answers. Just the same BS over and over again. That 6-8 weeks crap that everyone had gotten told. TA is telling me the same thing when I can get a hold of him. This is complete BS. I’m so tired of waiting. We shouldn’t have to wait at all. It’s our money. We work for it and they take it. Then when it comes time to give it back, they don’t want to.




    I’m still waiting also. Filed mine 1/13 accepted 1/14. I had to do identity verify on 2/4. Mine reads “still processing your return”. Have you called the irs? What do they tell you? All they tell me is that nothing is wrong and to wait..lol it’s beyond ridiculous how long Tax payers are having to wait this year!



    So, Are there any early filers still waiting? I files thru TT on 1/7 accepted 1/11. They didn’t start processing until 1/19. Bars and tax topic gone end of Jan with “Your return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” Now as of 3/10 mine still says the same, but my husbands says “We received your return and it is being processed.” Anyone know anything about it? Is that good? Does it mean nothing? We have had a TA since 2/16 and he has been very little help. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.



    @kerri Thank God it’s finally over for u I’m still waiting but I know it won’t be long my TA said I should have news hopefully this weekend..

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