I can't help but hope I'll get my return soon despite PATH.

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    I know I am not the only one, right? I find myself trying kind of hard to not have that irrational hope that maybe, somehow, I’ll get my refund sooner, despite PATH! Or not exhausting however many views I am allowed per day on WMR. It’s kind of funny though. I KNOW that WMR doesn’t update throughout the day. I KNOW that it updates once a night. But I still check entirely too often. It also sucks to be the definition of “patient” all year and then…..BAM, I get my W2. It’s like a switch that goes on and I suddenly have zero patience and turn into an addict that needs to constantly check these forums, WMR, my bank account, my TT account and the calendar! Maybe I’m the only one that does all that…hehe.

    It’s always fun though. Mostly. I read most of the posts in this part of the forum. I see a lot of people looking for information, looking for other people who share similar tax situations, sharing their experiences with a random IRS code and other similar people/posts. I also see a lot of people who want to give others hope, since they know we could use it! Sure, there have been quite a few people who have said that they received their refund already despite having claimed EITC, ACTC or both. Maybe they really thought they claimed those credits when they actually didn’t. Or maybe the post how their mom, sister, best friend, neighbors dog got theirs despite having the credits too! Again, maybe they didn’t actually have the credits or maybe they knew they didn’t have the credits and lied to them. Who knows?
    What I do know, or believe anyway, is that when I read posts like I just mentioned, I never once thought the person was just trolling us. They all seemed rather genuine. They seemed super happy! They knew that they were in the same boat as us just minutes before they saw that deposit and they wanted to share their happiness and hope with us.
    Nor did I think people were purposefully spreading lies or misinformation. I DID read posts that contained things I know weren’t accurate but they were honest mistakes.
    I never felt the need to turn into Officer IRS and talk down to them, belittle them, insult them or make accusations. I never felt the need to be rude to some random person on the internet who may or may not have received their refund, or may or may not have had this credit or that, this DDD or that. At most, I’d let them know that they might be mistaken or maybe got some bad info. How am I to know they aren’t telling the truth? And of course I could be wrong. They could all be trolling us. But so what? While yes, I believe some of them, I still take it all with a grain of salt. I don’t suddenly think that since it happened to some random internet person that it will obviously happen to me next. And I doubt most of you guys think that way either. We’re all adults here. Erm, mostly. We’re responsible for what we allow ourselves to believe. Which brings me to another point in this already entirely too long post…

    Be nice, damn! The vast majority of us are only on this forum for such a short time, once a year. Why does there always have to be that one guy, or two, that makes it their personal mission to check every post for something he can reply to with such an ugly attitude? I really don’t understand it. I could understand if they were just making sure people knew about how the IRS and the PATH act (LAW!!!) claim that no one with either EITC, ACTC or both, will get their refund before X date (15th of 27th?). Nothing wrong with that! I’ve caught myself doing it! And even then, my only motive for letting them know is I don’t want them not knowing about PATH and then being really bummed out. They could be counting on that money, like most of us and knowing right away there is a good chance it will come later than they previously thought will allow them to adjust to the new date. My ex-wife always did tell me I was too nice to people. Shrug.
    But no. That’d be too polite. Can’t have that! This person sees a post where someone claims to have their money despite the credits and instantly thinks they must be trolling or too stupid to know they were mistaken about their credits.So he leaves a rude, name-calling reply in the name of “truth” while the actual truth is, the person is just an ass.
    You’re just trying to stop people from purposefully spreading false hope and lies, you say? But in order to do that you have to talk down to them, call them an ass and or make them feel stupid first, right? Blah.

    Whoa. Did I seriously just type all of that? Yikes. Sorry, lol. If you made it this far, high five! I have no idea what has gotten into me tonight!

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    I call it temporary neurotic Tax Syndrome… I feel you. I am patient and save up all year so I am never in a “bind” for the money but from the moment I file I am daily checking on that as if it my infant child. I think for me it is more to make sure it goes smooth and once I get a DDD I feel comfort that the IRS is done with me this year. No additional information needed or hoops to jump through.
    I have this irrational fear that if I don’t keep up with it is when the IRS is going to need something from me and I don’t get a letter (my post office is the worst) then my yearly non interest bearing IRS savings account that I use for treating myself once a year or for essential repairs/ upgrades won’t show up. While there is nothing I can do to progress my return, I research tax trends and assist those I can here to keep my sanity.









    Thank you 🙏🏼 amen!

    It wasn’t too long to read because it was the truth 💁🏽‍♀️



    Where’s My Refund? on IRS.gov and the IRS2Go mobile app remains the best way to check the status of a refund. Where’s My Refund? will be updated with projected deposit dates for most early EITC and ACTC refund filers on February 17. These taxpayers will not see a refund date on Where’s My Refund? ‎or through their software packages until then. The IRS, tax preparers and tax software will not have additional information on refund dates, so these taxpayers should not contact or call them about refunds before the end of February.




    @cricket no worries man. I should have left out the lance stuff, honestly. Most of us who have spent any time on here lately are well aware of what I was talking about.



    @kimikaze I think this is totally on topic. This whole forum is about hope and tax refunds. To be a place where questions are answered, it needs to be a place where people feel comfortable asking questions. Any post that discourages people from being rude and unhelpful seems on point to me.



    Thanks Lance, my thoughts exactly



    dysphunktion: Lets move on from the topic of “Lance.” Any other such posts will be considered off topic and may be moderated. Thank you.



    This has been the most refreshing post I’ve seen here in a long time. You have written what I have been thinking with eloquence and grace.
    Thank you!



    @lance: Just keep scrolling if it’s not something you are interested in reading. There’s no need to troll every topic posted so please just move along.



    I know



    Funny lance, some of that was written with you in mind.



    Too long to read

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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.