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    Accepted 2/11

    No longer N/A

    No DDD yet. Hopefully soon!!

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    My transcripts updated today also. With codes 570 &971 5/3/21.

    So I called and spoke with a rep at the irs. She said that when you have code 570, they’ve put a hold on your refund and it won’t be released until 7 days after the 5/3/21 date. Thought I’d share since I saw a lot of you update with the same codes today

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    Still waiting on refund, transcript magically appeared this morning, no 846. I have 971 05/03 and 570 05/03…. What on earth is going on? Will I ever get my refund????

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    Ok update bars are back deposit date 3/12…. I’m happy

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    Mine shows the same thing, and I am hoping that is true as well. Same codes and everything! Here is hoping!

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    Ugh so frustrating but I don’t myself here every year reading all y’all’s problem which is the same every year ifreak out and it goes through but the year nothing no update no bars no ddd what gives

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    Filed 1/25/2021
    Accepted 2/11/2021
    Bars went away a week ago
    Transcript N/A until today
    Refund date 3/12/2021
    Still no bars

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    Filed 2/10
    Rejected 2 times once because of tt auto fill the other because of tt using agi instead of id verification
    Refined 2/13
    Lost all bars 3/2
    No information 3/5
    Back to being processed at 3/8 after 10 pm ish
    Not sure about 152 and can’t access my transcript because of phone verification.

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    Over it

    Has anyone’s status changed from still being processed without ty to refund information doesn’t match… I’ve been on still being processed for almost three weeks then it updated 3/7 to refund information not available… filed 2/11 accepted 2/12… nothing on transcripts but I called last Monday 3/2 an was told I needed to verify… did that online on Tuesday… I just don’t understand why it’s taking so long an no one can give u the answers u need

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    @frustrated: No; if your refund were on the way, your TC would be 846. As K.G. said, TC 570 means the IRS has put a freeze on your account, pending some resolution. (When that resolution comes, there should be a TC 571 and then 846.

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    @frustrated… does your say Is still being processed or is Being Processed… TC 570 means u have a freeze

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    Hi everyone, same as below

    i checked and my 846 code and i have 2. im thinking those are for the stimlus payments from last year and this year. i currently see it says processing date 03-22-2021 and i have code 570 with date 03-22-21. does this mean i should be expecting my refund on the 22nd of march? my cycle also says 20210905, can anyone explain what this means? any help is appreciated!

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    I’m hoping to see an update on my transcripts overnight. As of date is 1/18 from stimulus. Does that mean that they haven’t looked at my return at all since we filed 2/16?

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    I finally got to see my transcripts and it doesn’t even show a return filed this year. Filed and accepted 2/16. So confused.

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    Confused and Worried

    Hi everyone,

    i checked and my 846 code and i have 2. im thinking those are for the stimlus payments from last year and this year. i currently see it says processing date 03-22-2021 and i have code 570 with date 03-22-21. does this mean i should be expecting my refund on the 22nd of march? my cycle also says 20210905, can anyone explain what this means? any help is appreciated!

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    Did your WMR update?

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    T momma

    @ stelly you probably do have a ddd I thought I didn’t it was 3 pages when I looked at the 3rd page it had all my codes including an 846 code/ddd of 3/11

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    Finally got my transcript but it has a processing date of 3/22/21. Still no DDD, all bars are gone and no tt 152. Should I be worried? Never happened to me before

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    @beebee yes 3/10 is the deposit… once you see the 846 on transcript!!! Yay

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    The thing I love about this forum is I realize it’s not just me getting EFFED over by the IRS. We are all in this together. It’s easy to feel like the IRS is only doing this only to you while everyone gets their huge refunds. Nope, it’s most of us LOL

    Accepted 2/17
    One bar and TT152

    We shall see. Watch, I’ll get the 60 day hold letter FML

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    Erica Kane

    Did you claim the stimulus payment then get it after you filed?

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    Whoever said it, looks like 766 is an offset, so that’s probably what’s holding yours up.

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    My cycle code ends in 905. I’m obviously a weekly.

    Filed and accepted 2/19
    Transcript updated 3/5
    846 code Issue date 3/10

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    Filed and accepted 2/25 eic actc. Transcripts updated with a 846 code ddd 3/10. WMR is still one bar.

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    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 2/10
    WMR lost all bars and TT 152 3/1
    TT 152 came back 3/3

    Transcript updated 3/5 – DD for 3/10
    Hope this helps someone.

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    No more n/a. Can see cycle date 20210905 3/22/21. No 846 yet. Only see 766 and 768. WMR still no bars with tax topic 152. Filed 1/18, accepted 2/10

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    I just checked mine and there’s still no update. But I checked all my old transcripts and they all end in 05 which means that I’m most likely a weekly but could possibly be a daily. It’s 4am and nothing so hopefully by 6am I will see SOMETHING. Keep us updated y’all!

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    Finally, after weeks of waiting. I checked my transcripts 12:30 Am March 5th and transcripts show code 846 with the amount I expected with DDD 3/10. Still have no bars and tax code 152 . This means for sure the refund is coming right?

    “tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.”

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    Just updated to DDD 3/10

    Sorry to hear abt that @kyo
    That really sucks…

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    I just updated to 570 fml.

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    Annoyed & Confused

    @Alyssa Mai

    We paid a tax professional. So I am sure it was filed correctly.
    I’m seeing on another post the IRS is just adjusting returns for people who accidentally claimed it. I’m sure this is what’s holding ours up only in sure we qualify for it. We got the $$ for our other children. It’s the IRS computer who thinks we don’t. So I want sure if this was a major culprit for others or if anyone knew what happens in this case.
    Thanks for your response tho!

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    Alyssa Mai

    Annoyed you put that baby was with you all year right? Not just 1 month? I made that mistake a few years ago not thinking and I had to amend

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    Annoyed & Confused

    Can finally see my transcript. It updated today from N/A, no DDD tho.
    Everything seems righr except for we claimed a stimulus that apparently the “computer” doesn’t think we qualify for.
    We had a baby in December and did not get their $600 stimulus

    Are we going to get some kind of form because of that? We provided their info when filing so I don’t understand what’s going on.

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    Annoyed & Confused


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    @Rowleypoley I’m hoping so too. I am noticing that as the years go on, those who file early are the ones who wait the longest. It makes no sense.

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    Same, I hope we get 846 this morning.

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    @LolaR Yes, it’s still early. Hopefully everyone who’s been waiting so long gets some kind of update tonight.

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    Accepted 2/10. Still N/A on top two and nothing but stimulus on the account transcripts for us, so far…it’s still early though.

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