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      Does anyone here bank with Huntington and expect a direct deposit straight from the IRS? (no RB or SBBT)

      I have Huntington but I have never had a direct deposit like this. I was wondering how they process and if there is any possibilities of having it early?

      My DD is scheduled for 2/7

      Thanks Everyone!

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        Jeff G


          Huntington Bank sent my IRS refund back. Because of the routing number on my checks isnt a good number for IRS/goc payments. What a POS bank. Now Huntington is refusing any responsibility for sending my check back causing bounced checks.
          I hate them. I hope they go out of business asap.

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          Sean Schofield

            I have a dd for 02/22/18,

            Just trying to figure out what anyone else who has Huntington is dealing with. This is my first year receiving taxes on this account.

            Does it usually come on the exact date or what?

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              I have a DDD of 2-23-17. Bank with huntington bank. so far nothing is pending . Will update

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                I am supposed to get my federal dd 2/10 and was wondering if huntington banks hold the refund or does it get deposited the same day ?

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                Stephanie joy

                  I got ddd for my irs refund say by the 4 nothing is pending

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                    I also bank with Huntington. I actually talked to the bank on Monday and asked if they hold direct deposits from IRS. They said if it is a large refund they usually hold it and make only part of it immediately available like 500.00. He said it’s usually a 2 day process. Last year my refund wasn’t that much so I don’t really know if this is true or not.

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                      Well I guess I will start 2014. I bank with Huntington. My DD is scheduled to be deposited by 2/6/14. We will see how

                      Huntington handles it. It is my first year sending my refund to this account so hopefully they post immediately.

                      Stay tuned.


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                        Hello everyone im using netspend and I just read a post about netspend not posting dd allday. They are only posting 3:30 central time & 4:30 eastern Time. Just trying to see have any netspend users with a ddd of 02/06/2014.

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                            I am not disagreeing with Amy, only providing my experiences. Please keep my experience is based off of only 2 sources of the DD and I am pretty sure we send our bank sends the payroll file to the ACH at the same time every payday…

                            My personal experience with Netspend is I have had all direct deposits with them post at exactly 3:36 CST with the exception of when Monday was a bank holiday and one other one my tax return last year. Those 4 deposits that didn’t post at 3:36 CST posted at exactly 9:07 CST. Of course the 3 payroll deposits freaked me out and I was calling, well at least the first couple of times…then I realized holidays were the issue. Now I am NOT saying Netspend has delays due to bank holidays, my company does… we normally send a test run to our bank on Mondays, then real file on Wednesdays. So everything moves out a little if Monday is a holiday…

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                              Netspend posts all day, not specific times. Ive used them for years.

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                                  Yep this is correct have also used netspend for years. They do post all day, and they can not see “pending deposits” they can only see them when they post. I called them earlier, and they told me that Meta Bank is who actually received the deposit from the IRS…so it goes by when netspend actually received it from Meta Bank…if that helps…also I get my direct deposit from my employer from netspend(because they post 2 days early) and i get them sometimes over night on wed, and sometimes on thurs mornings…i have gotten deposits posted from other employers on different days of the week…they post when they receive the funds…in my person experience

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                                I do and it went in and was available for withdrawal the exact day the IRS told me it would be there. Huntington does not hold it at all…unless you are overdrawn. Hope this helps!

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