HRB Emerald Card DDD 2/26 Deposit Updates

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    Post here with updates on deposits!

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    Our Taxes where delayed until we finally received a DD date of 10/23, today is 10/24 at 9am and my email as card doesn’t even have a pending deposit. Should I be concerned?

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    Had my taxes done in 2019 for 2018…never used the emerald card. Ichecked on the off chance the stimulus was out on it. it has a zero balance,but when I checked transfers,shows a bunch of charges in 2019…$20.00 for some months,$2.00 for others,,how can this be if the card was never used?

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    Joseph Kane

    I had my stimulus check deposited on my Emerald Card today. I cut up the Emerald Card after we took our tax return off of it thinking they were not able to be used anymore. I can’t get in touch with the Emerald Card people because it is all recorded information and they want to know my card number. So what do I do?

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    I spoke to hr block and they said stimulous would be deposited to emerald. Gonna call another hr block to confirn

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    Karen Taylor


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    Did anyone here are get their stimulus payment yet who used HRBlock with the emarld card advance method? If you have reached someone could you please let me know what they have said lines been busy as hell since the release of stimulus payments.

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    James B Tunnell


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    William h

    Filed 2/17, accepted 2/18, still no refund on my emerald card and wheres my refund still says processing with no date

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    Filed 1/27
    Excepted 1/30
    DDD 3/11

    Nothing it’s 5pm H&R Block has a bunch of incompetent people working for them. I have never filed with them before but did take year because my regular tax guy retired, I’m waiting for my deposit on my emerald card and nothing…. hopefully it’s there in the morning.

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    Filed with hnr block on 3/2
    Accepted 3/2
    Approved 3/7. Sat
    Ddd 3/11

    Using emerald..hoping it will drop sooner.

    Overall was fast. Last year i told myself no more super early taxes..i was right!

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    Robert Sergent


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    Are you a 03-04 DDD ?

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    I called my emerald card and they said a deposit is coming on 3/3 but online it still says its processing?!? Any idea if that’s possible

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    Did anyone that was expecting their federal refund on 3/2/2020 get it on their emerald card today? I did not and when I called he said “it will come this week”. I explained the IRS website instructs me to contact the bank of i did it receive my deposit yet and he did not understand what I was saying.

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    I’m pretty sure you and I are waiting until 3/2. It’s the weekend. Mine said the same since Tuesday.

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    I just checked my status on where’s my refund it says it was sent to my bank February 26 but I still don’t have it on my card, can someone help me?

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    Emerald card is crap lol I see more people who direct deposit to their banks get their refund earlier. I did last year and got it faster than this. I got an amazon gc too. Idk but fingers crossed everyone.

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    Sexy Arab boi

    It’s coming sometimes they hold the funds a couple days. I just got mine at 5:15 this morning.

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    still nothing on my emerald card as of 12:34 pm California time. I have called the irs, offset line, emerald card, went back up to Hr Block, and no one knows what’s going on, keep saying you should receive by the 2nd of March. IRS website now says refund received . I’m frustrated any help or ideas ?

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    DDD 2.26.2020
    I got my direct deposit amount into my bank account but there’s nothing in my emerald. (I had funds split between my bank and the emerald). When I call the card it says I will receive it 2.26 but I have nothing on the emerald

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    Still no deposit its 2:00 California time. No deposit on emerald card as of yet. I guess it’s safe to say ,it should be there tommorow so no worries everybody let’s cross our fingers for tomorrow.

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    What if the account number on the return is different from the one for the card

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    Still nothing 4 p.m. in Indiana emerald card…anyone else still waiting

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    Yup nothing yet ddd day today

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    Lisa k

    I forgot to add to my earlier post that im in indiana . My refund is on my emerald card. Hope everyone thats still waiting gets theirs soon

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    Lisa k

    I checked IRS wheres my refund and status bar said processing with a deposit of 2/26/2020. I never recieved a deposit notification but I decided to check my balance on my debit card wich im glad I did because my refund is there. The status bar never said sent but I have my refund ! I would suggest checking your account balance to see if you have recieved your refund

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    I have a DDD of 2/26/20 today. I also have emerald card. I am in California. I have contacted Hr block already and emerald card . No deposit , they told me it should arrive tonight or in the morning. It is 10:11 am California time and no deposit yet.

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    I’m in Ca, filed on Jan 29th with TT but since I claimed the child tax credit it didn’t start getting processed by the IRS until Feb 17th. IRS tracker says today 2/26 deposit date but still not sent to my bank. 10am here in CA.

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    Still waiting in Arizona, nothing at my bank and today is ddd

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    To anyone who has not had their refund loaded onto their hr block emerald card yet with a ddd 2/26…have you made sure you activated your card? Jw..could possibly be why you might have not received it yet…

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    still no refund. hrb cant even tell mr if they sent it to the correct card..

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    Irs said my refund would be here today . i know other people have gotten thiers already but i havent gotten mine … Im going crazy waiting on it !! Any one else still waiting?

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    Ruby Breanne

    Still haven’t received mine it’s 9:34am Arizona time. Going to wait and call emerald card

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    No refund – Emerald Card – NC 11:16am …never doing this Emerald card again.

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    Florida waiting on deposit

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    Anyone in Indiana received there’s yet?

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    In Florida waiting

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    Got refund in ny, emerald card.

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    Spoke too soon here in PA just got my refund 10:39 am

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    Mine finally hit at 930 am CST. Good luck everyone. The wait has been brutal. Lol Emerald card…ddd 2/26

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    Update: return received 10:35am est.

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    No refund yet in South Dakota. 9:19 am central time. DDD is 2/26/20. Getting nervous…

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    Recieved DD 7:15 am. But only partial amount of full refund. Still pending another DD. California, anyone else?

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    DDD 2/26. Nothing on my Emerald card yet. (10:05a EST)

    Boyfriend had DDD 2/26, got direct deposit and his was in the account at 4am this morning.

    Never using emerald card again.

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    DDD 2/26, H&R Block – Emerald Card, no fees to be taken out, but I did have a small advance amount to be deducted, EITC & ACTC, still no DDD-8:41am CST AR

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    No return yet. Called the number on card they cant see a date when the funds will be released. I will never use the Emerald advance card again. Direct deposit is the way to go

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    Refund received 7:02AM. Turbo card. Nebraska.

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    Ddd 2/26. H & r block still hasnt received my refund. Emerald card eitc . no update on irs on hold with irs now

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    Irs website states refund approved sent to bank by 2/26/2020 , but no status changed today or deposit yet 😑 help

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    I’m in Central, Fl with refund date 02/26

    Still nothing on my emerald card

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    My refund was in my card at 5 am. But it’s gone. What happened?

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    I’m in Tampa, Fl with refund date 02/26

    Still nothing

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    It’s 8:00 am in Indiana and I have nothing!
    I claimed EITC & direct deposit via green dot .

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    I’m in Sc got mine 9:19pm last night so it should be coming for everyone else pretty soon

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    I’m in Indiana with a deposit date of 2/26,
    Still nothing!

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    Mine hit here in Virginia at 1:19 a.m.

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    have not received, in Florida, using a emerald card

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    Received 5:56 est. East TN, go big orange! Ddd 2/26.

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    Tax Twin

    Aye just got my deposit.
    Had to call BRB emerald card/Axos bank.
    They sent deposit to my OLD emerald card.

    If your DD hasn’t hit yet, make sure it’s not sitting on an old emerald card from last year.

    Fixed the problem within minutes.

    Good luck my peoples. 🤟🏾

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    Still waiting!!!!! I don’t think states have anything to do with it. plenty of VA people got their deposits. I haven’t though!! This is absolutely crazy. I’m grateful I have multiple sources of income but for people really in a tough spot this im sure this is nerve wrecking. I hope everyone gets their money today!!! Happy hump day.

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    I bet traffic will be bad today with all these deposits dropping! 😂

    #4380829 Reply


    anyone in indiana got their refund?

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    I’m in Ohio and still waiting

    #4379463 Reply


    KY still waiting 😎

    #4380183 Reply


    Well everyone as stated awhile back mine came through in Louisville, KY at 11:28 Pm. I was so happy to finally have them (Let go of my
    (((EGGO))) 😂🤣😅😭🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫. Last but not least now going in to next season this guy will employ an IRS set of eyes to auto, non stop PIMP to over see this subject board BOOM. Haller to all . Over and out From Louisville,KY.
    Gotta Go BYE!!!!!!

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    First and last year for H&R balls! Never waited this long ever!
    I’n PA still waiting!

    #4379621 Reply


    Louisville, KY Finally hitz LET GO OF MY EGGO

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    My daughters just hit her emerald here in Texas, mine hasnt hit yet

    #4379553 Reply

    Dan wright

    Man i am going nuts lol i just want start screaming the jg Wentworth jingle lol

    #4379812 Reply


    Texas mine just hit at 11:40pm

    #4379547 Reply


    SOMERSET Ky Emerald just hit ✋😁🎉

    #4380719 Reply


    got mine around 11 last night!

    #4380568 Reply

    Kelly o

    Just got mine at 5:45 in Michigan. They are coming ! I would imagune a huge amount of people had ddd for today. They must just be trickling out throughout the day. Hang in there !

    #4380555 Reply

    Sarah flores

    Sacramento refund still on approved date scheduled 2/26 it’s almost 3am & no changes?

    #4380512 Reply

    Mathew H

    Mine just hit here in Virginia

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