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      There’s a rumor going around the FB page that they contacted the rep and found out their fees were taken out and that the refund should be there tomorrow. Anyone have any info on this?

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          My DD date is for 10/12 my funds have not yet been deposited but I did choose the option to pay the fees from my refund I filed using HNR BLOCK how will it take them to release my funds from their 3rd party bank??

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            I called and it says the same thing for me. My refund was sent to my bank today but i bank with Varo so because of the holiday I’m assuming I won’t see a deposit until overnight Monday (technically Tuesday)

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              [quote quote=4530783]Okay it’s true they said they sent it today but I have chime and they don’t deposit on weekends 😭😭😭[/quote]

              Chime doesn’t deposit on weekends? That doesn’t seem right I would have to check though.

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                No one processes deposits on a Sunday

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                  Okay it’s true they said they sent it today but I have chime and they don’t deposit on weekends 😭😭😭

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                    @Peanut I’m not sure who H&R Block uses to remove the funds or if it’s SBTPG, but from previous experience, SBTPG doesn’t release funds early unfortunately. I have a DDD of 2/23 and the earliest we can expect them would be 2/22, but it will most likely be that 2/23. They hold them very long even though they say they don’t.

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                      Yes. When you call the rep on back of card they say by 6 am tomorrow for me but some people said they were told Tuesday. Also if you call 800 472 5625 it should say that they took their fees and that the remainder balance is in your account. But my is still showing 0 balance

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                        I’m hoping so, but I heard they don’t deposit on Sunday. My sbtpg still says unfunded but my dd isn’t scheduled until the 23rd fingers crossed

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